LeBron’s loyalty to Cleveland is the reason he is the G.O.A.T – Chiney Ogwumike | First Take

LeBron’s loyalty to Cleveland is the reason he is the G.O.A.T – Chiney Ogwumike | First Take

Chiney Ogwumike, Jay Williams and Ryan Hollins discuss LeBron James’ claim that he is the greatest basketball player off all-time after winning the 2016 NBA Finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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83 Responses

  1. Donnell Adams says:

    The greatest is was and will ALWAYS be MICHAEL JORDAN

  2. UltraWideGameplayVideos says:

    so LBJ brings 1 trophy to Cleveland and suddenly he is GOAT. Hmm… some people really are stupid. Seems like all you gotta do these days to be the GOAT is to lose 6 times in finals and only win something like 3.. OK


      People are forgetting Kyrie averaged 27 ppg in the 2016 NBA finals ……

    • MaCeo Millions says:

      CodyS777 I’m a LeBron fan you fucking moron. Everyone is a fan of someone at the end of the day… Take yo hating ass back into the hole that you crawled out of lame ass dude

    • MaCeo Millions says:

      raiders10003 I’m hoping that happens man but I guess only time will tell… Lakers have a lot of depth so I wouldn’t be surprised

    • MaCeo Millions says:

      HEY ARNOLD GOT A FOOTBALL HEAD Jordan had Pippen who was straight balling & Roman averaging like 15 rebounds a game lol

    • PugLife 101 says:

      MaCeo Millions Bruh that doesn’t matter even though I agree Kobe isn’t the goat.

  3. SDBROOKS08 says:

    Lebron doesn’t even have the Jordan kobe mindset.

    • Jereme Jones says:

      SDBROOKS08 but we still had another game to go after that which lebron closed it … Ray Allen was nowhere to be found the man averaged 13 a game on the season and less for the playoffs ALSO you act like Ray Allen’s shot automatically made us win game 7 in San Antonio

    • Corey Trepagnier says:

      Laxatives Dre last time I check lebron has the most misses nba finals history

    • Jereme Jones says:

      Corey Trepagnier he doesn’t lol he is on pace but he doesn’t have the most misses bro stop it

    • Corey Trepagnier says:

      Jereme Jones he has the most miss stop dickriding I’m speaking facts

    • lil world says:

      Lebron has the mindset of Lebron ?

  4. Dhenvhil Camaddu says:

    Jj barrea…jason terry…jason kidd…2011 never forget hahaha

    • raiders10003 says:

      +blue cactus dirk, marion, chandler, and kidd were all better than terry. the mavs were an elite defensive and rebounding team with a top 3 coach. that team was better than all of jordan’s finals opponents. that same mavs also dominated against a stacked lakers and thunder team in the playoffs

    • raiders10003 says:

      +Dhenvhil Camaddu if lebron was saved by ray allen then jordan was saved by pippen. after all, jordan couldn’t even get past the first round w/o pippen

    • blue cactus says:

      +Dhenvhil Camaddu that ray allen argument is not right cuz allen wouldn’t be in a position to make a tying 3 if lebron wasn’t playing.
      Against warriors, Kyrie attacked the mismatch (curry) that’s a good play for cleveland i don’t blame lebron there.
      I agree lebron doesn’t have the same jordan mentality. He improved in clutch situations later in his career, while jordan trusted his teammates when phil came later in his career too

    • Juan Diego Paguia says:

      raiders10003 excuses excuses

    • blue cactus says:

      +raiders10003 rick carlisle a top 3 coach is questionable. If u say that dallas team was so dominant, why did they break it up?

  5. The real Traveoli says:

    Loyalty, he left twice. That’s 1 more than my dad…

  6. Keith Testaverde says:

    MJ averaged a triple double at PG. Don’t tell me he can’t make his teammates better. He was a better scorer and a better defender. The game was more physical, and you could actually play defense. Lebron certainly has the body for it, but so did everyone else. Idk why people accuse the players of being less athletic. The 80’s and 90’s had the greatest and most physical big men ever to play the game and MJ still dominated every game

    • Laxatives Dre says:

      Keith Testaverde MJ couldn’t get out of the first round alone. Lebron went to the finals with scrubs.

    • Keith Testaverde says:

      +Laxatives Dre I wouldn’t call Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love scrubs. He also played with Dwayne Wade (top 15 player ever) and Chris Bosh. Also the east has been weak his whole career after the celtics were done. He also lost to Dirk, who beat Lebron, Wade and Bosh by himself. Lebron has had more help then Jordan over his career

    • Drink Me says:

      +Laxatives Dre reeeeeeeeeetard alert

    • DOOBOI gamer says:

      +Laxatives Dre people that say what u just said dont known shit about basketball

  7. Rick Duong says:

    ESPN has really falling on hard times. These is a perfect example of why their content is trash.

