Lechonk, Koraidon, Miraidon, Pawmi, Smoliv & More Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Details

Lechonk, Koraidon, Miraidon, Pawmi, Smoliv & More Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Details

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet second trailer was on June 1st, 2022 where we got new pokemon reveals and we learn more about them on the website. Here are the new pokemon, Koraidon, Miraidon, Pawmi, Lechonk, and Smoliv.

Official Playlist of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
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0:00 Intro
0:50 Open World
3:21 New Pokemon
9:49 Two Different Professors
12:55 Misc Official Images

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51 Responses

  1. Miguel Bustio Garcia says:

    Lechonk’s name actually doesn’t come from French, it comes from Spanish! In Spanish a lechón is what a baby pig is called hence the fusion of it and chonk, though I understand why people would think it comes from French and I have to admit it sounds funnier when viewed as “the chonk”

  2. Sushi says:

    There are actually pokemon in the background of the screenshot with the trainer, they’re flabebe. It’s pretty cool because it shows that pokemon will be to scale in this game, so I’m hoping we’ll have wailord, finally ascended to its true and final form

    • DignansDingleberry says:

      I don’t understand why people want wailord to be gigantic in battle. It will be funny for 1 second but then most people will never use it again because of how ridiculous it will make the battle look.

    • Lưu Thiên Ân says:

      They had to downscale it so it doesnt go out of bound when dynamaxing

    • Sketch-ee e says:

      @micah talking about wailord right? Cuz that was to scale but it was standing there doing nothing if I recall. I hope it’s able to move around in and out of water in the wild and when walking with the player, if that is a mechanic!

    • Derek G. says:

      @micah I think they mean like when you catch a wailord and let it out it’s smaller compared to how huge it was when you encounter it

    • Lucario Remendezo says:

      But Quaxly and the other starters were the same height but on the website Quaxly is 1 foot 8 and the other two are 1 foot 4

  3. Alex Vesper says:

    Just occurred to me, with Scarlet having a “past” theme and Violet having a “future” theme, the colors correspond to redshift and blueshift. Redshift as we’re moving away from the past and blueshift as we’re moving toward the future.

    • EndlessNight025 says:

      @Josh P The Legendaries’ names have “past” and “future” in Japanese, you mean. It’s the professors whose names are derived from the Spanish words pasada and futuro. Interesting how they’re the first professors not named after trees/plants.

    • Josh P says:

      Also part of the legendaries’ names mean “past” and “future” in Spanish

    • Ramen 404 says:


    • muntu1221 says:

      @MasterMiner23 Only in that they occur at the same time to the observer. But the direction you’re looking is different.

    • ChillFenrir says:

      @MasterMiner23 technically not. One moves towards the present while one is moving away from the present

  4. Yves M. says:

    Koraidon – “korai” is Japanese for “ancient”. Miraidon – “mirai” means “future”. This proves even more the theory of Past/Future theme.

    • Golden Eagle says:

      It all makes sense now and it is such a cool idea that I am glad to see Pokemon going this route

    • Dominik Piasecki says:

      Also both names have a “ride on” sound to them so

    • El Hallowen says:

      That’s right. Also you can see that by the clothes of the proffesors.

    • Darth Theo says:

      @austin mull One if Scarlet gets the Hisuian forms natively while Violet gets the regular forms and you can trade? And to make is “fair” violet gets some Galarian/Alolan versions of mons while Scarlet only gets the original ones.

    • Marcos Mendoza-Moreno says:

      someone pointed out even the professors names, Sada (pasada – spanish for past [feminine]) and Turo (futuro – spanish for future [masculine]). so pretty cool how they did it

  5. Lazaro Lopez says:

    The professors’ names and the legendaries make me think this game has a time travel element to it. Sada could be a nod to the spanish word for past … pasado(a)… and Turo for the spanish word for future… futuro.

    • John Delaney says:

      Mirai means Future in Japanese.

    • Rubén Moral says:

      In Spanish she is called “Albora” which may come from “albor”: the beginning of the day. So yeah, I think you are right in both cases. She represents the past and he represents the fu-Turo.

