LeBron was ‘stunned’ by Magic Johnson’s resignation – Brian Windhorst | Get Up!

LeBron was ‘stunned’ by Magic Johnson’s resignation – Brian Windhorst | Get Up!

Brian Windhorst says LeBron James was not aware of Magic Johnson’s plans to resign as president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers and was stunned by the news.

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88 Responses

  1. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    LeBron “yo what are we going to do”
    Magic “don’t worry guys I have a plan”
    Magic has left the server

  2. BIG SYME says:

    Wow Magic Johnson threw the towel in! This is very bad for the Lakers organization. They should go in full rebuild mode.

  3. 1000 subscribers with No videos challenge says:

    Everyone saying hiv jokes. But if he passed away from it they gone say “rip magic.”

  4. Sucker Punch says:

    If their smart they will do everything to bring Jerry West back.

  5. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Lol lavar ball said magic Johnson was just like a figure head with no power

    • swoop G says:

      magic was just basically getting a free check, he wasn’t involved and on the scene like that

    • Johnny Anderson says:

      Cletus Spuckler lol

    • Pert Burton says:

      A Prophet?– He also let his best friend steal 1.5 million from Lonzo+???? ¿¿¿¿

    • Eric Williamson says:

      MAGIC. my ass got injected coach pat riley. Adolf Rupp a racist. Magic played for a racist. Magic. Keep screwing Isaiah Thomas. Did any of the. Niggas own a team a pile of shit

    • Dolla does it says:

      +Cletus Spuckler Yeah, he also said he can beat MJ one on one. And that the offense should run through Lonzo…. yeah no.

  6. Pound-For-Pound says:

    If they’re intent is to clear house with the coaching staff, mind as well start finding trade destinations for lebron too, because theyre definitely not getting anyone now that their meal ticket is gone

    • Emmanuel Moses says:

      +Thasupremeone Rag Okay..But he won a championship in 2016 though..Your response to that?

    • Thasupremeone Rag says:

      +Emmanuel Moses I’m not disputing he is a great player..but he is not worth the drama that comes with him.

    • alexander cienfuegos says:

      +Thasupremeone Rag , lebron James ( drama king ) , and Lakers team ( drama team) is the worst combination you can have. Lebron with 35 years is not attracting anybody , he is still a great offensive player , but no defense anymore. He is in LA . because he wants to make more money, some Laker’s fans talk like the Lakers are the only franchise in the NBA. all of that has changed. A lot of franchises in the NBA and players want to go where feel comfortable and make money at the same time.

    • Eduardo Rivera says:


    • Brando Williams says:

      +Nic I agree, and talk about changing the atmosphere! The Lakers have a win or lose situation the pressure is now higher than ever and this offseason of training for kuzma bron ingram and ball will be very telling

  7. Gregory Robinson says:

    Sad to ? hear. I agree with the commentator with the pink shirt. It’s mgmt issues.

  8. This bitch loud in every movie says:

    I would smash Jeanie is that weird?

  9. Stevie Wonder says:

    I guess I am the only one who seen this coming

  10. j0epark1 says:

    It’d be funny if they brought on the Mamba to run the Lakers lol

    • B H-0 says:

      +Henry C kobe is relentless at everything he does. I mean just look at some of the things he has done since retirement, he’s doing things I am sure people never thought he could do. I think Kobe could figure it out, he’s incredibly intelligent and he would not just fucking quit like this

    • Bobby Scarfo says:

      I hate the Lakers for personal reasons dating way back to the late 70s early 80s…. but…. Magic put the Lakers back on the map…. remember that. Kobe is a wannabe MJ, always has been, even self admittingly so…. and Lebron….. lol…. drama queen, always seems to know where the cameras are during the games. Bottom line, bounce Lebron, he’s a cancer at this point in his career. It’s obvious his skills are declining rapidly, and rightfully so, he’s been in the league forever playing at a high level. But…. those days are over Laker fans…..face reality. He’s not 25, he’s mid 30s with lotsa mileage. Shame players like Lebron and Kobe (did) don’t just go out and play the game without worrying about all the accolades. Kareem, West, Elgin Baylor, Worthy, Wilt, Magic, and so on, just played the game because they loved it and wanted to win…. you think they gave a flying fuck about scoring titles, MVP awards, what camera was on them? Lol……NBA basketball is a joke anymore….. no loyalty to a team…. everyone wants to shoot 3s….. then act like fools when they actually do something they’re getting paid millions to do anyway. Point is….. Magic…. do your thing bruh…. you don’t owe anyone anything…. you paid your dues and put that franchise back on the map almost 40 years ago. These young bucks today only care about themselves…… you should definitely do the same.

    • red red says:

      Mamber can’t do sh__

    • ø 1227 ø says:

      +Sean Rushing shit was never proven

    • Tasmanian Devil says:

      cheif dollaz he can’t with you hogging it

  11. Baller_Eli says:

    Let’s not lie he was a terrible president anyway, RIP ZUBAC!

  12. onidtubes says:

    Kobe to Magic. “ I would leave now before it gets even worse “

  13. its polo says:

    it wasn’t about the free agent there is more to this story then people tell us

  14. braiden45 says:

    EVERYONE deserves blame for this debacle of a year! Enough blood on everyone’s hand, top to bottom…

  15. F R says:

    We can safely conclude that

  16. haytnas says:

    Perfect. Now Lavar can take over and finally bring in Gelo and Melo.

  17. bigbraz says:

    These same people COMMENDED the Lakers when they hired ALL THESE individuals. Come on ya’ll, at least be consistent.

  18. Kobi ! says:

    Jeanie Buss could get it. Where can i apply to be her poolboy?

    • Nikke Tmzee says:

      Too bad Luke Walton is already hitting that.

    • alonzo randolph says:

      What is wrong with people today people talking basketball and you got girl boys talking about she can get it the comments you can tell a real loser just by there words

    • Kobi ! says:

      +alonzo randolph
      You dont know the difference between ‘there’ & ‘their’ dumbass the only loser here is you. You can tell an uneducated retard by their words.

    • Karik khnum the son of darkness says:

      Maybe you should get something to drink

    • Baller_Eli says:

      +FJO 9 she like 60 bruh her punanny prolly shrivelled and diseased

  19. MrStensnask says:

    Windhorst has got those Trump-hand gestures going for him

  20. Ocee Bee says:

    Windhorst dropping mic’s left and right lol. Maybe the other ESPNers will finally listen to dude.

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