LeBron James & Kevin Durant Make Their Picks In The 2022 NBA All-Star Draft | NBA on TNT

LeBron James & Kevin Durant Make Their Picks In The 2022 NBA All-Star Draft | NBA on TNT

Captains LeBron James & Kevin Durant made their picks in the 2022 NBA All-Star Draft with Shaq, Chuck, Kenny & EJ.

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39 Responses

  1. Ezekiel Tolentino says:

    This has to be one of the best segments the all star season has ever brought us.

  2. gennoboy says:

    “He got traded he’s healthy now” even KD cannot stop smiling from Chuck’s line. 🤣

  3. Joel Kinqq says:

    KD: “Imma have to go with Khris Middleton”
    Giannis: “He took my guy”

  4. short334 says:

    This is Epically funny AF. And Sir Charles ask all the questions we all wanna know 🤣🤣🤣🥴☠️

  5. OCNIE says:

    KD: “No.. timetable.. “

    Ernie: “That’s a little more than we got the first time around” 😂

    • lintlickers says:

      @Latrell Hassell He didnt answer becuase its up in the air, lets say he guesses a date and doesnt come back by that time, the media will start stories and start making drama, debating his skill, if he can come back at all, if his career isnt gonna be the same, and make things out to be more than they really are, and all kinds of other bs. hes doing the right thing but not telling them.

    • carlo vargas says:

      @Latrell Hassell who doesn’t like ernie??

    • kia davies says:

      @Latrell Hassell Did you see Lebron James laughing 😂😂😂

    • Latrell Hassell says:

      @kia davies He do not like certain Media members lol

    • kia davies says:

      KD was being mean 🤣🤣

  6. Hudson Dixon says:

    LeBron: “Is James (Harden) healthy now? Can he play”

    Chuck: “He got traded, he’s healthy now”

  7. Bille says:

    Major props to KD for keeping a straight face when he was announcing his final reserves pick 😭😭

    • SUB 4 SUB says:

      ┴NƎWWOƆ SIH┴ SƎʞI˥ pN∀ ƎW O┴ Sq∩S OHM ƎNO⅄N∀ O┴ פNIqq∩S W,I


  8. jopsintail says:

    This has solidified Lebron as the greatest passer/assister of all time, that assist to Charles was fire 🔥😂😂

  9. phil g says:

    I replayed “He healthy now” 5 times… It gets funnier every time 😂

    “Hey LeBron, he rubbing some icy hot” 😂

  10. CYMotorsport says:

    Chuck has been waiting on this moment for weeks 😂

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