LeBron talks MJ, Kyrie Irving’s apology, Zion Williamson and more | NBA All-Star 2019

LeBron talks MJ, Kyrie Irving’s apology, Zion Williamson and more | NBA All-Star 2019

LeBron James fields questions at NBA All-Star Media Day about approaching Michael Jordan’s scoring record, Zion Williamson comparisons, Dwyane Wade’s last NBA All-Star Game and supporting Colin Kaepernick.


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113 Responses

  1. Tarantula Guy says:


  2. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    the media say LeBron is tampering with Zion

  3. Corpy Hogan says:

    He legit said he looked to MJ and people are still trying to create false narratives Lmao I hate the social media era of the nba

    • Richard Brown says:

      Didnt he said he wuz the greatest of all times, so whats humble about that, he is trying to act smart, and trying to disrespect mj, he knows that mj is the greatest and still trying take that spot

    • DJ Maxamillion says:

      Hayden Dumalag Bill Russell has both & twice as many Championships, so pay homage.

    • madara uchiha says:

      +Arthas Menethil boy are you dumb mj never did shit making the playoff or not without pippen and rodman and even if he doesn’t make the playoff boho the man misses a playoffs with a semi trash Lakers team its time for the man to get some rest and come at next year get outta here with hatting him bullshit hes done more then you and your whole family tree has ever done

    • Arthas Menethil says:

      madara uchiha Michael Jordan in the Bulls years always made the playoffs Lebron his first two years didn’t.The great Larry Bird who is a close comparison to Lebron rather than Jordan, took the Celtics from 20 something wins, to over 55 wins in his rookie season. And Magic took his team over the hump and won the finals in his rookie year. Those two are on or above Lebrons level and MJ is above all three. It is a very flawed argument that Jordan by himself could defeat two of the greatest teams ever in the Bird lead Celtics, and the bad boy pistons. Lebron could never beat the Celtics big 3 till he created a super team. You’re arguments are worse than you’re grammar, no offense you just sound like a very dumb emotional person.

    • DJ Maxamillion says:

      MJ was prepped for the NBA via College Basketball & Hall of Fame Coach Dean Smith.
      LeBron came to the NBA straight from High School.

      MJ lost in the 1st Rd in ’84, ’85, & ’86.

      MJ lost in the Semi-Finals in ’87 & ’94.

      MJ lost in the Conference Finals in ’88 & ’89

      MJ missed the playoffs in 2001 & 2002.

      MJ never Won a Championship without Scottie Pippin or Super Coach Phil Jackson.

  4. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    the media take LeBron words to Kyrie as weakness

  5. Bald head Vert says:

    damn lebron being extra nice lmao Edit: some of y’all don’t realize I said this because at the end he told the interviewers “I love you guys, y’all are my friends” lol..

  6. Nehemiah Howard says:

    We need an all star legends game. Imagine mj, kobe, garnett, etc all coming back to play

  7. XD Lag says:

    Wave check

  8. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Tbh it’s not LeBron that makes the environment toxic it’s the media that does that LeBron just speaks the truth and the media changes his words around

    • DJ Maxamillion says:

      Brandon Lynn The media controls the weak minds of creatures like you.

      They prey on your weak emotions, your deep seated feelings of inadequacy and your innate fragility.

      The media took a word “toxic” and turned it into a buzz-word and inserted it into your brain and now you regurgitate it like a deranged little puppet.

      Sick freaks like you are the reason why Lebron is the highest paid athlete in the NBA and on his way to a Billion dollars. All the energy that you expend on Lebron keeps his name buzzing, keeps his star shining and keeps him in the spotlight.

      The Hatemongers watch the games to see him lose and it just adds to the ratings, the hatemongers click on his videos to vent their resentments and it just adds to the Ad revenue.

      You’re a prostitute who works for free.

    • Jm Esg says:

      True that the media creates the toxic

    • Nik3 says:

      +Anirudh Mukund
      Winning championships doesn’t excuse anything that happened.

    • Preston Marks says:

      +Brandon Lynn Cleveland couldn’t win any championships in any sports from 1964-2016. In 2016, Lebron ended a 52 year drought with a chip. He also won Miami 2 chips. And he’s a toxicity? Are you crazy?

    • Preston Marks says:

      +N B No they do not discuss him as if he is 3-0 in the finals. Wtf are you talking about? What they do discuss is that he is one of the best single players on the planet. Which is true. People just misinterpret this and then hate him for it. They do not down play his 6 losses

  9. Jason Gastrich says:

    LeBron is one of the greats

  10. jaylen gittens says:

    This mans know how to answer all the questions the right way like gawh damn, he was not slipping up? Ya know the media quick to say anything?

  11. Martin Hartmann says:

    Im already mad about how the media gonna turn around most of his words and make it seem like he’s hating on this guys..?

    • Jhun Mark Peduca says:

      But still,mj for me is the greatest player of all time thats all.

    • James Hall says:

      Jhun Mark Peduca everyone will have different opinions I like this debate because people are passionate and what they believe in and will draw in more viewer which will expand the NBA even more. To me LBJ it the GOAT and believe no matter what anyone thinks someone will emerge who is better and leave the legends in the past.

  12. Tim Sweeney says:

    I understand maybe critiquing this man on the court or not liking his greatness or whatever. But this man is down to earth and it’s impossible to hate him a person. From a Celtics fan, got nothing but respect for Lebron. Damn good player and person.

