LeBron James Drops 42 PTS & 16 REB In Drew League Return 👀

LeBron James Drops 42 PTS & 16 REB In Drew League Return 👀

LeBron James Drops 42 PTS & 16 REB In 1st Drew League Game Since 2011!

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41 Responses

  1. RJ Powell says:

    This seemed so effortless for LeBron!! Just shows how truly great NBA players are against other competition!

    • bob lee says:

      you realize lebron and demar…2 all nba players barely beat a team of scrubs by TWO in OVERTIME

    • oFf8cialYT says:


    • Veronica♥ Full of Surprise says:

      *_തുടpecial for you😱⤵_*_ ഉള്ളു*,_ പഠിക്കട്ടെ… lp -reacted d ryt way, she is- paraben -need of over drama,- or resetefilm.UnO over -consider ations.- She -don’t- deserve *considerationsk. _Lp പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ,,_ ജീവിതം _തുടങ്ങിയല്ലേ ഉള്ളു,_ പഠിക്കട്ടെ… ജീവിതം ..

    • Alok Somani says:

      Every time I’ve played with NCAA, D-League, smaller pro league or international pro league players, they always make it look effortless. They just see the game differently and can play it at a different pace than normal people.

  2. John says:

    Dude literally look like the Terminator out there. He just moves so fluidly and efficiently-he makes it look effortless. His posture is perfect and he gets back to the other of the court quicker than all of his teammates. Dude was created to play this game. 👑

    • Chauncey Gore says:

      @Smallpox  🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾🤦🏾 against pros?!!!!!!!!!!! He is literally arguably top 3 ever to play this game!!!!

    • G.O.A.T MAN says:

      He literally is one of the greatest to ever do it like him or not Good game,he need to work on that 3point shot tho I’m still glad he taking them tho they look like high percentage shots they just have to go in !

    • Captured_Agent says:

      @Jerome Hartig no doubt
      like an old Seinfeld episode. The lakers are pure hilarity between day to day Davis, westbrick, senpai Carmelo, and old man Bron

    • Jerome Hartig says:

      @Smallpox um what?? he literally had one of his best offensive seasons last year… you obviously weren’t paying attention

    • Jerome Hartig says:

      @Captured_Agent 🤡 he’s in your head rent free

  3. Red says:

    I’m defiantly gonna miss him when he hangs the kicks up. Been enjoying every moment , all the ups and downs been here solid as a fan. Keep it coming Bron!!

  4. FlashMV3 says:

    It’s crazy to see LeBron almost 38 still playing at this level. Just mad hops effortlessly by one of the GOATS.

  5. Mo Suli says:

    One thing about LeBron I’ve always appreciated is his off-ball watching on defense. For the past 20 years and even now in his late 30’s, every single time, the exact moment he sees the ball go up and is on its way down to his teammate he immediately starts sprinting down and usually is ahead ready for the oop before his teammate even passes half court. At 1:58 he didn’t go full on but he can’t ever turn off that reactionary movement even in drew league. Dude got cat like reflexes going on 38 !!

  6. Kennith Bryant says:

    Huge LBJ fan. No matter what people say, no one will ever do it like Bron. From finances, to being a faithful husband and father, to getting other players paid, like it or not he is the GOAT! What he has done will only be attempted to be replicated, never accomplished in my book💪🏾

  7. Dukes Verrill says:

    There’s people that’s been waiting for Bron to be washed up for so long and he keeps going this hard at 37. It’s unreal. The amount of time he puts into making sure he’s in world class shape at his age is inspirational & shouldn’t go unnoticed. Appreciate his talent while you still can.

  8. Vladdy Nukes says:

    Love him or hate him, you just got to admire what this man continues to do at his age, appreciate greatness while you can still witness it. He might decide to hang it up in 3-5 years time maybe sooner.

  9. Notebook. says:

    It doesn’t make sense how he’s still doing this at his age. You can go and look it up: nobody was doing what he is this consistently at 37 or older. You won’t find a single one. My jaw was dropping the entire game and the excitement I have for next season is HIGH. Also, he’s added some new tricks to his bag as far as handles! Dude just keeps getting better and better. 🔥

  10. 144 says:

    Crazy cause most people in that gym would have probably never seen lebron james play in a live game that close. Glad players go back to play in these league to show love to the community.

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