From Academy Award® winner Brian Helgeland comes the true story of the rise and fall of London’s most notorious gangsters, Reggie and Ron Kray, both portrayed by Tom Hardy in an amazing double performance. LEGEND is a classic crime thriller taking us into the secret history of the 1960s and the extraordinary events that secured the infamy of the Kray Twins. In cinemas September 11.

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20 Responses

  1. 1Switchfoot says:

    cant wait, Tom Hardy is one of the greatest actors alive!!!

  2. Mary O says:

    gonna be a bangaaa

  3. Daniel Hammond says:

    This looks amazing!!!!

  4. Arianna Marie Frost says:

    Let’s go!!!!

  5. Arianna Marie Frost says:

    You and I will see it!! xD

  6. christine campbell says:

    this looks so good! I can’t wait to see it!

  7. Daniel Hammond says:

    Bro…. Another great mobster movie to look forward to!!! This year has
    been amazing with movies so far

  8. Kawaii Pinkie Pie says:


  9. Jordan Wilkins says:

    YUSH omg YAY

  10. andy oliver says:

    2 actors both called Tom Hardy. What are the chances…

  11. CaptainNdleDick says:

    Looks like a good movie besides the shitty CGI with the other tom hardy at
    1:07 but the movie is still in pre-production so I hope it looks a lot
    better when its released in thearters

  12. Eddy Mohammed says:

    looking forward

  13. londontolosangeles12 says:

    This looks fantastic, Tom Hardy is an outstanding actor.

  14. Nate .The Great says:

    <3 Emily Browning

  15. Polaris says:

    I want to like it, but i feel it takes a shit on the original The Krays
    1990 with Martin Kemp and Gary Kemp.

  16. Rozzerati says:

    THIS is what kanye meant when he said “that shit kray”

    Not cray as in crazy, but he is comparing himself and jay-z to the kray

  17. Devon Christenson says:

    What if Tom Hardy is nominated for an oscar for both performances, meaning
    he could be nominated twice for the same movie in the same category,
    unheard of.

  18. Devon Christenson says:

    Finally a real fucking movie, this is pure filmmaking.

  19. Charles Sifferlen says:

    This movie is being released 9/11, and they are twins, I guess they meant
    to do that, with the TWIN towers and all?