LeBron is distracting Kawhi, which will backfire for the Lakers – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

LeBron is distracting Kawhi, which will backfire for the Lakers – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

Jalen Rose does not expect Kawhi Leonard to join LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers during NBA free agency because LeBron is trying to recruit Kawhi during the Toronto Raptors’ playoff run.

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85 Responses

  1. ElDucciTv says:

    I still don’t understand why Lebron James is the topic rn

    • Dylan N says:

      +Salt Pepper same reason he would go play with AD or the rockets. TO beat the warriors. lol Do you like watching the warriors with the advantage all the time?
      I mean i doubt the raptors can win this year. I always like to have some hope for the underdog. Fuck the warriors. So yeah that’s why he would join bron.
      I mean bron is gettting old. He can play 28 minutes off the bench and get 27 ppg and still help a team beat the warriors.
      The point is we need 2 all-stars to get together and beat the warriors.
      Not some old cp3. Bron is old now too but he can adjust since he can pass and shoot.

      What i really want is kyrie – ad – kl.
      Then you just have a bunch of defensive players around you. Like a bunch 3 & D around those 3 guys.
      AD – KL would be really nice.
      Every where KL goes…..defense just turns up. Players start playing better defensively ith KL but offensively….no one really helps KL lol.

      lowry is great and all but he cost so much. They are paying him as much as any other super stars. fk that lol

    • La la Ari says:

      +Aaron9 sorry brotha but that’s a fact Jack the rating are down?I’ve read it and the NBA commissioner confirmed. Sorrrrrryyy

    • La la Ari says:

      +M Sharp thank you I just posted that

    • imagesinLA says:

      Because Lebron is one of the best players in the world, on the most popular franchise in the world. Come home to LA, Kawhi.

    • SpartanK07 says:

      ElDucciTv thirsty cucks like you stay interested. You are the problem. Understand that ?

  2. SK says:

    Kawhi makes the finals…ESPN lebron this lebron that….. Bums

  3. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    “I don’t watch or listen to the media” kawhi ?

    • Steevy Horton says:

      Since lebron fucked the league up with the creation of the super team NOW he feels he needs a super duper team in order to catch Michael jordan . LMAOOOOO

    • Tdot says:

      The reason why no Analysis can dictate what Kawhi think or even get to his head.

    • Love Spreader says:

      He just dont cry like KD

    • Steevy Horton says:

      +Love Spreader never saw KD cry despite the stories ive heard of how sensitive he is BUT my respect for him As a man plummeted when he didnt reflexively fire off on Draymond green for calling him a bitch !

    • JB Stuff says:

      LeeTravius Mckay I believe it too

  4. Bobby Tsunami says:

    R E L A X
    Jalen my guy but the media BLOW shiT up

    • Innis Mor says:

      Outta high school, where did Kawhi go? UCLA (hometown)? Connecticut? Both recruited him.

      Nope. He went to some no-name college that recruited him FIRST.

      Show the love, man; show the love.

      Clippers and Lakers tried to save players, picks, prospects and salary (and looking for a year of confirmation of no serious injury) by waiting a year. We’ll see how that ends up working out for them. Kawhi seems to be loving everything about playing on this Raptors team …. including winning. And the Raptors showed him the love when he needed it, and can pay him $10 million more.

      Raptors supported Kawhi and bet big on him. Clippers just follow him around like some aggravating gnat.

    • funrsguysandmore says:

      Bobby Tsunami facts. Jalen stretching this topic.

    • GQ daddy says:

      @Bobby Tsunami – Exactly. My feeling is Jalen “media guy” needs to take a back seat and Jalen “baseball bat” guy needs to come back strong. Being on First Take too much is corrupting him like some sort of Sports Kryptonite…. lol

    • Macho Stackaveli says:

      Damn bro u here too. I see u on all da battle rap shit. Checkout my music too. The fact u got Cass over Goodz I kno u appreciate lyrics & real shit ?

  5. Junaid Desai says:

    Every off season, every single player is going to Knicks and Lakers – Media

    • MrLeigh says:

      All Detroit Pistons are missing is a PG, SG, SF, PF, C, and a deep bench. Other than that I can see the Championship coming BACK HOME in MotorCity!

    • Isaiah Campbell says:

      I’m just imagining two giant teams with hundreds of players and they are the only teams that play.

    • Rain Patch says:

      Atleast last year, the Lakers got LeBron ?

    • Rival Xero says:

      Thats because players know they have a toxic atmosphere. They dont need to go to the biggest markets to make good money and to live comfortably. There are plenty of other organizations that make their players happy. Why leave a good situation for LA or New York where you will get booed if you dont deliver a championship? The fans in New York and LA are impatient and unforgiving. Most players dont want that stress and expectation.

    • Naturalborn Solider says:

      Only person lakers are getting is Anthony Davis

  6. Mela Goat says:

    He didn’t look too distracted holding up that ECF championship

  7. Unknown X says:

    Who else thinks that the media hypes up situations

    • Unknown X says:

      mark anderson but is it though

    • mark anderson says:

      +Unknown X yes or they get fired

    • Steevy Horton says:

      +mark anderson hyping shit and creating shit to hype are two different things, if lebron had went to Gsw and helped win a championship and got hurt a d they continued to win we wouldn’t be hearing all this shit about his rings being asterized. Lol

    • Steevy Horton says:

      +GQ daddy i agree and thats why immo start turning the volume to 0 and play ole school R&B when i watch the finals , if you know the game WHO really need to hear these clowns?

