LeBron James Hits A Clutch Bucket Against the Phoenix Suns To Tie the Series | NBA on TNT

LeBron James Hits A Clutch Bucket Against the Phoenix Suns To Tie the Series | NBA on TNT

LeBron James and Anthony Davis came up big in Game 2 to help the Los Angeles Lakers even up their first round playoff series with the Phoenix Suns.

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51 Responses

  1. Supremo Shaider says:

    The Los Angeles Clippers’ plan to avoid blowing a 3-1 lead by just getting swept going well, sources tell ESPN.

  2. FrancisLee Belgarde says:

    Every time Charles guarantees a victory I get a little worried for that team

  3. Adrix Rodriguez says:

    Kenny shouting wait till next year…..how many years are you saying that to lebron

    • TheKoolace17 says:

      I think that was Kenny be sarcastic towards Lebron’s Haters. I don’t believe Kenny is a hater.

    • crush1221 says:

      @PCGT yep, like what if the Lakers didn’t have a short offseason and all the injuries, it’d be OVER.

    • Tae Alpine says:

      @PCGT Shaq love Bron

    • Yo Go says:

      @PCGT that will be the excuses it’s always excuses for a lebron team like last year even people like skip said they ain’t have to face the clippers 🤣 who lost in the 2nd round

    • kawaiiafangirl says:

      he was clearly talking to LeBron’s haters. I’m surprised and saddened that so many dummies agree with you.

  4. ClutchShots says:

    “You might meet your destiny on the very road you took to avoid it” Shannon Sharpe

    • AtomMother Heart1970 says:

      Clippers : “Nah”
      If we lose to Mavs, we don’t play the Lakers so Skip can say LeBron is scared of the Clippers

    • Brandon LongWooD says:

      @Condor Gaming so has show me the money and foh, unestablished authors don’t count, and even then who can prove who said what first or stole it first. “Have a good day “- Brandon Longwood.

    • Condor Gaming says:

      @dale danz99 Jean De La Fontaine. Pretty easy google search bro. My mom used to say that quote. Im not goin around sayin she coined it

    • Condor Gaming says:

      @Aaron PG you gotta be a 12 year old

    • Hasan Muhammad says:

      @universe 86 that was a good one I see what you did there😃🙄

  5. Tom Brady says:

    I like how they watched the other game live and commentated
    Edit= Especially in a close game with 3 minutes left

  6. Alexander Rose says:

    All I heard was “Kenny always say this, “Chuck you get the check!” and what kind of defense was that?

  7. Edward Tan says:

    “Kenny always say this…’Chuck you get the check’” 😂😂😂

  8. Manuel bonilla says:

    They should broadcast the end of every game live like this

    • Good thing recommendation says:

      Cheap, high quality goods, everything😍😍

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  9. Jeprey Mikhael says:

    Patrick Beverley prides himself with defense but hes the one being exploited in defense for the mismatch for Luka.

    • Donte Looney says:

      @Pasang – Awa when he gets older and somehow better , he’s gonna start averaging a VERY easy 35 points a game on 52% shooting. Guy averaged almost thirty and a triple double his rookie season, he’s crazy

    • Lavel Brown says:

      @Anthony Tyler stop lying. LeBron never ever locked TD up

    • Live From The Motherland says:

      Luka is also a star level player. He’ll cook anybody

    • Alan Webster says:

      @Robert Hartley always excuses from people who never played the game. Size means nothing .Faccu from nuggets is undersize every night and he still plays

    • Alan Webster says:

      @Vengeance another casual. Being to small doesn’t mean anything. You gotta get up in their grill and make them uncomfortable.

  10. nikushachanturia says:

    Do you guys remember how Pat Bev yelled at Steph “It’s my time now” yeah that didn’t come out well

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