LeBron James doesn’t have the ‘clutch gene’ like Jordan or Kobe – Scottie Pippen | First Take

LeBron James doesn’t have the ‘clutch gene’ like Jordan or Kobe – Scottie Pippen | First Take

Scottie Pippen joins Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman at the First Take debate desk to discuss why it is not fair to compare LeBron James and Michael Jordan because he doesn’t have that “clutch gene” like MJ and Kobe Bryant did.

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91 Responses

  1. L.M. L.M. says:


  2. thanos first of his kind says:

    Pippen sweating like he’s playing in a game

  3. Ezekiel says:

    Why all these bronsexuals spell Scottie’s surname as pippin ? homeboys can’t even spell.

    • Mason Albert says:

      carson 310 Sounds like you believe Space Cadet Bone Spur could dunked all over his Uncle Tom MJ, huh? You Trump trolls are desperate.

    • Mike Killagreen says:

      +carson 310 Bullshit

    • carson 310 says:

      +Mike Killagreen it’s only bullshit because your to retarded to comprehend the truth.

    • Miller Mayhem says:

      His surname is spelled, Future fucked his wife raw.

    • G-man says:

      anyone still calling people bronsexuals on youtube and twitter is my litmus test to see if youre an mature adult who actually makes points or some salty ass teenager who cant debate and make legit points. Go play fortnite and leave the real talk to the adults.Now hurry, call me a bronsexual , add some childish emoji ,dont make any points involving the actual topic and confirm to me that youre exactly what i think you are.

  4. whitefire06 says:

    I don’t think Scottie was harsh on Lebron. He spoke his opinion. Lebron doesn’t have that mongrel in him that MJ etc have. That is not news to anybody.

    He said people shouldn’t compare Lebron to MJ and Kobe because of the positions they play. He said it’s unfair to Lebron. People should compare Lebron to other forwards like Pippen.

    • applepie101 says:

      better shooter. better player? thats debatable.

    • TJ Echols says:

      It’s a sport, not a personality contest

    • ORagnar says:

      +Idk Alslston — Larry Bird was more than a two dimensional player. Brilliant scorer from the outside and inside. Brilliant with passes, both long and short. Great at stealing. Great clutch player.

    • G-man says:

      lebron has hit more game winners then kobe and jordan combined with a better percentage then both. He has far better stats in game 7’s ,close out games and elimination games. he beat a 73 win team down 3-1 leading both teams in EVERY SINGLE STAT including steals and blocks. First guy to do that eve in any series. say that out loud and try convincing yourself lebron isnt clutch, yall are borderline retarded to think that

    • Warren Mazengwe says:

      I think its cuz most of the time, we describe this new era as position less basketball. Most players have the tole of 2 or 3 positions instead of one, like the ol skool days. So it’s only right he gets compared to whoever.

  5. Brooklyn says:

    Hes not even what Kobe was !!! Thats BIG FACTS !! Top 5 (no Big men/under 6 10) is
    1) MJ 2) Kobe 3)Magic 4) Bird 5) LeBron

    • Connor McDonald says:

      I think realistically, the lowest anyone should have LeBron is fourth, behind Jordan, Kareem, and Wilt (many don’t even have Wilt in the top 5 because of his era, but he was inarguably the most dominant player ever). Personally, my top ten would be:

      1. MJ
      2. LeBron
      3. Kareem
      4. Magic
      5. Wilt
      6. Shaq
      7. Kobe
      8. Bird
      9. Hakeem
      10. Russell

      I can see arguments for Kobe and Shaq being switched or someone else at 10 (Jerry West, maybe – honestly I think Russell gets way overrated in many lists on the sole basis of rings), but it’s a matter of taste. By the time Curry and Durant retire, there’s a decent chance they’ll both be top-ten. I’d put Curry over Durant unless KD leads a team and wins a title somewhere else.

