LeBron James Is Blaze Pizza’s Newest Team Member

LeBron James Is Blaze Pizza’s Newest Team Member

In between games in Los Angeles, LeBron James put in work on his off day. And by work we mean becoming Ron, the newest team member at Blaze Pizza. #MeetRon

Pasadena, California | March 11, 2016 at 12:23 p.m.

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20 Responses

  1. Stefanie Mago says:

    What planet are these people from? Really? My mother has never seen a
    basketball game and she knows who Lebron is…

  2. Greg Cunningham says:

    Blaze is the Subway of Pizza chains.

  3. Destin Brave says:

    This shows how dumb people are honestly.. Not one ? People really don’t
    like basketball, sad because their missing out! Hahaha

  4. Willie Rodriguez (TwoTenEast) says:


  5. BoatNectar says:

    its all fun and games until someone walks in changes their mind and says “I
    think im in the mood for curry”

  6. DrChin Strap says:

    Only clicked on this, because pizza.

  7. Aaron Garnett says:

    this is a great example of a celebrity being down to earth. hood shit Ron.

  8. Jerome Simpson says:

    People are sheep and the tv is their shepherd lol

  9. HigherPlanes says:

    Not a good month for Asians. First they confuse Kevin Heart with Chris Rock
    and now It’s not LeBron, it’s Dwayne. Come on guys, open your eyes a little

  10. big973e says:

    if this aint some scripted shit, bitch called him Dwyane Wade and no one
    recognized the tats and the expensive timepiece

  11. sammyclaws12 says:

    how do they not know its fucking LeBron James

  12. FAYMprod says:

    unfortunately the air conditioning broke and lebron was unable to complete
    his shift

  13. Jay Marie says:

    LeBron Jaaaames

  14. James Bond says:

    Fake all actors

  15. baltazar villa says:

    nobody knew who he was

  16. Michael Choe says:

    Is this the next Chipotle?

  17. OhRonE says:

    Lebrun jumes

  18. Team Solar says:

    “Lebron wasting time. Playoffs around the corner and he fooling around.

    – Trump

  19. goku Ssjgssj4 says:

    that pizza is better looking the LeBron James HairLine

  20. Barbara Gordon says:

    ” Nothing wrong with Michigan; I was born in Michigan”

    Personal foul, homie. You took the joke too far. Hahaha ??