LeBron Collapses and Cries on the Court After Cavs Win NBA Finals

LeBron Collapses and Cries on the Court After Cavs Win NBA Finals

LeBron James cries on the court on his knees as the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors in game seven to win the 2016 NBA Finals.

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20 Responses

  1. Killshow94 says:

    At 0:53-0:55 you hear “we fucking did it” haha

  2. Fateful banana says:

    Lets fuckkkkkkkkkkking go!!!

  3. Goat Heaven says:

    The cavs completely outplayed the warriors as soon as they locked down the
    three points line the game was over

  4. Henry Hargrave says:

    My grandmother asked if LeBron was Muslim when he was down on the floor.

  5. Julian Radillo says:

    Those final minutes of the game were orchestrated these series was all by
    design. The NBA and NFL is a waste of time you fans need to repent and
    renew your mind from Babylonian games.

  6. Jonathan Alicea says:

    Why this nigga always cry lmfao like your cheatin ass ain’t know u were
    gonna win because of the crying

  7. sorebumblebee2 says:

    while im still here playing overwatch people are getting crazzy and crying
    over this

  8. mateo myers says:

    108 salty Warrior fans

  9. Kevin Beckford says:


  10. CrackerJack 247 says:

    All y’all gotta know pistons are coming back and they’re gonna fuck your
    teams in the ass

  11. carl shneebly says:

    LJ would be dope in space jam 2 doe. Fureal fureal.

  12. LunarStarStory says:

    Hey LeBron, how does it feel to play a rigged Finals? you punk ass bitch!

  13. Alejandro Salas says:

    Can’t rig shots going in. Congrats to the Lebron and the Cavs. Well

  14. De Gee says:

    all rigged

  15. Pulse TV says:

    Stop being so salty people, it was a great series by both teams. Warriors
    beat the cavs last year winning 3 games in a row and Cavs did the same this
    year winning 3 games in a row against warriors.

  16. David Gibbs says:

    Pussy ass cry baby

  17. Jennifer Eastep says:

    Idaho USA Syrian Refugees Rape 5 year little girl

  18. Friday's With Sadie Foster says:

    noooooooooo why did Cleveland win golden state should have won

  19. Markus-Markason says:

    golden state pulled a OKC lol

  20. Michelle Salvatore says: