LeBron James Opens Up About Nipsey Hussle

LeBron James Opens Up About Nipsey Hussle

CBSLA Sports Director Jim Hill had a chance to speak to LeBron James earlier today and LeBron got pretty emotional when talking about Nipsey Hussle and their relationship.

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97 Responses

  1. Aldo Meoli says:

    Gone 2 soon g

  2. Spread Love says:

    It feels so unreal

    • Justin Acosta says:

      +a z your asking me for proof , den when I bring up the bible your gonna say that not proof.

    • Justin Acosta says:

      In the bible it states…… people who have died are constantly calling out to God, asking him to please hurry and come back to earth so they can be with him and cross to heaven. Give me sometime and I can give you the exact scripture.

    • Justin Acosta says:

      +a z this is my why people feel like there are spirits in there house or around them …. because there are. Those spirits are people you knew.

    • a z says:

      +Justin Acosta that isn’t proof because that’s a book that has been passed down generations that has been added to and changed. It’s more of a book of princeables of life using made up stories but the story’s send a good message. I went to CCD when I was little and got a first communion and used to go to church so you can’t say I don’t know anything. One easy example I have in the Bible is that it’s impossible to have a baby without having sex so that whole Mary thing is fake. I do believe Jesus was probably a real person but I just think he was a really good person that helped a lot of people. All the magic shit is fake

    • Justin Acosta says:

      +a z well den I dont know what to tell yuh bruh . Well all find out one day . Just hope that you dont regret your beliefs when it’s all said and done.

  3. Vladimir Putin’s Clone says:

    Nipsey was and still is my inspiration

    • freshcaller says:

      +Vladimir Putin’s Clone i never said you were racist

    • Cris Gaton says:

      My inspirations come from black scientists, black teachers, black police officers, black entrepreneurs, black philanthropists, black leader likes MLK and Obama, black mothers who raised their children on their own….Those should be our inspirations. Nipsey, Rest In Peace was probably a great person. But as black people we should start looking for role-models elsewhere because the majority of us don’t become billionaires like Lebron James (who is a great human being alway fighting for social justice). We need to start making out community better so that we don’t have to leave it to live better elsewhere. Black neighborhoods have never been tourist attractions like the china towns, the little Italy neighborhoods, German towns, etc. Black neighborhoods like Harlem in Manhattan, NY becpme tourist attractions after they are gentrified.

    • Brandon Burns says:

      +Cris Gaton you just gave everybody a unneccecary lecture, based off assumptions. Nipsey represented something more powerful then all thos things you named.. Black Financal freedom.. And his store is a LA tourist attraction before he died

    • Samir Yaqub says:

      Cris Gaton Ha.. First off black cops sit and watch other cops treat us like shit, if their not involved themselves. Second I love MLK but he cheated on his wife bruh. Third no knowledge come from a single set of ppl. Tired ppl talking doctors, lawyers, politicians, pastors, celebrities, etc and all that BS of what we should be admiring. We should be following ANY black person that has KNOWLEDGE period. Maybe not scientists, but ALL them groups you name got their troubles and flaws so what make them so much better to follow?? The problem is we listen to certain ppl just because their status and not what they really teaching. RIP NIP!!!

    • Samir Yaqub says:

      Brandon Burns Ppl don’t understand the freedom financial Nip was speaking on it’s sad!

  4. J B says:

    You can hear the pain in brons voice … Rest Well King ??? gon 2 soon

  5. bobby ben says:

    A value man. A ? gem the community lost

    • Jailyn Wilson says:

      +mark spannar why would you come to this post just to troll ,don’t even know you and can tell how bad of a person you may be

    • Samir Yaqub says:

      mark spannar That means EVERYONE in your community are perfect and NO criminals right?

    • alstonmiller212 says:

      mark spannar a man in the community killed him not the whole community he was the outlier of that community

    • studio developers2 says:

      if nipsey would have been armed, he would still be around. think about that, AND the gangsters would have had a run for their money. take back the streets, you cant do that with your pockets empty.

