LeBron James is the Lakers’ biggest problem – Stephen A. | First Take

LeBron James is the Lakers’ biggest problem – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith doesn’t consider LeBron James the best player in the league from this point forward. Stephen A. anticipated some of the Los Angeles Lakers’ problems with the young players and Luke Walton, but he didn’t anticipate LeBron James not playing the way he usually does. Max Kellerman understands the way LeBron is playing now because it isn’t in the playoffs.
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57 Responses

  1. DaBidnizz says:

    Max kellerman:

    Stephen A: I think you’re wrong, and here’s why..

  2. Toppy Boss says:

    Micheal Jordan looking like… “this your king guys” ?

    • Charles Aaaron Te says:

      +Levi Rain do you even play basketball? Lebron got all the help he needed but he’s the problem. Because he’s a premaddonna muscle bound gorilla that can’t shoot free throws when it counts the most and buckles under crunch time. This mofo has been babied for fifteen yrs.. Now choke on that boy….Your so called KING is CHO KING again and again and again like the energizer bunny it goes on and on and on. LOL….

    • Lonnell Tiggett says:

      hate that LeBron went to the Lakers because the West is deep so why go there,stick to the east and let the west battle it out and then go at whomever comes out the west

    • Charles Aaaron Te says:

      +Levi Rain look the LA is out of play off contention . Your wrong again your CHO KING does it again.

    • Benjo Pallasigui says:

      +L_LKoolKid Since when is it ok to be second if he calls himself the GOAT Dude be realistic and stop being delusional jordan had more Class then this clown

    • Some Dude says:

      L_LKoolKid 6. Could’ve been 8.

  3. The Goat says:

    LeBron has definitely been lacking, but he’s not the _biggest_ problem right now. It’s more fundamental than that. Luke’s rotations have been atrocious. No idea why the hell he kept Rondo in as long as he did last night. The other veterans have been pretty ass too. *7* bench points in total last night. Let that sink in; *7 total bench points.* Hart’s been suffering from injuries though, so he’s understandable at least.
    And we should’ve never traded Zubac.

    • Christian Huang says:

      Don’t forget that your bench fouled 10 times. You had more fouls from your bench than points. That’s insane. And we wanna talk about Lebron walking around on defense, look at fucking Rondo. Lebron has 0 space because there’s no threat from anything past the perimeter. Lakers have the shittiest shooters in the league and Lebron+shooters has always been the equation.

    • youtube famous says:

      Thank you for introducing them to facts…

    • Groove Champion says:

      Not so sure Walton has 100% autonomy on the player rotations anymore. Wouldn’t be surprise if bron and magic are telling him to keep the veterans on more

    • Nolimit KY says:

      +Robert Bartholomew lmao the lakers strenght of schedule was 28th in the league meaning only two teams had it easier and they were only 20-14?

    • Mike Gomez says:

      Facts but

  4. Cubano Porvida says:

    Amen SMITH Lebron is a cancer!

  5. random man says:

    Michael Jordan is laughing rn with his hands together, wearing his 6 rings. MJ has been and will always be the GOAT.

  6. Jj Dee says:

    All this talk bout Kobe and LeBron in the comment section. I’ll say this, I would take winning over numbers any days. Go figure

  7. Lola Henry says:

    That’s Lebron’s karma for leaving Cleveland the way he did again. Sneaking behind Cleveland’s back meeting with the Lakers, signing with the Lakers for 4yrs, while stringing Cleveland along 1 yr at a time. He did the same thing in Cleveland blaming everything and everyone else for his terrible leadership, lack of defense, lack of excecution.

    • Jordan Pippen says:

      Ray Mantanona, well said that he’a now 34 and not getting any younger. Guess he’d overestimated himself and the Lakers management before leaving Cleveland. His playing style worns him down quickly because he usually plays the point while his position is either SF or PF. P

    • Christian Huang says:

      +jpin0002 jpin0002 There were several other teams he could’ve joined after he left the heat. He chose Cleveland because he was loyal. He won a ring with them because he was loyal. He played for them despite having Kevin Love as a 2 because he was loyal.

    • Drippy Jay says:

      Lola Henry when did he publicly blame his teammates in cleveland? Like get the fuck out. u haters feed off of his failures and say bullshit like this.