    • You Can do it says:

      Yup. Past and future. There might be some time travel in this game

    • Mauricio De Marco says:

      Que pasada

    • jmangt says:

      that seems about right the legendarys are literally called past and future. but i dont like that they broke the professors being named after trees stereotype

  6. dahuckinator says:

    I’m curious. Maybe we have a small lizard legendary that can evolve into either future or past? The names are similar and designs are similar. Similarly to how cosmog can evolve into lunaala or solgaleo. Definitely going for future and past theme.

    • Sameer Thomas says:

      @dahuckinator If I’m not mistaken, the legendary names typically aren’t translated from the Japanese, unlike most of the other names.

    • NeppyNeppy Nepu says:

      @dahuckinator korai is Japanese for past and Mirai is Japanese for future, thats likely it

    • dahuckinator says:

      @Sameer Thomas I’m thinking there must be a Spanish translation for the “kor” and the “mir” because the aidon stem is the same.

    • Sameer Thomas says:

      Called Imadon, presumably?

  7. Emma Go To My .ChanneI! L!VE-NOW says:

    Interesting tidbit about Koraidon and Miraidon: Korai means ancient in Japanese and Mirai means future in Japanese, as we can see reflected in their style. So there seems to be an old meets new theme going on in these games.

  8. Bobby Balk says:

    The third legendary was hinted at in the very last few seconds of the trailer. The black scales represent the color and texture of this pokemon. It will likewise be a dragon, perhaps dark/dragon type. It represents the present. Koraidon represents the past, Miraidon represents the future. Also, in keeping in line with this theory, it is interesting to note that M follows K in the alphabet. If the third legendary represents the present, then there is only one letter that fits between these letters – “L.” The third legendary’s name will be Laraidon.

    UPDATE: It sounds like some of y’all are leaning more towards the meanings of the legendary names from the standpoint of the Japanese language. And I dig the possible name “Genzaidon” (sounds a LOT cooler than Laraidon lol!). I buy the theory; however, google translate did not show “korai” to mean “past” sooo….who knows! 😀 Also, holy cow, I come back to this and I got 100+ likes XD

    • Chase Murphy says:

      What black scales? The last thing I saw was the diamond looking background with the pokeball

    • Bobby Balk says:

      @Definitely not James from Team Rocket Smells like a mass-marketing scheme right there

    • Definitely not James from Team Rocket says:

      @Kim Genzaidon and the first four letters are Gen Z. That’s a funny coincidence.

    • Bobby Balk says:

      @A Johnson Why thank you, my good man!

    • Liora Enciel says:

      Put this in your google translate 古代 (Kodai) because “korai” does NOT mean “past”, it means “ancient”. Therefore the legendary pokemon names mean “ancient” and “future”

  9. Derek G. says:

    Miraidon is definitely my legendary it looks so cool as a futuristic Pokémon. The scarlet legendary looks cool too but Miraidon just looks amazing and I love the colors.

    • BMW4629 says:


    • WinonaDeLune says:

      I think I would like scarlet legendary more if less was going on. It’s okay, it it just looks goofy in a not so great way. Miraidon looks a little silly too, but it looks really cool and cute at the same time. Miraidon kind of reminds me of those robot cats and dogs in japan 🙂

    • Jayden Lowe says:


    • Gonzalo Carrasco says:

      Miraidon will grow on me but I hate the jets, definitely like Kiraidon more and comes with mommy Sada

    • Derek G. says:

      @Sora Is Finally Here yeah they both look cool but I like the futuristic look of Miraidon

  10. Winterdusk says:

    I feel like pawmi has a solid chance of evolving into something even more sick, and considering pikaclones usually dont evolve it would be cool if pawmi does

    • Winterdusk says:

      @Josh Hallam very true, and i feel like if we are ginn get it in one of the first areas then its gonn be the early electric type like yamoer and shinx

    • Josh Hallam says:

      I have an theory that Pawmi would break this trends as it is show in the second trailer it is odd that they show us the pikaclone which the second usually shows early game new mons and is use in an early game rival and their usually have evolutions line

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