    • Sanji Allen says:

      +Connor McDonald Lmao Kobe, Hakeem, Duncan, Bird. ……All better than LeBron. Putting LeBron 2nd to MJ is straight disrespect LBJ record is 3-6 he has no scoring titles he doesn’t take over in losing situations…

    • Challenger says:

      It’s bron then mj or mj then bron depending on the day. Kobe’s first 3 rings were very very dependent on Shaq. MJ as well. Without Scottie mike couldn’t get past the 1st round. Granted bron had a Ray Allen shot, kyrie hit a big time shot too, biggest in Cleveland’s history. But mj and Kobe couldn’t do the things bron has done

    • MaCeo Millions says:

      Brooklyn Kobe wasn’t even the best player on his own team just like Pippen wasn’t either ??? Jordan & LeBron always have been the best on their teams though.

    • MaCeo Millions says:

      KingOne 1 of the best rational responses I’ve ever seen on YouTube about anything whether sports related or not. Couldn’t have said it better myself.. Major Salute homie ???

  6. DynamicUnreal says:

    Scottie Pippen is one of the most underrated players of all time.

    • Rob H says:

      Francisco Cisneros depending on how much you know about his tipping habits but of course those are only because he pays child support for like 8 fatherless kids.

    • Master of the Universe says:

      Rob H Probably why he was an asshole for awhile bcuz of the personal drama.I also heard Christian Laenttner fucked him out millions too when he first got in the league over a false investment.So Pippen has been through bullshit and players back then wasn’t making have the money they make now.If Pippen money was straight i don’t believe he would be sitting on TV like this

    • Miller Mayhem says:

      Future fucked his wife raw

    • kefkapalazzo1 says:


  7. July Stylez says:

    TBH it’s easy to connect the dots on why Kobe is better than > LeBron.

    Why is LeBron not clutch, missing free throw the easiest shot in the game, never guarding the best player on the other team, always leaving his team, always blowing up his own team, always shifting the blames to teammates and never taking the final shot in the 4th quarter? Weak mindset.

    Why is Kobe clutch, making free throws when it counts, guarding the best player on the other team, staying with one team, always takes responsibility for his teams loss, never blaming others, and always taking the final shot in the 4th quarter? Strong mindset.

  8. Assuntay Cleaver says:

    Max was so upset lmao he hated that Kobe was mentioned before Lebron??

  9. UVAKID168 ! says:

    Jordan wouldn’t be 6-0 if it wasnt for scottie pippen

    • Amir Lino says:

      jordan wouldnt be 6-0 if he played in this era where its harder to win. Currys mvp season, his 3pt % was .2 points higher than jordans field goal percentage of his mvp season. the same was said about the 73-9 season. but im pretty sure jordan would have outscored curry easily right??? all it takes is 3 quarters for them, and lebron beat that team in 7. they dont talk about that tho

    • Daniel Riddick says:

      ????? I can’t understand how people still try to find a way to discredit Jordan. At the end of the day Pippen or no Pippen, Jordan is still Jordan, nobody was, is, and ever will be on his level. Ya just sound pathetic now, stop embarrassing yourselves.

    • m335 says:

      And Phil Jackson

    • Buster Bellm says:

      The Bulls could not win without Jordan, if Jordan didn’t go to baseball, The Bulls would of win 8 straight NBA titles

    • Richard102084 says:

      If lebron stayed in cleveland hes still a ringless king. . .