  8. Musana Benjamin says:

    in my african town people dont even know lebron but they still think jordan is still in the NBA and he can jump over a building

  9. DA 07 says:

    This is why girls shouldn’t talk sports ???

  10. B J says:

    Not watching this video. Just came here to say, loyalty?! He left Cleveland because he couldn’t beat Boston, came back and then left when he couldn’t beat the Warriors. Miss me with that. Not saying he should have stayed but he damn sure ain’t loyal.

  11. brownieman dacutter says:

    Ryan Hollins is ?,ironically he looks like a life size bottle of Pepto Bismol.

  12. Hasram Shivcharan says:

    Who cares if LeBron gave Cleveland their first and only championship? Jordan got the Bulls their first 6 and he did it with a style we won’t see again, carrying most of the load, with a lone Robin by his side, with supporting pieces, LeBron can’t even win a championship without having 2 all stars ( Wade and Bosh, Irving and Love ) by his side, so before everyone says ” LeBron is better ” remember LeBron needed major help to win championships, Jordan needed help to win championships.

    P.S Loyal? meh, he came back and won a championship out of 4 years, meh, i’ve seen the loyalist guys and LeBron wouldn’t make my list, Kobe was the most loyal player of all time, stayed with the Lakers through the good times and through the hard, struggling days of not making the playoffs, LeBron can’t even take a losing streak without players being traded and management changes to appease LeBron.

    • raiders10003 says:

      +Hasram Shivcharan kobe had odom, pau, bynum, and phil jackson as his coach. prime kobe didn’t even make it to the playoffs in 05. he was never the best player in any season

    • meex Amillion says:

      Telling you lebron got female tendencies…a women will leave you if the relationship ain’t poppin…if you ain’t spending coin on her spoiling her taking her places, like lebron needing to be in the finals every year. If not he gone.

    • SuperCushcush says:

      +Lin EzziTV Here we go with the if was a fifth fairy tales. M.J. team after he left for his first retirement were still a reflection of his greatness, the championship team was intact, they played the same system. Every Lebron team was a puzzle of pieces, free agents and hand picked players to support Lebron and Lebron only, and yet in still was not as successful as M.J. Chicago built their success around the all time greatest player ever, that’s why they were successful with and without him. His seed is greater, his legacy was better, he grew his teammates better and he built more confidence in his team to play like champions with or without him. That’s why

    • Jesus Delgado says:

      Hasram Shivcharan against who though? Kobe got swept by the mavs. Which was the worst team lbj has ever faced. So what do you mean with less? Lbj led in every stat vs a 73-9 team. With less than kobe and mj

    • SuperCushcush says:

      +Jesus Delgado Kyrie was a alpha dog- avg 20 plus, rookie of the year and All Star MVP, Kevin Love was a perennial a All Star 20-10. In that series Kyrie went bizerk on G.S. Plus hit the game winning shot. I think G.S lost 5 playoff games before the finals series as well. 73-9 REGULAR SEASON is a great accomplishment but G.S came back down to earth in the playoffs. OKC almost knocked them off.

  13. Jay C says:

    They dicc riding LeBron soft asf he couldnt last in 90s

  14. Luke McGonagle says:

    Ryan Hollins knows nothing. Stockton and Malone would beat Lebron. Everyone acts like Jordan has no competition. The Jazz were rly good

    • Johnny Coop says:

      Drink Me tough @ what? Tripping people? I can tell you idiots never played organized sports at any level. A 6’0 170 dude tripping people I considered tough now. So dumb

    • Jason Marshall says:

      +Johnny Coop iverson was barely 6’0 165 pounds and he is one of the greatest and influential players ever. You’re claim that Stockton wasn’t good because of his size is just ridiculous.

    • Kevin D says:

      +Johnny Coop height has nothing to do with toughness dude, Allen Iverson and Gary Payton weren’t that tall but they were two of the toughest guys in the league, Patrick beverly and Rajon rondo ain’t that tall but go talk shit to them i bet they smack the taste out of your mouth

    • Alomale Fabowale Male élève says:

      +Kevin D 6’4 PG not that tall.. ok

    • Francisco Pizarro says:

      Johnny Coop he said he was tough not that he’s was big. Stockton and Malone swept Kobe and Shaq in the confence finals LMFAO

  15. Quentin Coberley says:

    A utah jazz team that beat the kobe and shaq Lakers? Stfu the bias is obvious. If they did their research or knew anything about basketball then mj is leagues above lebron.

    • meex Amillion says:

      Right…Hollins and dude dumb….ostertag…he forgot to mention malone kickn shaq’s behind..malone was the master of the pick n roll.lebron really dont play d.

    • TheUndefeatedOfTheEast says:

      Didn’t that same jazz team sweep the spurs? If not I know they beat them one of those years if not both.

    • TheUndefeatedOfTheEast says:

      MaCeo Millions yeah but Malone and Stockton were both like 34 maybe 35

    • Francisco Pizarro says:

      Skids McGeee he shoots 73% from the line ?

