LeBron is lying about not being bothered by lazy defense comments – Stephen A. | First Take

LeBron is lying about not being bothered by lazy defense comments – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith doesn’t believe LeBron James doesn’t care about the outside world criticizing his defense. Stephen A. gives LeBron a pass to take off some defensive plays because of his contribution to the Los Angeles Lakers’ offense.
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108 Responses

  1. Lil Dagga says:

    I see this dude give up easy layups and dunks all game only time he try to clamp up is when a 73 overall got the ball

  2. Yung King says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Kobe averaged 27-5-5 at 34 yrs old in year 17 and willed his team to the playoffs before tearing his Achilles

    • Columbo says:

      With 50 shots per game? And teammates were afraid of hom

    • It's Personal says:

      Lmaooo nice ?

    • obese beast says:

      First of all bruh, the arguments of comparing kobe and lebron is just ridiculous man. In terms of scoring, lebron got double the points than kobe in fast break since the man is 6’9 and a truck, ofc a bigger man who operates inside would have better percentage compared to a 6’6 guy plus, have any one you druggos seen the spacing of the nba court in the 2000? All the players were close af especially with the triangle that lakers ran, if kobe had more shooters and space he would be way better and his last 3 years ish, he was plagued by injuries and first two season he didnt start thus hes a better scorer than lebron ever was. Lebron is a better passer by far, no debate needed, kobe aint a ball hog btw, if you watch and listen how he is in the court, he waits on the player to be in the persons spot to pass, the man average 5 assist per game damnit, its just sometime when you need him the most he would have tunnel vision and he is sometimes is an asshole to his teammates yes but on the court he coordinate the defense and offense when needed. Defensively lebron can guard 5 position (if it was shitty centers) but he cant fully shutdown a player like kobe, kobe had 1st 9 all defensive and 3 all defensive 2nd team while lebron has 6 all defensive first team. The arguments that lebron had to carry a bigger load is debatable, but lebron has larry hughes with consistent 15 ppg for three years, mo williams who at one point averaged 19, illgauskas was a rock at center, antawn jameson was underrated af with 15 and decent defense in his bad years as in his good years he had dwayne, bosh, k love and kyrie all 20+ point scorer at one time while at the threepeat era of kobe and shaq, both of em needed each other to win, the fact that shaq had a better season doesnt mean he got carried, if kobe wasnt needed at all they wouldnt win, especially at clutch time with the hack a shaq being used constantly, yes kobe had several playoff and final bad performance but so had lebron with 2011 finals with him averaging 17 with terry outscoring him. Both players are great bruh dont diminish their accomplishment of two greatest top ten players of all times and disrespecting them you druggos

    • It's Personal says:

      obese beast nigga yo long ass comment for no reason. It is really not that serious gtfoh ???‍♀️

    • obese beast says:

      +It’s Personal im just triggered asf reading some of the comment bruh?

  3. Teezy says:

    Stephen A be like:

    I talked with lebrons third cousin Larry. Beautiful family, invited me over for dinner last Sunday. They told me lebron is ABSOLUTELY LYING. HE IS bothered by comments about his defense

    • Key Millz says:


    • Monique Nichols says:


    • adlai wordsworth says:

      Lebron wants to play and win so does everyone else. The difference is commitment. That is different from talents and abilities. Thats a coaching matter. Luke needs to get up on his players not sit back. He’s got to be in the game not watch the game. The players cant see what a coach sees. He’s got to fight for them and direct his team. The coach is the ultimate leader of his team. Lebron and Rondo can be Co-Captains. Right now the Laker defense shows no basic fundamental. No effort in rebounding offensively or defensively. It used to be an honor to get a rebound. These guys make it look like a low wage job nobody wants. Thats almost insulting to the game itself. Part of basketball like life is about rebounding. Look, it sends a message. You can rebound in life. Get up and rebound. Take the ball of life in your hand abd go and score. That’s what basketball is about.
      The Hall of Fame is about guys who took the game to another level. Right now, the Lakers coaching staff need to support their players and get into the game. And cheer their guys, coach their guys, tell them where they should be, hands up on defense, rebound. Not sit back .

    • Kwstas Antoniou says:

      May god give you likes

    • tyrone R says:

      Yoooooooo. This is funny as hell ?????

  4. Rico G says:

    So everyday til the season is over we gonna talk about Lebron?

  5. That's Noyce says:

    Kobe played defense even with Soft Ass Howard and Ron Artest. What is Max on?.. stop making false narratives about kobe to boost up Lebron.

    • 13th p says:

      Man kobe ain’t even CLOSE to Lebron level stop it

    • Bill Long says:

      +Marco Severini kobe never had to carry the offensive load like lebron there is a difference between scoring and offense

    • raja says:

      These idiots biased, LeBron is aging, KD is coming but when it comes to basketball Iq, court vision, creating plays, passing the ball in right areas, athletic ability, long range 3s, he also will bulldoze you on the paint, except his free throws he is the best player I have seen. I am sorry kobe fans, he is nowhere close to LeBron.

    • Bzy Beast says:

      +13th p I bet u the an upvote the Lakers loose

    • Qb says:

      “kobe not even close to lebron” what an easy statement by bronsexual then bring up all the stats…2 way player,kobe always above lebron…many player who played with both said so…

  6. WarMarchine 11 says:

    Max is lying ?… Kobe played on ball def from 1996-2014 that’s 16-17 years more than anyone we ever seen… 1st in all time defense 1st teams with 9 most in nba history, 12 in total ??‍♂️? most by a guard in nba history….fail?

