LeBron would never let Patrick Beverley affect him like Kevin Durant has – Stephen A. | First Take

LeBron would never let Patrick Beverley affect him like Kevin Durant has – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman weigh in on the LA Clippers historic 31-point comeback vs. the Golden State Warriors in Game 2 of the 2019 Western Conference playoffs. Stephen A. says Kevin Durant is partly to blame for not taking advantage of his matchup with Patrick Beverley, who appears “stronger” than KD in the series. Stephen A. also adds how LeBron James would never allow Beverley to guard him the way he has with Durant.

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50 Responses

  1. Peter Smith says:

    This game means something. I mean 31 points/3-1

  2. chosenjuan025 says:

    Beverley got KD shook

    • Asmosis Jones says:

      warriors fans: kd aint bothered by pat bev steph owns la kerr is goat coach green is mvp klay is chill and clutch boogie gonan be dancing all series long….this is bad…quin cook and looney had 30 points combined and they still lost lol…insanity..how much help do they need?…they gonna get exposed vs the rockets..20 point blowouts the way they ar eplaying..steoh gonna have to be special for them to even compete with the rockets…

  3. FvckWitDreDay says:

    LeBron got dropped off by Jason Terry.

  4. Paolo Almeida says:

    Warriors kryptonite = numbers 3 and 1

  5. r villa says:

    Idk its sad that Patrick Beverley getting praised for defense like it should be played by these NBA guys.

    Let’s keep it real, these guys don’t play full defense except for a couple people.

  6. Gabriel Morgan-Munro says:

    ‘Hall of Fame pest’? we need this badge in 2k

    • T. Ross inc says:

      Yeah I would like that badge. It’ll actually give you a challenge from other good defensive players in the NBA

  7. Hugh Howitt says:

    If lou wills starts he could drop 60 every night, the guys a stone cold shooter! What a player.

  8. Wellington Fonseca says:

    amazing how you guys find a way to always talk about LeBron! OMG

  9. Yannick Kimenyi says:

    Give Patrick Beverly credit, he’s playing incredible D on KD! NO KAP’

    • dread gaming says:


    • Jake Graham says:

      He plays great on everyone

    • DannyLlerenaTV says:

      +All Theabove and thats where I want to someone take down the notion that the warriors would clobber any 90s contention team because the type of defense you see Pat Beverly play is the same way guys in the 90s and 2000s used to defend. If Durant gets shook by guys like Tony Allen or Patrick Beverly, imagine him going up against guys like MJ, Gary Payton and a young Ron Artest who used to defend in a very similar manner(MJ would be put on KD. He wasn’t super tall, but he was freakishly long and strong with hands the exact same size as Kawhi’s and he would shit talk and rough you up the entire game, as would guys like Artest and Payton). The warriors could still win chips in the 2000s and 90s because of how talented they are, but they would’ve had to toughen up and it wouldn’t have been as easy because if they cant handle some slight shoving and pushing, then imagine getting it to a much worse degree which is what teams in the 90s and 2000s(even after 2004 when hand checking was outlawed) used to do come playoff time. People can say what they want about LeBron, but until recently teams used to rough the crap out of the guy in the playoffs and while he would whine and complain, he still got it done and it wouldn’t shake him(ironically, he struggles against finesse such as with the 2011 mavericks and the spurs, but not physicality).

    • Jon155 says:

      +DannyLlerenaTV Facts I’ve been saying this for years now

  10. Eddy Dede says:

    You’re 2018-19 NBA CHAMPIONS GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS I’m not going to be fall for it this time ESPN

  11. Diyari Adeem says:

    michael franzese told KD it’s about the spread let em win one game….

  12. Moboluwarin Ayeye says:

    well he allowed jj barrea get on him in 2011 , it happens

  13. Reo Taylor says:

    They wrong for that thumbnail. These dudes cuddling.?

  14. Ramiro Ramirez says:

    This goes to show that the 73 win Warrior team don’t compare to the 72-10 Bulls and that era

  15. Brudi Tranquil says:

    So nobody is gonna talk about Steve Kerr being out coach.. okay ?? am pretty sure if he featured Durant in the offense it’ll be a different story, they treating KD like he’s the 10th man off the bench . Toxic media , GROW UP!

  16. streetzdiciple33 says:

    So did we forget about Lance Stephenson getting into Lebron’s head???

  17. Kyle Edwards says:

    He would have to make the playoffs to face Patrick Beverley

  18. Kegan Hall says:

    “First Team All Defense” -Pat Bev

  19. Rico Thatway says:


  20. SquirrelyBlake says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me with the amount of Stephen A. Smith videos on YouTube Trending recently. STOP!

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