    • Quentin Coberley says:

      +Duckrockerz4life but shaq was also in his prime. His orlando days and right after he got sent to the lakers he was a physical specimen so id argue it evens out. A young Kobe was still a special talent. I also think shaq was more dominant in the late 90s then early 2000s. He started becoming more and more out of shape,but kobe started becoming more of an elite player so it balances out imo. Even so the only times mj lost were when he was by himself and to legendary teams. As soon as he got pippen and pippen developed he never lost again until he came back from retirement and only played 30 games and lost to the shaq and penny magic. But other than that with talent around him he got it done. Lebron on the other hand lost to the mavs, older spurs, and of course the warriors (who are obviously extremely talented, but look at their struggles now). But in those series lebron was getting outplayed most times. He put big stats.(except for 2011) but guys like Dirk, kawhi, and even KD to a certain extent were the BEST players on the court. Thats undeniable.

  16. skip1837 says:

    Loyalty??? ..didnt he leave TWICE ..tf.. oh Hollins Larry Legend has more talent in his wrist than you have in your whole body ..put some respect on Larry’s name ..

  17. Thot Police says:

    God I wish we can have LeBron against MJ in the finals just so y’all can see the difference in level. LeBron can go to 2011 Miami team if he wants to he still won’t be able to beat MJ in a 7 game series.

    • Green Reaper says:

      +raiders10003 You need to be consistent. You say basketball is a team game, but then get on Jordan because he couldn’t get past the 1st round when he was the only option. Fact is when he got help of another All Star level player he never lost in The Finals. LeBron forms a super team in ’11 with two perennial All Stars and gets beat by a team of past of their prime players. C’mon man it’s no debate.

    • raiders10003 says:

      +Thot Police lebron has 1 losing season. duncan has 1 losing season. yet jordan has 5 losing seasons and couldn’t get past the 1st round w/o pippen (1-9). he also never made it to the finals w/o a top 5 all time coach.

      lebron took an average team to the finals in 07 and consistently gets past the 1st round

    • Jayy Vee says:

      +Thot Police yeah we all know that about Dallas i was just asking about the warriors and MJ thou bringing Dallas don’t change the fact MJ wouldn’t be enough to beat them.

    • raiders10003 says:

      +Green Reaper i was refuting the argument that jordan is a better player because of his finals record. that’s just another team accomplishment. lebron faced better teams and had less talent. dirk, chandler, marion were all in their primes and had a top 3 coach.

      i have jordan ranked higher than lebron all time but lebron is the better player. he’s a better passer, rebounder, ball handler, more versatile, rim protector, smarter, etc. jordan’s a better scorer, off ball player, and gets more steals.

    • Juan Diego Paguia says:

      raiders10003 why do people keep using 1-9 argument it’s so stupid so Jordan sucks because he lost with trash teammates but lebron is the goat when he loses with trash teammates everyone be giving lebron participation trophies

  18. skip1837 says:

    This guy Hollins is a clown .. when MJ played point guard he went about 10 straight games with a triple double .. Jordan would be averaging 40 plus ..his career average is 30 .. tf are these fools talking bout .. where the hell is Stephen A. and Max

  19. Shawn Orjiakor says:

    Loyalty for Cleveland?? He left their twice for cities like Miami and LA. He made a bigger legacy in those cities than Cleveland. The media is always overrating LeBron so much it’s ridiculous. LeBron would had won 3 to 6 rings for the Cavs then yes, this argument would be acceptable and agreeable. But, he didn’t. He quit the team to be apart of a superteam that didn’t do a 3 peat in Miami. Man, y’all piss me off.

    • KingMeech Music says:

      Are you crazy? Miami and LA are champion cities. His legacy in Cleveland will never be outshined by MIA or LA. he played in CLe for 11 years. 11. he made CLE and Championship city. Loyalty to our city Cleveland, not the team. He never wanted to play nor come back. He told us at the parade, he came back for the city. he hated the owner and organization prior to Miami and when he came back. He built that team in Miami. he talked to Dwade. he called Bosh. he got ray allen. He didnt join that team, he built it.

    • Shawn Orjiakor says:

      How can you celebrate a guy that left your home team twice? As much LeBron give opportunities and support for Cleveland, it is still foul. Jordan made the Chicago Bulls from an unknown team into a championship dynasty team. Why can’t LeBron do the same?

    • Isaiah says:

      blue cactus he leaves every time he gets the opportunity to win more.

    • MrSpliffstarz says:

      Not everyone is lucky to be drafted by the Lakers, Bulls, Spurs,etc. It’s not LeBron fault he’s had incompetent front office.

    • Isaiah says:

      MrSpliffstarz do you not remember the segment LeGm, when they called Lebron the General Manager and he built his team with what he wanted and then last year they had to blow the whole thing up because what he wanted didn’t work out.

  20. JustLouIt says:

    Kobe, Dirk, Duncan, Ginobili <------- That's what loyalty looks like

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