    • Mitchell DeMoss says:

      +Drippy Jay Honestly the Lakers don’t deserve Lebron. Fuck the Lakers. Yall drafted Russell Ingram and Ball and traded the best of three because he exposed a a guy who was cheating on his fiance or wife whatever she was and Swaggy P was ass. The Lakers traded the guy who has Nets in the playoffs. They also failed to sign anyone of note. besides Lebron. Lakers fans are more Delusional than Knicks fans.

  8. Super God Fist says:


    – Kilmonger

  9. Jayson Spencer says:

    Smh Kd is better than giannis giannis is good but kd best player in world now facts ??

  10. Lakers165 says:

    Did I stutter?” – Stanley – Stephen A.Smith

    • Tim Doyle says:

      ?? he reminded me of Stanley when he said that

    • tony jackson says:

      I think Steven A needs to be off first take, the is best with Max and jalen, they both understand the game, Steven A is fake news, he can’t be trusted. that’s on everything he talk about.

  11. Ross Best says:

    *Wow, Stephen A Finally spitting some facts, Lebron conned and duped LA FANS. Lebron is most definitely the problem PLAYS NO DEFENSE!*

  12. Ross Best says:

    *Whoever traded Zubac should be fired that was an awful move. Magic Johnson hasn’t done much of anything to be honest…*

    • Cartie King says:

      Ross Best traded dlo to free up cap space when the nets said they would of actually been happy with a trade involving clarkson and mozgov. That was a terrible move, traded clarkson and larry for a injured isiah thomas, brings in rondo after u say how lonzo is the point guard of the future, keeps luke walton as coach instead of going to get in my opinion mark jackson, then you allow luke walton to bench zo, who came in to the season about 10lbs bigger, who was stronger, and who had a rework in his shooting form. U let luke play him 25 minutes a game, then after seeing dlo become a very, very solid player, u try and make the same mistake again and trade EVERYTHING for anthony davis who cant even stay healthy himself, then when we dodge that bullet of a bad trade, magic trades our best big man zu and beasley who was playing solid this year. People say “o he traded zu and beasley to open up a roster spot” YOU GUYS REALIZE WE NEVER FILLED THAT SPOT RIGHT?? the combination of the front office and coaching staff is killing this team. You got the spurs, the clippers, and kings all ahead of us, those 3 teams combined have a total of 1 allstar deFROZEN i think the timberwolves lead by basically a revived drose and towns just over took us for the 10th spot as well

    • Sylvanius Ross says:

      Ross Best I agree Zubac is missed he play both sides of the ball dumb ass trade.

    • Bri Gon says:

      Magic makes the choices(jeanie buss has all of her faith in magic and letting him make the desicions?)

    • Alex says:

      If Luol Deng was able to get bought out how come we didn’t use that free cap to sign LeBron and not trade Russel? Julius Randle was let go because he can’t shoot but he’s shooting 35% from three with the pelican’s? Luke wanted a shooting big but didn’t resign Brook Lopez who is shooting 36% from three with the Buck’s? Instead traded a promising young center ivica zubac for a guy who we could’ve signed in free agency smh

    • All Skill No Luck says:

      he had the highest FG% most efficient young blood probably since shaq, retarded move.

  13. john jahred says:

    No more GOAT DEBATE vs. MJ… LEBRON’s legacy is far far less of that of MJ’s.. ?

  14. Aiden Larue says:

    Max can’t go 5 minutes with mentioning giannas dude is really annoying

  15. Gee says:

    LeSPN is turning on him, what a time to be alive.

  16. WarriorScholar22 says:

    He should have took his ass to the Spurs, but he doesn’t want to play for a strong coach.

  17. neckboneschannel says:

    Now every post-game interview he blaming teammates. A beginner’s Guide to How to destroy a team from within.

  18. Antonio says:

    It’s different when you’re playing in the western conference & much more for the greatest franchise like the Lakeshow ☝️????

  19. Alex Gray says:

    I knew this was going to be lit the second Stephen A opened his mouth. He’s speaking FACTS… DID I STUTTA?

  20. Reem Raw says:

    This SAME MAN Steven A Smith is on record MULTIPLE times stating Lebron has earned the right to only be judged in the play offs!! You can’t take NONE of these analysts serious. Not ANY of them.

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