LEG 17 LIVE: Solar Impulse Airplane – Landing in Abu Dhabi

LEG 17 LIVE: Solar Impulse Airplane – Landing in Abu Dhabi


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15 Responses

  1. Dreams ™ says:


  2. cindyreiman says:

    Congratulations one and all! History was just witnessed! Welcome home Solar

  3. Pendro Kurdistan says:

    great job and congratulations,bright hopes for future

  4. XxJay71xX says:

    Holy shit watching this bid bird land was something, great job all of you.

  5. Rosemary Krider Schmid says:

    Fantastic to be a part of seeing history made! Congratulations to all of
    the people who made all of this happen. See the touchdown at 1:36:00 into
    the video.

  6. PTV says:

    Very excellent, Technologies/Science always exists ahead..

  7. Mark Manohar says:

    1:43:10 f**king amazing… :-)

  8. dan taylor says:

    Either embrace the change NOW or forever be part of the past, come on one
    people this is the future.

  9. zvcks vans says:

    Interesting but is impractical and needs time to improve more to become a
    more viable solution. Go solar

  10. dan taylor says:

    Feel for Kari and the team in Monaco they were so far from a project
    they’ve been so close to for so long. Well done guys and thank you so much.

  11. tee bee says:

    Please do a Southern Hemisphere tour next🙂

  12. George Punnoose says:

    Congrats to the Solar Impulse 2 team and to a cleaner future with clean
    technology!!! Thanks be to God!

  13. Thoughtyness says:

    It lands between 1:34:00 and 1:36:00

  14. sameer cheriyil says:

    happy to watch the team work….Impossible is an Opinion

  15. Grinch Wearing a Mask holding a gun says:

    it missed it didn’t land inside a building