LeBron is a ‘horrendous teammate,’ kills locker rooms – Seth Greenberg | Get Up!

LeBron is a ‘horrendous teammate,’ kills locker rooms – Seth Greenberg | Get Up!

Jalen Rose, Mike Greenberg, Maria Taylor and Seth Greenberg of Get Up! look back to Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant’s previous comments about playing with LeBron James being “toxic” and if that statement has indeed come to fruition since he’s joined the Los Angeles Lakers.

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97 Responses

  1. Teez Harris says:

    Boi the icing on the cake would be if nobody comes to the lakers in offseason ??‍♂️

  2. Joseph Vazquez says:

    Lebron fans “ but he’s averaging a triple double “

    • The Chameleon says:

      Joseph Vazquez ?so true

    • matty g says:

      +cat rice rice i think you may be missing where eddie jones is going with this .. double digit in 3 different categories is impressive sure ill give you that … but lets break it down a second here .. 4 12 minute quarters … thats 2.5 a quarter .. for a player who owns the ball for 15-20 seconds nearly every possession and either shoots or kicks out with 5 second or less to a team mate and on the defensive end parks under the basket leaving his check open to shoot all day expecting to clean up the miss one would think its only logical and honestly it should be expected to get a triple double under those circumstances … throw in teams only play some weak ass lazy zone bullshit with little to no energy spent on defense 25 10 10 is kinda not that impressive ..

    • DBC x JAYY says:

      he isnt tho but yea

    • Cee Lee says:

      Nah. True ride or die Lebron fans knows that our guy is just being hated on cos everyone seems to have amnesia when he comes to the health of Lebron. This dude was out 18 fking games! We don’t have 4 other allstars on the team like the GSW to be okay with the superstar goes down.

    • chunder shredder says:

      +liltunechi4 any team anyone goes to is a championship or a bust..

  3. Aaron9 says:

    What happened to LeBron James can take 4 guys from Home Depot to the finals?

    • edjae david says:

      +Haywood age and time? Many players played at his age and never played like him.. the only reason he is like that is because he is not in the east anymore..

    • Dawntae Whyte says:

      +Haywood excuses

    • Caret Gurd says:

      +Evil Eye Gaming Jordan had some of the best help you could get on his team. Don’t act like he carried his team every year cuz they didn’t know what they were doing

    • Cee Lee says:

      Everyone just want to over look the fact that he was out 18 games and these bums couldn’t even win enough game to keep their playoffs hopes alive. 4 mexiCAN from home depot probably would had done a better job!…….

    • Speedy Tezz says:

      Umm has already

  4. ricosauve5 says:

    Of course he can put up a triple double. He is guarding no one. So he just wants to stay in the paint and grab the rebounds off missed shots. That doesn’t take a lot of energy to do. Of course he gets assist. The ball is in his hands most of the time. So even an below average pass where a teammate shoots and scores, it’s an assist. How come the media gets down on Russ chasing stats but when lebron checks out on his team and just puts up stats it’s ok

    • Brandon Wilson says:

      +Caret Gurd he’s not even the best small forward

    • Brandon Wilson says:

      +Caret Gurd he is 2nd behind Bird and will be 3rd if Durant wins a title away from GS

    • Caret Gurd says:

      +Brandon Wilson No and im not going to make an excuse like you do for all of my questions. he played poorly. And dont get me started on game 1, that shouldn’t have gone into overtime in the first place. the fact that it did ruined the cavs momentum and thats why they lost. Bad calls which u cant disagree with, Lebron had 51 points, and they almost won. The fact that lebron and scrubs almost beat a team with 4 all stars is insane to think about

    • Brandon Wilson says:

      +Caret Gurd I got lebron sitting at #7 all time. If he can win a title with LA I will move him up but his ego is what kept him from being the goat. He had all the talent but refused to play in an actual team system and be coached. The reason he was successful in Miami is cuz Pat Riley was his daddy and forced him to play in a team system and forced him to play defense.

    • Brandon Wilson says:

      +Caret Gurd they lost momentum because he threw a fit and gave up. Then he wore his wife’s scarf to the presser after game 4 saying ” I pretty much broke my hand”. Lolwut?

