LeBron James opts out of Cavaliers contract to become unrestricted free agent | First Take | ESPN

LeBron James opts out of Cavaliers contract to become unrestricted free agent | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Molly Qerim react to reports that LeBron James is opting out of his Cleveland Cavaliers contract, and will become a free agent this NBA offseason. LeBron could potentially join the Los Angeles Lakers, the San Antonio Spurs, the New York Knicks and more.

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77 Responses

  1. Will Strickland says:

    Another Laker campaign going nowhere LMAO

  2. Mystery says:

    LeBum the wana b goat hahahaha, this clown is definitely by far GLOAT. Greatest Loser of all time. He ain’t even in my top 10 best please stop comparing with MJ who is number 1 the real GOAT

    • Michael St.patrick says:

      Mystery you must be 5 years old

    • Kody Hah says:

      Selegna Ko Medagul Big facts my guy. They aren’t even at the same table. Mj then Kobe then bird. The best three to do it. All there is to it period

    • Neptoon says:

      Lebron is by far the goat because 1 other greats that have played the game have at least been on a decent team, the Cavs, from their owners to their players are straight up garbage, 2 Lebron has done things other players haven’t and example of this is from a scoring to all around player stand point, he has defeated a 73-9 team and came back from 3-1 and he only had Kyrie to help, and 3 Lebron carry’s trash teams to the finals every year, Lebron consistently goes to the finals every season. These reasons are only a few of why Lebron is the greatest player not only in our generation but of all time.

    • Scottie Pippen says:

      At least show Lebron respect as the 2nd greatest player ever. L

    • deadly steele says:

      Let dat Jordan shit go LeBron don’t even play in a physical era

  3. Casimir III says:

    Hold on Steven A, this is the Lakers. You can’t just make the playoffs if you want to be a Laker great. If he goes to the Lakers and doesn’t win at least one championship people will really be trying to argue that Kobe was better.

    • Dylan Lopez says:

      animegenius PROD. Young Kobe getting no minutes and injured Kobe you can’t judge someone like that LeBron played like 40 mins his first year Kobe had to prove people of what he was capable of. LeBron joined a sorry team and was already the best player on that team his first year. Also LeBron never had a serious injury.

    • Casimir III says:

      shadearca no, I meant exactly what I said. If he goes to the Lakers he has to win. This is the Lakers, only the Celtics have won more. You don’t go there and just make the playoffs if you want to be a Laker great. Plain and simple.

    • Lavar Ball says:

      shadearca it’s funny you people say shaq title yet shaq never won a championship without kobe while kobe did it TWICE not to mention he carried shaqless lakers to the finals 3 in a row take a seat

    • Digitalknifeparty says:

      You guys say that Kobe is better, but he never carried a team to the championship round without help. Lebron did it twice in 2007 and this year.

  4. frank Diaz says:

    Do not be in denial. He ain’t going no where.

  5. Young Wood says:

    he meeting the goat andre ingram in L.A

  6. Marq Aljo says:

    He’s going to Fifa, specifically to Germany, maybe Germany won’t get knocked out next world cup.

  7. Precursor Apollo says:

    If RBTheBreakThrough doesn’t report it. It’s fake news.

  8. DsLmaNiaC says:

    Max there is no case against Jordan. Lebron has lost this bet already. He is not even past Kareem or other greats of the past.

    • Joshua Co says:

      For fucks sake just go back an watch the film. Rings dont mean shit. Watch the film. You’ll see jordan ball around short silly white boys while Lebron takes on superteams. End of discussion. Jordan would have been swept by the warriors an good God he wouldn’t even make the playoff this day an age especially if you stacked him with teammates like lebron has had in the past.

    • Marcus Ribbon says:

      DsLmaNiaC Jordan ain’t even really past Kareem. He might be equal but nobody is greater than Kareem. Jordan just started winning when the NBA got big TV deals due to the popularity of the league during the 80’s.

    • Nick Garcia says:

      shadearca isn’t that a bit skewed tho with shaq getting hacked all the time. It messed the flow of the game up and guaranteed at least 1 point whenever he got close to the rim..

    • Neptoon says:

      I completely disagree, Lebron has not had the luxury of having good teams or coaches or even help that other greats have had, if Lebron actually had a decent team then he would have way more rings and he would be the goat no questions

  9. Gemini The Great says:

    Max tryna act like the GOAT conversation isnt dead lmao, 6-0>3-6

  10. AlphaReacts says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Water is wet

  11. davetechme says:


  12. RAW FAME says:

    Legone! 🏃

  13. Lebroom james says:

    Cavs going to score 30 points when LeBron gone

  14. ✌(ʘ‿ʘ)✌ 6iX says:

    Gelo would like to opt into that contract…

  15. ASHRAF AHMED says:

    Wherever this man goes, I wish him the best ! We are witnessing greatness appreciate him while he’s still in the NBA… #1OfAKind

  16. AH Sniper says:

    LBJ still owes the Heat 6 championships

  17. Make Humanity Great Again says:

    *Kyrie can now go back to the Cavs*

  18. DRILLSQUAD_GOD says:

    Looks like the cavs will need a new starting 5, coach, GM and owner to replace Lebron


    Pelicans want you LeBron

  20. Bruce Wayne says:

    Unrealistic prediction/out there prediction: LeBron will go to play for Denver with another NBA superstar.

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