Leeds United v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/28/2022 | NBC Sports

Leeds United v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/28/2022 | NBC Sports

Rodri opened City’s account just before the half and Erling Haaland followed with a brace to spark the champions to a comfortable win over Leeds at Elland Road. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #LeedsUnited #ManCity
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Leeds United v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/28/2022 | NBC Sports

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45 Responses

  1. Toasted Grapes says:

    Haaland will absolutely smash the Premier League record. I’m predicting at least 40 league goals this season alone.

  2. Luke Hinz says:

    It’s KDB’s world, we’re just living in it. Man is absolute class, watching him play it almost feels like he has spider senses with the way he sees the field. The best at what he does, bar none.

  3. Fnu Dhanraj says:

    Kudos to Grealish for selflessly passing to Halland on both occasions while he could have tried for goal himself.

  4. Wayne says:

    Haaland and City’s system is like a match made in heaven. What a beast they have signed.

  5. oRqiled says:

    The scary part was this seemed like an off time for man city in terms of finishing

  6. Chimera says:

    If you’ve been watching Leeds this season, majority of goals conceded are self inflicted. They’re the orchestrators of their own downfall

    • sonandtwins says:

      True..easy to lose the ball aimlessly or just assist MC to score, or poor clearance. They are just generous.

    • Sean Connery says:

      Ha hah. Grealish is so great to watch for comedic relief. My turds floating in the toilet have more use than he is, and they always go where they are supposed to, which is the opposite of his shots.

    • oeckstei says:

      They play like a high school soccer team at times.

    • Eric Counsel says:

      Bet they sign another winger instead of a CB lmao

    • Brian Asher says:

      1st goal – Messlier pushes a weak save right back at Rodri. Maybe it’s harsh but I think it’s sloppy.
      2nd goal – Obvious Cooper giveaway.
      3rd goal – Koch with a donkey’s touch to give it away when it should have been an attacking chance. Ball goes the other way and then six Leeds defenders get carved up by three City attackers.

  7. Caesar S. says:

    Unfair how the world cup was missing one of the best Strikers in the world. It definitely fueled him….

    • Remo Williams says:

      @Young Young You’re a dosser for even thinking that breaking records in a 6 team league is going to come close to lifting a world championship! Man sit your @$$ down somewhere and keep quiet.

    • Young Young says:

      @Remo Williams You crack me up. The guy will go on to break all kinds of scoring records in EPL. He’s even a better goal scorer than Messi; and I think Messi is the GOAT.

    • Young Young says:

      It is a pity that Haaland will never play in important games in World Cup.

    • Coconut Jewce says:

      @Daniele Oduro Odegard is there too. lol Other than those two, yeah…pretty bad.

    • Daniele Oduro says:

      @jack rubin a very slight chance. Norway=Poland. Lewandowski and nothing else. At City he got the big Boyz to feed him

  8. yikes likes says:

    Good to see Grealish deliver after a couple of misses at start

  9. JayCFC says:

    Haaland is always at the right place at the right time, he’s never going to stop scoring goals it seems

  10. Ranjith R says:

    Although no numbers for KDB, he still outperformed everyone on the pitch and helped create so many chances. City are nothing without him. KDB is world class and creating a league of his own.

    • Unfurled says:

      @The life of Exor bro i hope ur not serious😭😭😭😭

    • The life of Exor says:

      He’s good but there’s more better players like martin odegard or obviously Modric

    • Unfurled says:

      ​@N W thats like comparing maldini to discredit van dijk. In every argument maldini surpasses van dijk but that doesnt take away the fact that van dijk is a world class player. You could’ve used someone like ozil who is much more comparable and on a more even playing field. KDB also has a really strong argument for winning the balon d’or last year if man city didnt choke last minute against real(when de bruyne was subbed off) and they won the champions league

    • N W says:

      @Unfurled but if people are gonna call him world class, then we have to compare him with other world class players who play in a similar position and that’s why I compared him to modric

    • Jon Dunn says:

      @N W nice spelling Russian troll

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