    • alstonmiller212 says:

      studio developers2 you could never predict that people with gun still died. “ gun aren’t meant for threats because you willing to put your life on the line when you’re pulling it out” period

  6. Joshua Levi Brown says:

    Well Said King James

  7. Don Kirk says:

    I could hear Nipsey saying I died the same age as Jesus on hood. RIP NIP

    • dlitefulone says:

      First of all jesus is fake…nip was a real man.

    • Gmode Mega says:

      +dlitefulone actually jesus was a real dude. His story was probably exaggerated by christian hierarchy and put in a book ( same way as some rappers do and put in a song ) but jesus was a real jew dude. He had a following and he was crucified. Everything else is just what you want to believe. Im sure if Nip died 2000 yrs ago, someone would write a book saying he rose the dead and was killed by his people. Nipsey was a good dude. Comin straight outta slauson/ a crazy mothafucka named Nipsey!

    • ness delreal says:

      +Selina Selu ur definitely right on this one

    • Raul Arroyo says:

      Cal Hazard I’m comparing nipsey to some fable whose voice you never heard whose image you never saw, nipsey hussle was real. All that other shit is a superstition.

    • Raul Arroyo says:

      Demarcus Pollard amen to that playa….i heard nipsey s voice. How many these idiots heard Jesus voice.

  8. Lita martinez says:

    Nipsey Hussle is with Jesus his maker ?? With a ? on his head ?

    • Vito Anderson says:

      Keep your ideologies to yourselves , what ever religion your into

    • Nitro Online says:

      +Shandon Simmons i said thats rude to when u said “Thats a lie study your bible “

    • Nitro Online says:

      +Lita martinez you are right i turned this into a debate and we are children of god i was not born last night im talking bout the quote she said “Thats a lie study your bible”

    • Nitro Online says:

      +Shandon Simmons you cant be talking bout me this why i hate social media people argue and they need to take every social media away people are hurt by social media every day by stuff people say

    • Isaiah Figueroa says:

      D Moon not exactly

  9. Market Global MG4 says:

    Nipsey the legend ? like this if you wish you could bring Nipsey back ?

  10. Vic C says:

    You Kill this Great Man, And Zimmerman still walking around!!??

    • Hair Hat Exterminator says:

      +Jay Holloman am not white n i believe the same as he. had nips got from round that man quietly instead of humiliating him infront of others he would still be alive. wtf does being white have to do with pointing out a mans flaws.

    • peewee3030 says:

      +Christie7 Hammon4 u dumb or something?

    • peewee3030 says:

      +jerin browder ok?

    • Actual Raw Footage says:

      +Ivan Morelos
      Yep. Its kill ms all these ppl specially blk are taking this as a surprise. The hate with blk on blk is on the rise more than ever. We just don’t like one another. We don’t wanna speak to each others but love to plot to kill or rob each other. Smh.

    • Game Asylum says:

      Yeah u damn eight because Zimmerman is literraly the police in. A way one dude that was white almost tried to kill Zimmerman but got like 10 yrs so that is ike ok leave thst nogga alone lol factzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  11. Dirty Rhymez says:

    If you’re reading this….

    Ride for Nipsey Hu$$le ??

    • whyShouldI TellYou says:

      +Charlie Ennis I dont disagree but people are going to kill eachother no matter what. Been doin it since the beginning we love that shit for some reason.

    • Stacy Griffin says:

      We need to ride against black on black crime

    • Samir Yaqub says:

      Charlie Ennis True, but what’s your answer for when innocent black men that die from the hands of white cops? Maybe ppl should stop coming out the house? Folks seem to always come up with answer for why gang members or criminals should stop this and that, but quiet as shit when the innocent ones get killed! ??‍♂️?

    • EXIT 11 AOP says:

      Victory lap been on repeat blue lace 2

    • Jam Jam says:

      Dirty Rhymez I just passed by where he was killed

  12. Jerrell Ronnie says:

    Every time I hear ppl talking about Nip, I shed tears?! From Shreveport, L.A. to
    Crenshaw L.A…. if u don’t know the lingo u won’t know the lingo
    ??❌? Rest Easy Nip Love U

  13. Reggaeton NewsTV says:

    Why does the reporter look like he in a 1990’s world ?

