Legends Summarized: Journey To The West (Part IX)

Legends Summarized: Journey To The West (Part IX)

Journey to the West Kai, episode 6: Two Weddings And An Asskicking

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50 Responses

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    • Naþan Ø says:

      Hey, uh, it would be nice if you told us the chapters in these videos. I wanna read the dirty jokes the demoness made, just to see what they could get away with during the Ming Dynasty

    • Skippy Gamer1 says:

      ……. K that part where the men got pregnant basically….. That was the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard of IN my entire life… Most of this episode is mind you……… Wow…………. My brain hates my ears for what it has heard tonight, lol…. Wow,……. Well see ya God Bless.

    • Tayah Gaston says:

      Trawxdk Protecting the Easy

    • Aditya Singh says:

      Hey maybe take less than a milenium to complete the series it’s not like you’re coming up with the stuff

    • Nicholas Decker says:

      Thanks for rereleasing both the 2021 and 2020 pins, my hermes pin fell off of my bag one day with a pin lock on the back and I was so distraught over it. I kept thinking “Why couldn’t it have been Ares?!” I was also low on cash when the Hades and Persephone pins came out and couldn’t get them. Im now proud to say I own all of the above again.

  2. Accented Cinema says:

    The fact that Red’s Chinese handwriting is better than mine really shows how many hours were spent on this video.
    Also my ego is dead.

  3. Speedy Sideburn says:

    The way Red loses it when Sandy just nonchalantly breaks that mans arm is hilarious. It’s like Blue came into the room and she had to explain what he overheard.

  4. The Devs says:

    “I receive: Hand in marriage, You receive: spectacular boinking.”
    “Ya like jazz?”
    “If he could win, he wouldn’t knock!”
    Red, congratulations! You’re the funniest human ever.

    • BasicWitch says:

      Characters see God in their authors eyes, but a self-insert need only look in the mirror… Or maybe I’m thinking about dogs and cats

    • Landis963 says:

      I also like the background event of the woman in the crowd who suddenly gets the hots for Sandy and Pigsy’s game faces. (It’s around 6:19)

    • David Koudelka says:

      @Landis963 I see men (in this case women) were people of culture in the old ages lol!😂😉

    • ThisIsANickName says:

      @Landis963 Sun, not Pigsy.
      Also two women get the hots for their games face, both next to each other, that makes it even better lmao.

    • Portal Jumper says:

      Man, I am SO jealous of Tripitaka right now!! Aside from the whole ‘Demons trying to eat him’ thing, he has quite a sweet deal going for him! 👍

  5. Slaydrian says:

    Journey to the West having mpreg is probably the last thing I’d ever expect yet also being the funniest thing I could’ve expected.

    • slinelol says:

      @Vinitile you’re correct he gave birth to Odins Horse Slepinir. But he also gave birth to Jörmungandr the worldserpent, the wolf Fenrir and the godess Hel

    • Leto Wyatt says:

      @slinelol Aren’t Jormungandr, Fenrir & Hel are supposedly children of the Jotuness Angrboda? I would assume being naturally female that she gave birth to them.

    • maladroit says:

      @yee yee also a horse. Who Odin rides into battle

    • slinelol says:

      @Leto Wyatt ah yeah giving birth was the wrong term here sorry. But those 3 are also his children.
      He gave birth to Sleipnir though, after transforming into a horse and “distracting” the horse of a giant who was building the walls of asgard so he couldn’t finish them in time

    • slinelol says:

      @Mr. Coffee Guy I love how the introduction of Aphrodite is that she is born from the sea out of the severed schlong of Uranos. Greek and proto greek mythology is wild

  6. Thorne O'Brien says:

    It’s kind of neat that Wukong can still be stopped–even if only momentarily–by actual pain. He’s *almost* omnipotent, but only almost. I like that he doesn’t fully remove the tension in a situation. He still has a few minor weaknesses that are somewhat exploitable without being too far-fetched or cliché.

    • Aziz says:

      @Boncy’s funtube Monkey’s impulsiveness and being an allegory for the human mind make it so whenever the question, “Did Monkey forget he can do that?” comes up, the answer is almost always, “Yes.”

    • Boncy's funtube says:

      @Aziz well I get that but I am also saying at a writing perspective sometimes you REALLY gotta gloss over some things he can do cause I swear there like 20 powers he uses in a one and done situaiton where they are displayed once and then never again.

    • Fluffy Da Corgi says:

      Hes immortal, not feels no pain

    • Thorne O'Brien says:

      @I’m not weird everyone else is weird and I’m normal Damn you’re right, nevermind, Wukong is dumb I guess.

    • I'm not weird everyone else is weird and I'm normal says:

      @Thorne O’Brien well no it’s that everything in this book is relative for the allegory Tripitaka being kidnapped by the demon in this one is allegorical for sexual desire that if you want to be a real Buddhist needs to be suppressed and as such monkeys power is relatively to resisting that and so on and such

  7. Just a Floating Coconut says:

    I think the recurring theme of “Monsters are actually pets/subordinates/random animals of divinities” is some shade thrown on the government at the time as it reflects the heavenly bureaucracy. Since most of these demons don’t usually get punished (remember the goldfish) they just get taken back by their masters.

    • Vasileios Fragkas says:

      True, and I’m not sure how I feel about this being kinda true in today’s world as well. Not only for the Chinese government, but also many others around the world (including some “Democratic” ones).

      It goes with being a literature masterpiece, I suppose…

    • bob jones says:

      Tbh Idk if it’s textually accurate to read it this way, but another Chinese classic, the Water Margin, has a similar sense of cynicism and disdain for the government to me. It’s basically Chinese Robin Hood about a gang of bandits who rob from the rich and help the poor. The ending is really bleak and honestly made me really dislike the story for how utterly cynical it is.

    • 唐润铧 says:

      That’s exactly what it is

    • alex xie says:

      yup some people think that the whole thing is just a kind of fun play or something like that from the budda and as the buddha is a stand in for the emperor every one just go on with it and well wait for a promotion

  8. Emily says:

    I like how we’re far enough into the story that Monkey has had a full character development from initial “the only way outta this situation is *murder”* to now where his first suggestion is non-lethal and usually pretty smart. How is Monkey the borderline smart idea guy in all of this???

  9. Pneuma OfTheDreamRealm says:

    “He just hasn’t tried the right woman yet!”

    Beautiful summary of the asexual experience. Thank you, Red!

  10. Tinkering4Time says:

    Monkey is terrifyingly level-headed and forward-thinking this episode.

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