LeBron James Jr DROPS DIMES & Wins Championship at THE LEAGUE DALLAS/Hype Sports

LeBron James Jr DROPS DIMES & Wins Championship at THE LEAGUE DALLAS/Hype Sports

LeBron James Jr helped to lead the Gulf Coast Blue Chips to the 4th Grade Championship at THE LEAGUE Dallas/Hype Sports Summer Jam. Bronny showed his vision in Dallas and spread the love showing that he is a chip off the old block. As LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers try to defeat the Golden State Warriors, LeBron James Jr has a championship of his own to brag about.

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20 Responses

  1. ParaditeRs says:

    So, which one is the center?

  2. Evan Govea says:

    What a ball hog

  3. sergio caccavale says:

    in 9 years lebron jr will be 19 and lebron senior will by 39.. they could
    play together in the nba lol

  4. Breezy says:

    LeBron the greatest

  5. Mirna Vla says:

    Is this acually in Dallas tx

  6. Himanshu Manhas says:

    When are they gonna start showing Riley Curry highlights lol

  7. Derek LaCross says:

    He’s a boss 

  8. MrBballer567 says:

    really? if you want to hate lebron fine. but a 10 yr old? come on people

  9. Marshall Mcpherson says:


  10. Edwin Montanez says:


  11. Fredrick Goldman says:


  12. Angela Bunch says:


  13. Tehaka Silo says:

    LeBron James Champion

  14. Susy Song says:


  15. Abraham Cherian says:

    He’s very fundamentally sound and has very good court vision and passing,
    he has the skills to have a great career ahead of him.

  16. Aubrey Drake Graham says:


  17. koolvideogamesbros says:

    Found the white kid at 0:57. Where’s my cookie?

  18. Quinton Starzyk says:

    Skills but his team looks bigger than all the other teams. 

  19. Ricky Jezrawi says:

    Early signs of receding hairline….

    It’s commin trust me! 

  20. RoIIingStoned says:

    Sucks to be anyone else on the team