  14. NoHeater says:

    You just don’t expect a man like Nip to go out like this

    • MiNoGanG says:

      NoHeater basically yea.. that’s why it feels so fake like damn… out of all people

    • Kenny says:

      Ummm… He lived his life in the hood.. He may have tried to change his area..
      But stop acting like people getting shot in a ghetto is some new thing… It happens every dam day!!!

    • ness delreal says:

      +Kenny espieciallly when there was 10 murders in the area week before ….his hood was really active these past weeks

  15. Kabir Bariana says:

    Cant help but tear up anytime someone talks about Nipsey ????

  16. Carrie Hubbard says:

    ?Lebron Heart of Gold…RIP?NIP?!

  17. Sheila Kitson says:

    LeBron did a great job at breaking it down for folks who don’t understand our community. Bravo! Your No. 1 fan!!

    • Karon G says:


    • Vincent Gelvez says:

      Our community? What private, special community are you referring to?

    • King says:

      +Vincent Gelvez why are you trying to argue??

  18. I Hate people says:

    Lebron always speak on social issues. Lebron always wants and try to do better for his people. Lebron knows all about giving back to his community

    • daryl holloway says:

      +Delisia Store I’m not gone come at you like everyone else … What could make LeBron better ……

    • BeenTrill64 says:

      How about some pronouns next time buddy.

    • King Zartan says:

      I Hate people ….so getting on tv and talking about shit is helping his people????? Oh ok. So that means news reporters are helping us too huh??? All they do is talk about what’s happening. They ain’t changing shit.

    • King Zartan says:

      Desmond Hackney Jr …oh god help us all if they take LeBron out!!!!!! Wait a minute. How would that change anybody’s life????

    • King Zartan says:

      Desmond Hackney Jr ….why do y’all think muthafuckas talking with no action is doing something for their people????? Hell, anybody breathing is aware of shit that’s happening. We all talk about it. But when LeBron or a celebrity talks about the same shit it’s news???? Why???? Because they have camera access???? Get your heads outta these people’s asses!!!! They are self serving. If Nipsey was ” the king” or ” the black Jesus” why weren’t these celebrities talking all this shit before he died???? I’ve never heard any shoutouts to him for all this ” great shit” he was doing. These idiots will be saying the same shit about the next dead celebrity. If the headline is bigger than the celebrity, they’ll flock to it like flies to shit. And you idiots will eat it up.

  19. T says:

    Lebron is really a great person. RIP Nipsey. Only born in 1985, he was so young and killed by another brother. Terrible.

    • Brandon Burns says:

      +GWOS i wonder what the crime statistics look like in the traildr parks

    • GWOS says:

      +Brandon Burns Go ask them. idgaf about anything that happens in any trailer parks. Now that we got your white aggression out the way, can we get back on topic? Thanks.

    • Stayaway from AA says:

      Steve Smith
      I hear you man!!

    • Brandon Burns says:

      +GWOS the point was.. obviously its going to be black on black crime in a area thats predominately black. Thats like saying whats wrong with white people and all that white on white crime in the trailer parks… try thinking critically for once.. Thanks!

    • Malik Moore says:

      Fact is over 90% of all people murdered are done so at the hands of someone they know or share a community/area/neighborhood with… Still sad and unfortunate and actually deeper that it seems but I’m just throwing that out there

  20. AFG Incite says:

    Lebron is talking about the crabs in a bucket trying to hold you down

    • Cris Gaton says:

      Eric Pinkney That is so true. Black folks need to stop thinking they are special or unique in that sense or it is going to keep happening. Lebron is a very wealthy and smart man who speaks like a black person but lives a very very smart and thoughtful approach to life. He does not associate with people from the hood outside of his cocoon (high level of security and protection) like Nipsey and many others now dead have.

    • ty shu says:


    • EMPRESS I AM says:

      +Mixamaka thought jealousy was a female thing. Didnt know men get jealous of each other and kill each other over it. Thats too extreme

    • JVOTI says:

      EMPRESS I AM Cain and Abel lol this been the mans M.O

    • absalom0412 says:

      +EMPRESS I AM When women get jealous it’s usually over looks. With men it’s usually over success

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