Legend of Zelda : Donkey Breath

Legend of Zelda : Donkey Breath

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20 Responses

  1. SkyRip says:

    Anybody who is gay, hit like. Anybody who is transgender, comment.

  2. C0nnie says:

    this is genuinely one of the best games i’ve ever played

  3. The Slick Android says:

    This game looks incredible. It makes Ocarina of Time look like The Wand of Gamelon.

  4. AlphaChip says:

    Dunkey, you are a fucking piece of shit. You know what you did. Don’t make me tell these people about El Paso 2013…

  5. Seitokai says:

    This video makes me wanna buy a switch and get zelda :^)

  6. Dooboo says:

    This game looks like so much fun

    Too bad the Switch is _$400_

  7. I AM THE STRONG says:

    Starting to regret getting Super Bomberman R instead of this.

    Edit 2.0: I did not expect so many people to reply on this holy shit.

  8. LozGamez _ says:

    Zelda: breath of wild more like dark souls 3


    To anyone considering buying the game– don’t hesitate. Coming from a PC gamer, this is my new favorite game of all time. It will absolutely destroy Casual Gamers, but truly test your skill and determination as a Hardcore gamer. Ocarina of Time was my favorite game of all time before this, and it’s really hard to rank games as favorites. It doesn’t limit you and you go as far as you can’

    Like Dark Souls? Buy it.
    Like Zelda? Duh. It’s a Zelda game. Buy it.
    Like Metal Gear Solid 5? Buy it.
    Like Skyrim? Definitely buy it.

  10. CSLFiero says:

    Great game or the greatest game? RIP Forza Horidon zero dark dawn.

  11. Jim McCarthy says:

    So is this game worth 400 bucks?

  12. C 9 6 J says:

    Wow! That Zelda guy is awesome! No wonder he’s a legend!

  13. Buzzhoop says:

    Dunkey do you think this game lives up to the praise? Like better then OOT?

  14. Misaka Mikoto says:

    Link makes such a sexy little baby!

  15. Richard Cantu says:

    Dunkey for real though should I get it?

  16. Othman Alq says:

    Is zelda the only character you can play in this game?

  17. Geth Soldier says:

    I never considered even buying a switch until I watched this. Nintendo needs to pay you…

  18. Jacob Hogue says:

    Could you kill Ganon with chickens?

  19. Broockle says:

    My gawd I really wanna play this game now. It looks better than Nioh xD
    Why are both console exclusive? frikn hell xD
    Good thing Microsoft only makes shit, or I would need 3 consoles.

  20. Brian Anderson says:

    900 salty Sony fanbitches upset that Zelda beat the living shit outa Horizon.

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