Leftover Valentine’s Candy Food Hacks

Leftover Valentine’s Candy Food Hacks

In case you didn’t get around to eating all your chocolate (and edible underwear) yesterday, we’ve got some Valentine’s Day candy hacks so your leftovers are brand new creations!  GMM #1484

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57 Responses

  1. S. Diaz says:

    That last segment made me feel as awkward as Link’s face looked, the second Rhett touched his foot! ??

  2. Michael Nienhaus says:

    I would love to see another Smelling Bee Challenge ! The first one is one of my personal favorites

  3. Zoltán Perge says:

    This episode is full of youresoloud fuel ?

  4. MissMakira says:

    I watched Rhett punching the chocolate more times than I want to admit lmao

  5. Emma Lee says:

    Link: I don’t like touching feet
    *continues to touch feet until the end of the video*

  6. Mapphew says:

    I think the most disappointing thing in this video is finding out the giant hershey kiss is hollow.

    • Courtney Guillory says:

      +Hannie Nannah No dude same. I remember how heavy it was and how long it took me to get through it. I guess they changed it. Cheap.

    • the invisible me says:

      +Hannie Nannah I’ve had eaten those, and yes they weren’t hollow, in fact I remember biting them like an apple

    • HarryPotterTrio91 says:

      I think they make a smaller one that isn’t hollow. I do remember the larger ones also having solid milk chocolate at some point, though. They may have changed it or, since I ate it as a kid, maybe the smaller one just appeared larger ?‍♀️

    • Que Beck says:

      I heard they make em hollow so you can’t hurt your significant other when you hit them over the head with it.

    • Lauralie Kay says:

      I got one at five below once that was solid

  7. Anthony Leyva says:

    “[Edible underwear] tastes better when it’s on a person.” — Link, 2019

  8. E Maddox says:

    If it doesn’t get weird, it’s not GMM.

  9. sydneys12850 says:

    I ship the chocolate bar with cotton candy randy. Who wants to help me make that ship sailllll?

  10. Frankie Ocean says:

    Sometimes I feel like Rhett and Link are purposefully feeding peoples kinks….

  11. TwinCoconutter 575 says:

    13:45 “I’m still looking for my wife’s information spot”
    We totally understand, Rhett. You’re not alone.

  12. Sarah Elmira Royster Shelton says:


    Could you TASTE TEST & RANK jalapeno and cheese snacks from all fast food chains available and put Mythical Josh´s own recipe in the mix?
    Jalapeno Cheese Bites, McDonald’s
    Chili Poppers, Burger King
    Cheesy Jalapeno, Carls Jr
    Jalapeño Poppers, Pizza Hut
    Jalapeno Poppers, Arby’s
    Cheesy Jalapeno Bites, Papa Johns

    you would make me so happy 🙂

  13. People People says:

    Well, I just watched two grown men massage each other with chocolate. I may need to evaluate my life’s choices

  14. Jimmy Jam says:

    Could you imagine being so boring that you put candy on your privates?

  15. RhettyforFun says:

    Wait….there are people that have leftover Valentine’s Candy?

  16. Curt Michael says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for them to get weirder. They are the masters of awkward.

  17. unoJustAJ says:

    13:36 Rhett’s best dad joke: “how do you know when you’ve hit someone’s information spot? When they start giving you facts”.

  18. TheNextGenius says:

    “Hey kids, did you hear mom and dad last night?”

    “We were wrestling.”

  19. Mirbee says:

    Leftover? Leftover co- leftover chocolate ???? Hmmmm not in my house

  20. Elizabeth Dollinger says:


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