  10. Max Pain says:

    what happened to Scottie pippen’s makeup crew did they just throw him right on The sandlot give a hell of what he’s going to look like I meant sweating like a bag of water

  11. DaysOffLead ToOffDays says:

    Lmao LeBron the most disrespected Great of all time in any sport ! This man said Russel Westbrook and Paul George have the gene and combined they got 0 rings ???‍♂️

  12. Sheed 235 says:

    Pippin sweating buckets knowing that what he says has repercussions haha. There is no denying lebrons prowess in the league but without a doubt he won’t surpass mj based on the lore and accolades . Comparisons between him and Kobe are viable but at the end of the day it’s a different era. Lebron is among the greats that’s all that matters . To compare between him and Jordan and Kobe can go on for ages. Just don’t forget these hot takes stir up polarizing views for our attention and they will continue to stir the pot for views for as long as they can. This show is like the wwe of basketball it thrives on opposing views intentionally and throws in a beautiful woman to appeal to the demographic just to milk in views. You want good nba coverage then listen to the bill simmons podcast instead of this. With that being said, Appreciate the greatness of Lebron in this era for as long as we can and be thankful you are here to see it. That’s my hot take lol

    • Ronald Ronald says:

      Kobe and jordan played same position. Lebron is different. I remember pippen getting angry at phil jackson for entrusting a last shot to kukoc instead of him. I believe it depends on the coach. Too bad phil had coached both kobe and jordan in their rings. Yet pippen and jordan were losers without him when they left bulls.

    • Mason Albert says:

      Sheed 235 Sadly for MJ, when America understands MJ is just Trump’s Uncle Tom golf caddie, MJ gonna get smudged down to ‘just a guy back in the day’.
      LeBron is a MAN who stands for more than just his job and love of the game. Like Kaepernick, he knows America is bigger than the sport. Too bad MJ didn’t catch that and thought a Nazi Trump free golf pass was so ‘prized’. Sad for MJ, who I don’t hate. But all that fame, and he hands all his star power over to Excrement Drumpf, a mere Felon Guilty of Treason.
      Imposter of Office, but hey, you get that gold star treatment at Trump Properties, eh MJ? Yeah, sorry. ‘Legend’ of MJ is on par with Kobe rape boy giving Vanessa a $2 million diamond to pretend she believes him. Reasonable adults know what innocent, good people behave like. Sorry for Pippen being put on the hot seat. Pippen won those championships on the defensive end, and he rarely gets the credit. Enough with the Uncle Tom MJ worship.

    • heyglasses says:

      if you want to compare anyone with mj, they would have to be another couple of levels higher. maybe someday somebody will come along but you obviously haven’t witnessed mj’s entire career. forget about stats and rings, he was always the best player out there and even his most arrogant opponents couldn’t deny the that fact.

    • heyglasses says:

      +Mason Albert i really liked pippen but his getting more credit than he deserves thanks to mj. mj would bring out the best in his teammates but pippen ranks below a karl malone or charles barkley. yet everybody credits pippen so much, so people even credit pippen for the success of the bulls greater than mj. just crazy.

    • April Lambert says:

      Like Max , you need to get off Lebrons dick.

  13. Joe Loyalty says:

    Everything Scottie Pippen said was all truth and pure wisdom. All I say is amen. Lol Max. K was grasping at straws trying to defend Bronny. Looked and sounded so helpless. He knew whatever Pippen was preaching was all truth

    • Miller Mayhem says:

      Awww you’re autistic. Numbers say otherwise, low IQ dindu

    • G-man says:

      youre an idiot and so is scottie.

    • joshua ellis says:

      +Vincent not true bud, hes right. Bron has more go ahead and game winning shots postseason than Kobe. Kobe has way more if you include regular season. LeBron also has more than MJ and has made them at a higher percentage. Sorry those are facts. Go look it up. And Kobes 3 most clutch shots in his career were made by Fischer (shot heard round LA), Horry (game 5 WCF against Kings) and World Peace (game 7 Finals against Celtics).

    • G-man says:

      lebron has hit more game winners then kobe and jordan combined with a better percentage then both. He has far better stats in game 7’s ,close out games and elimination games. he beat a 73 win team down 3-1 leading both teams in EVERY SINGLE STAT including steals and blocks. First guy to do that in any series ever in the history of the nba. say that out loud and try convincing yourself lebron isnt clutch. yall are borderline retarded to think that

    • Warren Mazengwe says:

      Yeah. I hate it when on one side, people like Max bring up how goid he is, triple double, whatever. Then as soon as someone brings up Lebron not playing defense, then the excuse of, “he’s getting old, he saving it for the playoffs”. Nah son, you can’t have it both ways.