  5. Jerald Vincent Zumel says:

    Imagine Kukoc shoving MJ to play defense.

    Nah.. Never in any universe.

    • Chiko 206 says:

      Jalen Houston when lol. .

    • Chiko 206 says:

      Sivah Havis he took a total of 4 years off actually lol

    • Chiko 206 says:

      The Batguy r u being serious????? Lebron doesnt have 9 1st team all nba defense. Does lebron have a defensive player a year award?. Lebron is by far a much worse defender lmao

    • Chiko 206 says:

      N3rdGamerProductions mj was still an elite defender on wizards. He might of not has the lateral speed. But all his 9 time all nba defense and defense player of the year award instincts were there lol.

    • Caret Gurd says:

      +Carl Cubillas MJ didn’t have to carry his team every game so he could activate playoff mode and wouldn’t get as many minutes. Lebron does as much as he can without passing out so say what you want but MJ had the better supporting cast

  6. chaun229 says:

    Oh lord she bought up a beyonce comparison. Fire her immediately

  7. Michael Samuels says:

    Did she just bring up Beyoncé to make a basketball breakdown? ??‍♂️ ??‍♂️ ??‍♂️… Cringe

    • Cherechi Osisioma says:

      +Lorian Loth I get where you’re coming from…and surprisingly where she’s coming from…even though I don’t like Beyoncé’s music and disagree with her analysis of the Lakeshow.

    • Ryan Taylor says:

      Was thinking this too ?

    • Lorian Loth says:

      +Cherechi Osisioma Yea I don’t know where she was really coming from with that I just wish that they put a woman that actually knows a thing or two about basketball in her place.

    • Cherechi Osisioma says:

      +Lorian Loth hahah imagine Smush Parker pushing Kobe…Kobe will swing on sight.

    • Cherechi Osisioma says:

      +Lorian Loth Doris Burke knows the game like she played at a high level…she’ll be a good analyst but women serve as eye candy on these shows unfortunately.

  8. Amazonbargains says:

    i swear they did this to cp3 talking about how he a terrible teammate but a good player. man its hard to be a laker fan these days cuz we don’t just have to deal with loosing games to teams like the grizzlies. also we gotta deal with he media that seem to make our players play even worse by destroying their confidence and chemistry. lakers locker room must be depressing, hopefully kuzma and the other young guys don’t let it affect them too much… so much potential!!

    • tone says:

      Amazonbargains thank you. i would’ve rather lebron stay on the east or to another team on the west. couldn’t have been worse than what we are now. at least we could rebuild in silence

    • TheRiverter says:

      “We”. Fucking funny.

  9. Play That Again Bruh says:

    Seth the only one speaking straight facts.

  10. J Kemp says:

    I said that when Magic, etc surrounded LBJ with non-shooters they wouldn’t make the playoffs. People went nuts and called me ignorant; I was a “casual” NBA fan. Now that it turns out I was right, it’s been satisfying watching all these fans and “experts” backtrack. Now that the Lakers are done for the season, how about ESPN talks about some teams that are actually good?

    • Warpigs136 says:

      R.A.M .Gaming You’re right, the Lakers generally have more up and coming talent but that roster doesn’t fit LeBrons play style whatsoever. Every superstar that had won a championship has had a good enough support cast to play effective basketball.

    • Broke less says:

      that’s probably because the NBA is centered around shooting so much now.

    • Genes Gene says:

      Who are you

    • Marlowe Vera Cruz says:

      lakers roster is pure garbage, and magic johnson made it worse by signing an aging lebron, instead of building their own team, thru the draft!!! obviously magic took a shortcut!

    • ChoppedCheeseOG says:

      You acting like they weren’t 4th in the west b4 the 18 game injury

  11. Tha2ruth says:

    Triple doubles don’t win basketball games points do!!

  12. KingTut says:

    I bet that LeBron will dominate the headlines throughout the entire playoffs without being in the playoffs.