  7. zero says:

    max has lebron left testicle and nick has his right testicle in their mouth

  8. The Truth says:

    This is getting ridiculous. Stephen a is on point.

    • The Truth says:

      +NonyaBusiness! you’re damn right man ?

    • Francis Mejia says:

      +TimothyKK Steven’s hair line is pointing up but I agree with stephen on this. just watching some of the plays is not about lebron slipping on defense. Lebron’s not even trying!

    • Eric Thompson says:

      It’s a team sport, not a one player system, not golf, everyone has to play defense,

    • The Truth says:

      +Francis Mejia yeah man just like stephen a said we’re not questioning his ability to defend he’s just not making the effort of even trying.?

    • The Truth says:

      +Eric Thompson yepp but lebron doesn’t agree so much with that apparently ?

  9. LA Clippers says:

    MJ averaged *29* *PPG* on mostly 2 pt shots and less FTA in the slowest-paced era in NBA history. That’s like Babe Ruth hitting 29 HRs in the Deadball Era.

    • myelle says:

      +Lebron haters are the real bronsexualsdoesn’t matter… it only proves that LeFlop really has no case in the GOAT conversation… all he does is statpad and cake walked in the east… now that he’s in the west, he’ll probably not make it in the playoffs

    • Doc J says:

      Correction though… 30.12 ppg, highest in history, followed by Wilt at 30.07. MJ has most scoring titles along with most all defense 1st team (tied with Payton and Kobe).

    • Lebron haters are the real bronsexuals says:

      +myelle Look at u how pathetic u sound .U already making the excuses .

    • Kid Wavee says:

      washburn11000 he was defending MJ. The 90s were the slowest era and MJ still averaged that much while taking less free throws?

    • GodSon says:

      +Lebron haters are the real bronsexuals Your comments are so stupid. DA go play in traffic.

  10. Hoop N Life says:

    This dude really thought he could coast in the west??

  11. Bert Saenz says:

    the Jordan vs Lebron conversation has become beyond tired.

    • D J says:

      +Israel Rosario Jr. Excellent analysis. I think Kobe clearly bests LeBron in the “dominant Alpha” role. The guy with that killer instinct 24/7, not just when someone criticizes him.

    • Israel Rosario Jr. says:

      +D J I agree about the killer instinct…but that alone doesn’t make him better. Iverson has more of a killer instinct over LeBron as does Dwyane Wade too but those guys aren’t better than him. That’s my biggest issue with LeBron. He doesn’t always play with that killer instinct. But that can also hurt you like it did Kobe if you don’t know how to manage it. Kobe didn’t know when to turn it off.

    • Med Scratch says:

      I actually agree with this. Respect Larry for not chasing championships and staying with his team.+Jayy Kau

    • Chris Pressley says:

      For years now?

  12. Nolay Austin says:


    • William Fortson says:

      +RcDw what type of excuse is that? If he wanted to? Why wouldn’t he want to then mf that makes no sense

    • RcDw says:

      William Fortson because he doesn’t try on defense that’s why Lol. James harden is a good defender just lazy same thing with Lebron. Same reason why he chooses not to take the last shot sometimes. We’ve seen him last year hit all of those game winners and clutch shots and we’ve seen him pass it out to his teamate open instead of taking a contested game winner

    • William Fortson says:

      +RcDw that’s not a good thing that he doesnt try. That’s why he loses games

    • Bob Jeff says:

      Jordan is better than Kobe at defense but had less defensive first teams. So, that doesn’t mean as much in the goat debate. It helps your legacy, but doesn’t make you the goat.

    • Qb says:

      Kobe can guard anyone 1 on 1 including lebron,lebron fg was 27% when guarded by kobe

  13. Tarantula Guy says:

    We all know LeHGH is bothered by criticism. The fact he brought a wrist cast after getting swept last year says it all.

    • Curtis 007 says:

      +trowabarton321 Yeah you are absolutely right! I forgot about that!

    • Evil Eye Gaming says:

      +Baller_Eli nigga lebron did a self alley oop in the final I’m pretty sure he was fine

    • Mike Hegarty says:

      I’m not contending he wasn’t injured, just the way he threw a cast on after game 4 and used that as a crutch to try an deflect criticism. Ffs. Patrice Bergeron played in game 6 of the Stanley cup finals with a broken rib, torn cartilage, a separated shoulder and a punctured lung. He didn’t use any of that as an excuse for losing. Some ppl have heart and true desire and some don’t. Lebron isn’t a finisher.

    • Med Scratch says:

      LOL I was thinking the same thing. +Joshua Johnson

    • DarkKnight says:

      Thank you for reminding us of that that! I can’t believe I forgot about that so quickly.

  14. 313 JMO says:

    Lonzo is the Captain of the defense sadly he’s hurt. Lakers defense been trash ever since he’s been out.

  15. King Trawal says:

    Here comes the LeGBT community to defend their daddy ?

  16. I_only Got1tit says:

    I’m surprised max doesn’t call Lebron daddy

  17. david hearn says:

    As Lakers fans we’re spoiled because we never had to question the effort kobe.

  18. KB says:

    Did he really compared the effort that kobe put every game, to Lebron? ?

  19. Moe Boutari says:

    Kobe was never this bad on defence, ever!

  20. Maurice Thomas says:

    Wtf Max talking about I remember Kobe locking up a young Kyrie at age 34

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