    • Phon Xieng says:

      Unknown X Iraq war Vietnam war all war duh

  8. lendra2010 says:

    The media is so toxic. Smh

    • itssandrew says:

      very toxic to players and how they play. Once lebron announced that he went “playoff mode”, it didnt work out so well for him

    • Anthony Cabrera says:

      This the shit k.d. was talking about when they said the environment is toxic around lebron. Literally the media. Jalen sitting up here like he didnt give up 81 points to kobe in a game.

    • lawrence terry says:

      +itssandrew him,or his team ?

  9. Martin Aviles says:

    Jalen stays saying the same thing everyone already knows.. just in a way that makes it sound like he thought of it first ?

  10. Derrick Perry says:

    Not listening to someone who had 81 dropped on they head lmao

    • Saint Aubyn says:

      Derrick Perry he only had 17 scored on him, in college he was actually nice. Look up the Fab Five, the most famous group of freshmen ever in college basketball. Jalen was apart of that. So know your basketball history before slandering someone. Jalen is a valid basketball mind

    • Swirv One says:

      +Blair Patterson
      You’re obviously too stupid to realize your comment makes no sense. Which makes you another idiot.

    • Black says:

      +Nelody Alston facts. I’m sure most who regurgitate that old 81 point joke never saw the game.

    • Nelody Alston says:

      +Black Kobe was everywhere on everyone. It was meant for him to go bigtime in that game.

    • Rival Xero says:

      13 years ago. Your father hadn’t even squirted you into your mother yet.

  11. Kaiki says:

    Raptors Win Championship


    • Anthony Slazas says:

      No way Golden State in 5.

    • Alex Doe says:

      +Abdinoor Duale l like our chances

    • minnie cee says:

      I don’t think he is going to stay he’s getting taxed twice and he didn’t want to be on the raptors

    • J Rich says:

      True! The Raptors abt to win it all and Kawhi is going to the Lakers. I’ve told everybody this. The media overrated the Western Conference. The East had the better Teams at the top. The Raptors and the Bucks both had Home Court advantage over the Warriors in the finals.

    • Jay Vontay Swing says:

      As laker fan i obviously would love to see kawhi in that purple and gold jersey, however i sense he’s gonna resign in Toronto, just because it’s his team he doesn’t gotta worry bout Aldridge going behind his back to management complaining bout his touches or what not, he obviously would be competing for ships looking at how far they made this season, I’m sure if Kawhi resigns they’ll have a better ideal of a roster to put around him ultimately giving him help?at this point it’s just wishful thinking as far kawhi coming to lakers!!!✊

  12. willie williams says:

    Jalen over plays his hand alot of times……. trying to Control the Narrative…….
    Being Nobody knows what was said in the Alledged conversation…..
    LeBron could have Wished him Luck or gave some advise in the playoffs……
    The Media gets word of it and put Their spin on things….
    That why So many players Don’t Trust the Media..

    • Kaelin Jefferies says:

      Chase nickles I was with you till you said Broussard was a lier. That man speaks the truth but everything else I agree with you

    • Craig Royce says:

      +Devin Pettit idk i mean you have a point i just expect these great players to be more competitive and if im lebron im not wishing anybody outside of my teammates luck on anything lol but this is lebron were talking about

    • Craig Royce says:

      +HomeVidEdd lmao damn i cant argue that

    • J Rich says:

      Jalen a Lebron hata

    • SHHEESH says:

      Jalen called Kawhi leaving SA before almost anyone else

  13. chris f says:

    Bruh y’all make news out of nothing ??

  14. PrettyBoyRomeo says:

    ESPN finds anyway to bring LeBron into everything

  15. Eduardo Manalili says:

    I like the attitude of Kawhi Leonard he is just quit humble not like other player becoming arrogant.

  16. Owen Minter says:

    WTF is going on with the media especially Jalen rose WTH don’t want LeBron to. Great SMH

  17. Discourses On Jonathan says:

    These dudes r acting like they know the conversation/relationship these players have with each other SMH

  18. 00 00 says:

    Dream scenario. Sign Kawhi then trade Ingram, 4th pick for Bradley Beal

  19. KiD Music says:

    Kawhi: *leads the Raptors to their first finals ever*

    Media: *iS KaWHi GOinG tO ThE LAkErS?*

    • Tony Montana says:

      Celab Williams exactly. Besides, I also think the media will not be this desperate to pitch for lebron and the lakers if he is.

    • Celab Williams says:

      Tony Montana exactly. Personally he should stay in Canada. It’s win win, they WILL build him a winning team to keep him, they will not be as media heavy and he will be the man in an ENTIRE COUNTRY. If he goes la to be home it’ll be the clippers. Which would solidify his legacy if he could take the clippers to the finals after golden state disbands.

    • Frank Dux says:

      Celab Williams I wish LeBron would retire and just go away tbh

    • Celab Williams says:

      Tony Montana even if he doesn’t spend his life in Canada that’s got to be cool to know when you go to a certain country you will be the greatest thing in some peoples eyes no matter where you go in that country. I would take it. That’s unique and his shoe deal he wants can revolve around that.

    • Celab Williams says:

      Frank Dux Lolol. That would be great. He’s ruining his own legacy and turning into an old head. Mans acting corny on the gram, can’t get no one to b in his film. Like yes you’re amazing lebron you could score a million points on me before I touch half court but you can’t critique him without bronsexuals and media saying yeah but he’s lebron and you’re not. Gtfoh. Great player terrible person.

  20. Drew Jenkins says:

    ESPN HEADLINE = “Raptors Sweep NBA Finals, What Does This Mean For Lebron?”

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