LEGEND Press Conference | TIFF 2015

LEGEND Press Conference | TIFF 2015


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19 Responses

  1. jamesg3456 says:

    +sean byrne where may I ask?

  2. sean byrne says:

    +jamesg3456 you did , read your comment again.

  3. jamesg3456 says:

    +CN azu okay imma need you to get off your high horse take a big step back
    reread my comment and tell me where I said it was their business

  4. awkwardpizza says:

    +Jonas Vilkaitis I guess “bragging rights” to show who’s on their side,
    like , “Hey, so-and-so is gay and they’re a great actor/singer/etc…” or
    some dumb shit like that.

  5. CN azu says:

    +jamesg3456 They have no business asking others about their sexuality. Save
    that for politics.

  6. SuperNeil1 says:

    I love Emily Browning’s awkward drinking from her cup at 28:58 ;-)

  7. Mark Laidler says:

    Go Hardy or go home

  8. NoToTheYayo says:

    This LGBT reporter is asking a pointless, irrelevant an,d quite frankly, a
    needlessly sensationalist question – still could have been answered very
    quickly and without cantankerousness though.

  9. Loris Laera says:

    28:00 I don’t get the society in general, some months ago the United States
    of America decided that homosexual people have the same rights as
    heterosexual ones. So why the hell do we care about, if someone likes the
    same gender or not. If everybody would just give a shit and care about his
    own business, homosexuals would have their equality. So please stop trying
    to figure out if someone is homosexual or not. If he or she is telling it
    to you, you do not give a shit and just continue living your life. THANKS

  10. John Terry says:

    Its so obvious the reporter who asked the questeion is gay himself.

  11. Volound says:

    the question doesnt even make sense, it is ill-formed.

    “do you find it difficult for celebrities to talk about their sexuality?”

    he is only one celebrity. phrased like this, it makes it sound like he is
    asking him about observing celebrities talking about their sexuality.

    “as a celebrity, do you think celebrities find it difficult to talk about
    their sexuality?” would be a sensible way of phrasing the question. imagine
    being a reporter/journalist and not even being able to ask a coherent
    fucking question. thats what happens when you hire people on the basis of
    criteria other than competency. “LGBT news organisation”, what a joke.

  12. Rositsa Nacheva says:

    my baby<3

  13. HYPERCOSM says:

    Though some of the comments have been deleted, I saw a couple responses to
    the tune of “sexuality doesn’t matter” or “but why doesn’t he just answer
    the question…the journalist was just curious”

    First, why the hell should he? We live in an age where everything is out
    there in social media and we haven’t the class nor the self-control to just
    maintain our privacy (and respect others’ privacy).

    Second, I can almost guarantee if the journalist were a straight man
    coaxing a rumored gay person to discuss their sexuality in an open, public
    forum, that journalist would be told to mind their own business and most
    likely be fired (cos that’s just how low we’ve sunk these days). Sure the
    ‘journalist’ can be curious, but many times curiosity is just self-serving
    and rude and you’re just being a nosy, busybody. Stick to the [relevant]
    facts if you’re going to call yourself a journalist.

    Third, sexuality does matter. It matters to straight people, it matters to
    gay people…and everyone in between. It obviously mattered enough for
    those who fought for and won their equal rights not but two months ago.

    Tip of the hat to Tom Hardy for shutting this guy down and hopefully
    setting a precedent that both celebrities like him and nobodies like me
    have private lives and that should be respected and left alone.

  14. ZeranZeran says:

    i’m gay and it was very obvious that he was trying to get him to admit he
    was bi or gay or something to get a big story. Fuck this reporter. Ask
    questions about the movie.

  15. Raziel says:

    Classy, apsolutely my favorite actor. Hes come a long long way since
    myspace days and Minotaur movie.

  16. sean byrne says:

    the “LGBT community” can mind their own fucking buisness lol

  17. Lukas B says:

    fucking faggot with his stupid question