LeBron James Shuts Down TRASH TALKER at The Drew League!! Drops 42 Points & 16 Rebounds

LeBron James Shuts Down TRASH TALKER at The Drew League!! Drops 42 Points & 16 Rebounds

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LeBron James pulled up to the Drew League and destroyed everyone. He dropped 42Pts & 16 Reb
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44 Responses

  1. Ballislife says:

    Get a 4-week trial, FREE postage and a digital scale at https://www.stamps.com/ballislife Thanks to Stamps.com for sponsoring the video!

    • Tristan Lesko says:

      Lebron James team won.

    • K- No says:

      Who won

    • Allan Fromcandler says:

      Jordan could neva

    • Tristan Lesko says:

      Looks like Lebron James team had a good season, this summer, and they got good players this time, impressive, and Lebron James team won there first game, that’s good, they should keep doing that more, dearing the rest of the season. Good Job, keep it up, this time, don’t let us down like you did before, that’s not good, keep it up, this time.

  2. ReallyTheGoat says:

    Mad respect to bron for not blocking every single layup and letting the other team have some kind of fun

  3. Callum Dean says:

    37 year old lebron pulling up to the drew is an all time moment

    • Jaquan Reed says:

      The fact he a billionaire still hooping is crazy

    • Fraser says:

      You know where he doesn’t dominate…the NBA…he had to play to try and change the news that got out that he is anti-american,,fact!

    • Damon Jones says:

      @LeTimothy Kelly right ! Bron not playing no 10 more years at an NBA level. Look at how much he’s lost his “Ironman” durability just in the last 5. Not to mention i don’t believe he’s the type to hang on as a role player just to keep playing

    • MadHEX 5555 says:

      it’d be really interesting if mj took it personally…
      …that lebron has more drew league wins;
      …then shows up to play.

    • LeTimothy Kelly says:

      @Cedric Hollingsworth how do I sound crazy for saying someone can’t go on for 10 years?

  4. Javian Johnson says:

    LeBron really went off at the Drew today. Look at that crowd turnout though, looks like a big time high school game! (which is a good thing btw!) Summertime hoops have been pretty solid so far

  5. Visionxx says:

    This man just love basketball. To be doing this in the off season shows his dedication to the game. Respect to King James & Demar. This was cool as hell!

    • Marlon Ndoro says:

      Almost every single American player plays in open runs and/or proams. The only notable player you won’t see do this is Kawhi. It’s not that crazy to see

    • PingPing says:

      He normally plays till june. Last time he was playing in the drew league was during the lockdown season. And now that je didnt make the playoffs. He just loves to hoop

  6. ѕᴘяʏ says:

    literally nothing by to gain by playing here, yet he single handedly made this one game the greatest day of every one of those dudes’ lives. they’ll talk about it to their grandkids.

    • Brian Kearney says:

      @Fraser your comment is revolutionary! Congrats, you changed the world 🫡

    • Marlon Ndoro says:

      You’re talking about those guys like their make a wish kids🤣 All those guys are legitimate pros

    • gnhard87 says:

      That’s something I was thinking ..must have been a major moment even preparing to play in the same game as him and derozan

  7. AH25 says:

    We need more NBA players to do this kinda stuff . It’s cool ash

  8. IsmokeHiphop Live says:

    Skip: with 5 seconds left lebron misses a free throw at the line to ice the game.

  9. Gavin B says:

    This man packs an indoor gym like Dr. J back in the day at the rucker. Love or hate him, this man is legendary.

    • TONEakaSHOW says:

      @Marlon Ndoro
      Facts I love Bron but Yea Doc at the Rucker was bananas, mfers was hang on the fences just to get a better view. Side note, kobe also shut the Rucker down, it was after his 2nd ring I believe.

    • JosiahFGC says:

      @CLASH AND PLAY the meatriding is insane rn

    • Marlon Ndoro says:

      Relax, Dr J had people sitting on apartment roofs and train track bridges, just to able to watch a basketball game. Dr J’s impact in the projects is second to none

    • Calapse Sathir says:

      Hold up, Rucker park is an outside park

    • Mousalini says:

      The Drew packs it out regardless. Watch the doc on the Drew league

  10. Michigan _Made says:

    He really playing in the drew league at the stage in his career is an attest to his greatness!

    • Just13Mel says:

      @Trainer Rob name the players on the other team that’s making 6 figures playing basketball if that’s true

    • KAY INDLU XL says:

      @Nunya Bizwacks who you think made the free league, why you think ppl show up! Do you hear the announcers! Bruh it’s AA culture all through n through. N who are da best ballers in the planet?
      Who brought the style to bball! Wat style is that, what culture is that style from?
      It’s more than the game!

      Aba to nba should’ve told you that!

      Thas like saying the Rucker ain’t culture, it’s ball culture.

      It’s apart of aa culture Thas popularized like we make everything else hype n sensationalized!

    • Joseph says:

      This is the first time Lebron has played in the free league since 2011 not like he there every year

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