    • one flower ninja magic says:

      +Master Pierce what if they bring him on as a guest analyst? i’ll be done – i’ld just get my recaps from the news papers. thats why i was hoping the lakers wouldnt make the playoffs – so i wouldnt have to hear his friggin name over and over

    • one flower ninja magic says:

      +jdelgado216 Naww, cause then they’ld be killing us with endless takes on Life without Lebron – i shudder to think!

    • Cee Lee says:

      Ratings WILL fall. Lebron in the playoffs makes basketball all that much better.

    • dope girl says:

      +one flower ninja magic Ratings will go down no matter how much you don’t want to seem him in the playoffs, haters and lovers want to seem him in the finals even if they don’t admit it.

    • Cal Tube says:

      Facts !

  13. MrYorkieLover Fitness Entertainment says:

    No ONe is coming to LA to play with the queen

    • Cee Lee says:

      Your mom is coming to play with the KING BIG D. HOHOHO.

    • Javier Mejia says:

      Sir Joe of the Juice bro he’s spitting facts tho… I’m a fan since I was a child and I agree…

    • Solemn Solace says:

      You are the queen he is the king

    • Cal Tube says:

      Y’all still thirsty and LeBron accomplished everything possible in the NBA on top of being rich. He could care less what you peasents think ?

    • AyoJayArr says:

      Lakers fans need to be happy the media even mentions them this year. Woulda been a quiet year without Lebron. No superstar was going to sign with that core, so Lakers fans need to be appreciative of lebron because they’ll be in championship contention soon. But that ‘young core’ was going no where fast.

  14. Michael DeAngelo says:

    Jalen rose has really been on his game lately?

  15. Skeletor says:

    What happened to Lebron “making his teammates better”

    • rob feld says:

      +Caret Gurd with all due respect, last year the refs got them through the playoffs! Pacers and Celtics would’ve won with fair officiating as well as the 3-1 comeback against GS. Just like the Rams beating the saints!

    • AyoJayArr says:

      Had them in the 4th seed before he got hurt. Comes back and they are a 9th seed. He didnt make them better? Because that young core was going no where fast. Woulda been lower in the west.

    • Caret Gurd says:

      +rob feld Through the playoffs? look at game 1 of the finals. Those were awful calls. and Are you saying the 3-1 comeback isn’t impressive? just say it is cmon man i dont think Kobe couldve done that

    • ABC says:

      No one claims that

    • Whirling Dervich says:

      It was a myth, they say he makes them better simply because lebron passes the ball. Well infact they were taught to stay on their spots for the pass and be lazy.

      Making teammates better is so much more than that.

  16. 32Gknight says:

    I had to pause and skip over the female speaking. They put things into terms they can understand when they really dont understand them at all. Sounds more like fan girling then anything credible.

  17. Uncle Cheif says:

    Thank you. Someone finally admitted KD was right

    • Uncle Cheif says:

      +Sivah Havis Bronsexuals just don’t get it

    • de132 says:

      KD tends to be right like 75% of the time when he has opinions not relating to himself. He’s a smart dude. He’s just soft.

    • de132 says:

      +Sivah Havis LeBron on teams tends to absorb the team chemistry and diverge it in a way that appears toxic, which was the case everywhere he’s been except Miami and that was because the big three were all valuable contributors to winning basketball. But even in Miami, the younger dudes on that team were basically marginalized in their development. Kevin Durant was correct in his assessment, but calling it toxic is too “ad hominem” for me.

    • Cee Lee says:

      KD! stop it with the burner account bruh. YouTube is overload as it is already lol………………

    • Daniel Barwatt says:

      +jason suplexcity Cant handle the truth..just like every other LeBron apologist.

  18. J - Serna says:

    Pretty sure LeBron is also a Millennial, genius…

  19. Tiffany Russell says:

    Why did she reference Beyonce ? we need more Women like Candace Parker giving their sports Anaylst.

    • Malik Good says:

      So its ok for artist to bring up and reference athletes in their songs and in the music industry but its not ok for artist to be used as reference in the sports industry. Yall niggas are hypocrites and Biased as fuck..

    • cjb cjb says:

      Tiffany Russell it’s a sista’ thang??

  20. Shel says:

    Leave it to the chick to bring up Beyoncé. I guess comparing Queen B to Queen L is understandable ?

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