  14. yo bro says:

    Bro S.A. why do you scream so much? I got to turn down my volume all the time when you “talk” lol.

  15. Ian Ford says:

    There is something to be said about having 2 parents and siblings. MJ credits his sister Ros for pushing him in the classroom and his older brother fighting him on the basketball court that hardened his resolve. Getting cut by the Varsity coach, then having that chip. Making THE shot at UNC to ice the NCAA title. Jordan entered the league MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY prepared to do battle with anyone. Kobe the same way. DWade, the same way.

    LeBron did not have a father. He didn’t have any siblings. He had a mother who tried but wasn’t all the way “there” mentally. LeBron was a nurturer by nature. LeBron never knew adversity until he reached the NBA. So it took him longer to figure it out.

    Is that LeBron’s fault? Is it his fault he chose no.23 and idolized Air Jordan? Is it his fault he didn’t have a father that could pull him aside and say, “Son, you want to be BETTER than MJ. Wear your OWN number. Wear your OWN identity.” I believe had LeBron had siblings and a father like James Jordan, LeBron would likely be the coldest assassin we’ve ever seen. But, he is still a Mt.Rushmore player. He’s not better than MJ. But he’s a damn good player.

    • J Phills says:

      +tbird990 The statement you just typed is why your opinion holds no weight. Something that happen 8 years ago is why he is not great and better than jordan. I thank you for your expertise on this matter you are truly a SME (subject matter expert) LMFAO

    • tbird990 says:

      J Phills EVERYTHING in your career matters when you’re claiming you’re the greatest to ever play. Did you forget that Michael Jordan spanked the nba all star team like 9 times in a row with a bunch of college kids on the Olympic team? He’s the GOAT, and was the best in the league the day he entered it. You’re just a salty lebron Stan, and your reply shows it. Having an abysmal finals performance is enough to eliminate you from GOAT contention. Your opinion is the one that holds no weight. I don’t remember Michael ever giving away free championships by not showing up to fucking play ball.

    • milos guko says:

      I think you are 100% right but if all these things are true then he shouldn’t be saying that he’s the best ever, that’s all.

    • J Phills says:

      +tbird990 What are you talking about he spank the all star team with a bunch of college kids? LOL Please show me the footage or proof because i have never heard this nonsense you speak of. Do you mean the olympic team spank a bunch of college kids? LOL Because nothing says he teamed up with them by himself to play the stars of the NBA what would he gain from that? Micheal did retire like a sucker which is like quitting then decided to come back. I don’t want to here anything about michael being great. At basketball yes but as a person he is nothing close to lebron.

    • tbird990 says:

      J Phills yeah see you don’t even know how good Michael is lol. Look it up, 1984 Olympic team destroyed the nba all stars 9 times in a row. They couldn’t beat Michael one single time and that was back when only non professionals can play in the olympics. Jordan in college came in and fucking obliterated the best players in the league 9 times in a row. You should really do some research before forming an opinion. Larry bird straight up said he was the best in the nba and he wasn’t even in the nba yet.

      Listen dude, I know lebron is great on and off the court, but he’s no Michael Jordan. Lebron is an animal. Best in the league for a long time now, but he’s not the best to ever do it. And you not knowing some of this information and calling it “nonsense” speaks volumes about your biased opinion.

  16. Barnpicks888 says:

    We’re forgetting Scottie has more championship rings than Lebron

    • tbird990 says:

      Ismael Diaz there was only like 10 teams compared to 32 now so nobody considers bill the greatest.

