LeBron James Jr. SHOWS OUT At John Lucas All-Star Weekend!

LeBron James Jr. SHOWS OUT At John Lucas All-Star Weekend!

LeBron James Jr. – 2015 John Lucas All-Star Weekend
– Gulf Coast Blue Chips (10U) *1st Place


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20 Responses

  1. Tony Gambino says:


  2. Jon Doe says:

    what? his son is better than half of the NBA

  3. snoman243 says:

    He already has his dads vision on the court. Watch out! 

  4. Da Kid Gowie says:

    You definitely can tell his father influenced his game. Good job, Bronny!

  5. Christian Coly says:

    LeBron James Jr …see you in 9 years with your dad on the same team !!

  6. Mlk D says:

    Smart moves for his age and great passing skills.

  7. Landon Gordon says:

    Son will be better than father..

  8. Kevin Brown says:

    check out uniforms

  9. Anthony Gonzalez says:

    Jr should show his dad how to shoot 3’s lol .. btw what type of person
    dislike this video? 

  10. Ammaar Yousufi says:

    Gonna be playing with his dad in like 5-7 years

  11. JC Buz says:

    what a lad!

  12. Goombinator says:

    Boy got a quick release

  13. ohcantona10 says:

    He is an unselfish player and that is great to see. One for the future

  14. SenselessTalk says:

    Those passing skills!
    I bet Kobe’s son will just shoot the ball every single time :D

  15. Spencer Bender says:

    Kid has a ton of potential obviously. 

  16. BWarZ says:


  17. Daniel Schneider says:

    Little LeBron Jr.

  18. Yak Attack says:

    Get em baby lebron

  19. VigEuth says:

    0:03 Aaron Hernandez Sighting