    • Wobba Fett says:

      +DJ Maxamillion hatred is for brainless sheep like u who obviously gush for lebron, dislike is the term asshat idc if he generates shit stick to basketball arguments, steve nash never declared anything, lebron is a walking contradiction and bullcrap, get his genitals off your throat and breathe so ur brain cells if there’s any left can have much needed oxygen

    • Wobba Fett says:

      +Nicholas Begliomini SELF INDULGENT IS THE KEYWORD

    • Wobba Fett says:

      +Eddie Schmidt 2 out of 4 and he’s the ‘goat’ LOL

    • Wobba Fett says:

      +Han Cello this aint ms universe, it’s basketball, media stunt like those are for sheep who believe in his ‘goodness’ lmap

    • Wobba Fett says:

      +CJ Abalos facts, he was at our place and he declined autographs and photos for free

  13. Redbronco 18 says:

    1:06 I thought this was a VR video

  14. ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage says:

    LeBron isn’t my favorite player, nor do I think he is the greatest player of all time. But you can’t hate him as a person. LeBron isn’t the one who is toxic, it’s the media who chases him around. He does one thing and then they all start writing soo many articles and stuff and making videos and all these rumors and theories.

    • JT Knowlton says:

      +Nunya Bizwacks yeah 27 pts a game for his career regular season 28 pts a game finals and 3 rings. He’s the goat alright lmfao children these days. Try 30 pts per game regular 33 pts per game finals, 6 rings with no losses in the finals. 10 scoring titles, 5 mvps, 6 finals mvps. Getting warm yet??? MJ is still the goat! Lebron will NEVER beat ANY of these accomplishements listed here i just stated as facts not opinions. Lebron sucks at shooting freethrows. Lebron has more turnovers then anyother player in NBA history in the post season. But yet you young kids still say even with that LEBRON is still the goat. WHY???? Cause he left the Cavs to join Wade & Bosh in Miami to win 2 rings??? Because Lebron left Miami to join Kyrie & Love to win another ring??? Or because Lebron has now left the Cavs to join the lakers praying that Magic Johnson will get him a couple more all stars to play with him in LA so he can win a 4th ring??? But yet Lebron is still your goat??? Even if Jordan is ranked #1 in NBA player effenciency all time in the history of the NBA since it fucking started, and Lebron is still your goat??? Even if Jordan has 10 scoring titles and Lebron has 1 he’s still your goat??? Even if Jordan has won Defensive player of the year, MVP and Steals leader all in the same season Lebron is still your goat??? Lebron is a top 5 player all time when his career is said and done. Cant you just be happy with that??? You just got to bypass Magic, Bird, Wilt, Kobe, Russell & Kareem and go straight to MJ and say, “Lebron = Goat really???

    • ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage says:

      gotspee what are you takin about everybody who hates the existence of LeBron calls him a “LePussy” “Lesnake” there really nothing that has anything to do with them as a player.

    • gotspee says:

      +itsKarlDesigns please! Lebron is a creation of his own design! He is toxic! No one has run to play with him! He’s the one that’s ran to other players! He’s toxic! You can’t argue truth!

    • Jelly Aholic says:

      Respect that

    • DJ Maxamillion says:

      itsKarlDesigns They said they Hated MLK because he was a Communist.
      They said they Hated MLK because he was a “fraud”.
      They said they Hated MLK because he was against U.S. Troops in Vietnam.

      They Hated him so much they killed him.

      Did anybody figure out why they really Hated MLK?

  15. D Roc says:

    2:54 for Kyrie question

  16. Tobirama Senju says:

    The only question i have is do you think Guillermo is somewhere in there?

  17. Patrick says:

    2:05 lmaaooo nice save Lebron. Dude forget Reddish name ?

  18. Mistah Unknown says:

    How can people hate LeBron? I don’t get it. Appreciate greatness both on and off the court.

    • Sherwyn Clarke says:

      No one hated him , people keep mixing basketball talk with there feelings , I guarantee people hate his stans and the media the just on his nuts , Lebron is all time great player and he’s a great person , but even at times I could see him saying shit that he see on the media

    • QewBeats says:

      People hated Jesus

    • Alvin Smith says:

      But what if he doesn’t want to average 40pts per game? Lebron understands that it takes a team to win a championship. So shooting 30 times a game or 35 times will give him big numbers but it wouldn’t equate into championships

    • #Dubnation says:

      Despite being a warriors fan, I’m a fan of LeBron as well. But come on dude it’s easy to see why dudes don’t like him. He creates a lot of tension and isn’t loyal, and also has almost stopped trying defense.

    • DJ Maxamillion says:

      You don’t know History. Who are the most Hated people in American society?

      I get it.

      Hatred has always been their main form of expression towards other cultures, especially AA’s.

      You should have seen the way they Hated Hank Aaron & Bill Russell.

      Hopefully they’ll contain their hatred to the internet & not go vandalize this mans Mural & home again with racial slurs.

  19. Austin Davidson says:

    So much respect. He is truly a humble guy. He has such a passion for more than the game of basketball. He does so much for others and it’s truly inspiring.

    • JosephandBrandi Sanchez says:

      Preston Marks but you will name stats and health so i say none of these guys are or ever been accused as steriod users and lebron was caught 3 years ago he lost 20 pounds and his hair line and any of these guys i named i will have them take last shot over lechoke anyday of the weak year or 80s 90s 2000s 2010s cuz heart

    • Jonathan hicks-pepin says:

      Or he has a really good p.r team , but personally im quite doubtfull of that

    • Jay Gause says:

      Not Even Close

    • Kurtis Anglez says:

      Frontlyne TV but it took first round exits and a man name Scottie and the league to get rid of the bad boys

    • Kurtis Anglez says:

      Daniel Ramirez he done enough for 48 mins every game and gets his teammates open so what else can he do???

  20. ADOALOACH says:

    The reporter didn’t even touch the record button 0:10???

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