    • Glenn Mckie says:

      Sprul SA but if you’re only playing the same 8 teams… it should be easier to game plan for your opponent. That’s why playoff series are harder. Plus if we were being real, only the top 4 teams in the West and East have a legit chance to win anyway.

    • The RealBaller says:

      @Ismael Diaz , yeah but no one gives a shit about russel

    • Palumpa Lumpa says:

      We’re forgetting Robert Horry has more rings than Jordan. Horry > Jordan

    • EDDIE MCCRAY says:

      And when have you ever heard anyone say “Scottie Pippen is the goat?” I’ll wait

  17. morgan williams says:

    Lebron been to 8 straight finals playing in the eastern conference…in the west?…he might not make the playoffs…now imagine the spurs…the mavs…the suns…the kings kobe had to go through just to get there…even the nuggets with melo…so stats tell half the story…bronny might have the best stats all time…but his finals record is pathetic!!

  18. Marcus Chapple says:

    I have watched both kobe and Lebrons career. The gap difference in BASKETBALL SKILL is flagrantly clear I can’t see how anybody could put bron ahead of kobe. Lebron is nothing but brute force , athleticism and power. He is just a gifted passer and leader .. he can’t play off the ball and can’t shoot nearly as good as kobe can .. kobe wasn’t the fastest , strongest or most athletic, but kobe had an extraordinary level of basketball skill and amazing IQ for the game .. kobe over lebron and it’s not even close

    • Connor McDonald says:

      +Marcus Chapple Yeah, I don’t think missed shots is a great metric because as you say, it’s compounded by longevity. A huge part of why people rate Kobe as a better shooter than LeBron is just reputation, though – Bron has a higher career field goal and three point percentage than Kobe as well as more game-winners at a higher percentage. But Kobe being perceived as a lethal shooter has become a part of popular culture, basically, so a lot of people ignore the stats when making their arguments.

    • Marcus Chapple says:

      Connor McDonald well said. Only thing I’d say about that is the reason lebrons field goal is better is kobe is known for taking these ridiculous shots and making them .. he overalls took many more harder shots then lebron had .. which I guess u can is kobe fault but that’s what he loved to do and was good at .. shooting over double teams and triple teams even … also lebron gets more of his shots inside as kobe gets his from outside , long 2s and contested jumpers .. and yes stats are good sometimes but not when that’s all ur briinging up and disregarding the skill and factoring in that kobe took much harder shots .. and three point percentage I’d say lebrons is better cuz he shot slot less more 3s than kobe did .

    • suslin Mew says:

      +Avxcado ESPN promoters laugh their stomachs out to see this kid is brainwashed by those shits we put out everyday….

    • suslin Mew says:

      +Amir Lino 2004 vs spurs is the right decision or choke decision??

    • Dale Williams says:

      Marcus Chapple all true students of the game can only see these details

  19. Lolz says:

    He is right, this is why I miss Kobe so much. Kobe would take over 4th quarters even with a mediocre team with his own tenacity. Lebron seems to not have that trait at the moment, but I do think if the Lakers acquire another star it will bring the best out of Lebron because of that… he needs someone else to have that “clutch gene” so he can be himself and score and pass the ball and make plays like he always does. But doing it alone is something dragging the Lakers down cause he doesn’t have that tenacity late in the game like Kobe did.

    • Amir Lino says:

      he doesnt have the teamates kobe and mike did that would allow them to keep their scoring streaks. gotta look at the bigger picture. halfway through the third this man is dead tired from trying to keep his team in the game, or within a 10 point deficit so that he can have a chance to pull out the W. Kobe hoisted up shots but always had pau gasol or shaq down low to get the board and reset it if nessecary.

    • jeis reis says:

      Really? That’s why Lebron has more game winners than Kobe in the playoffs? 16-6 vs Kobe in career head to head and beats him in every categories.

  20. Dr LazerFangz says:

    Pippen sweating like there is a sniper on the roof watching.

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