Legends Summarized: The Trojan War

Legends Summarized: The Trojan War

The grandest epic cycle this side of the Aegean! Today let’s talk about the tale of which The Iliad only makes up a tiny (if impressive) fraction!

Pst! Wanna know more about Quintus Smyrnaeus’s Posthomerica? Watch Blue’s Historymaker video about him HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfHGQAzwEKo
And if you want to know more about the historical, archaeological precedent that indicates some form of this story REALLY HAPPENED, watch Blue’s video on Mycenaean Greece HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cki-9ANZTLg&t=40s&ab_channel=OverlySarcasticProductions

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55 Responses

  1. PakBall & Sam says:

    “They came back
    To widows,
    To fatherless children,
    To screams, to sobbing.
    The men came back
    As little clay jars
    Full of sharp cinders.”
    ― Aeschylus, The Oresteia

    • Athena says:

      Aeschylus had fought the Persians during The Persian Wars (and was awarded for how brave in battle he was). He knew about the horrors of war.

    • Mikael Anton Kurki says:

      @Marco G. Verbruggen I am sorry that such a tragedy has befallen them. But i hope that they can persevere and build themselves good lives in spite of the tragedy.

      We live in a state and War is the dance upon which states are born, live, prosper, decay and finally die to. You can not have a state without war. You can also not have a state which dislikes wars. Wars are integral, and much necessary for the survival of the state and it’s power (power which can be used to the benefit of the people). The war need not be bloody, it need not be fair, it can be acts cloudy or unknown.

      “The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected.” – Sun Tzu

      It would be best if we could always fight a wars like sun tzu advocated by beating the enemy without fighting them but that is not realistic and is naive at worst. Just like the belief that diplomacy will always prevail. There is no single path through life thats right, fair and does no harm.

    • Marco G. Verbruggen says:

      @Mikael Anton Kurki Thanks Mikael I’ll be sure to inform my crippled grandfather who saw his friends’ corpses torn apart and saw their parents scream over their coffins and their children grow up without fathers that war is not hell and good actually because the country got to keep some of its colonies for a few more years, whatever would we do without your incredible wisdom

    • Mikael Anton Kurki says:

      I don’t know that much about Liechtenstein.

      But i was thinking of the German unification and Roman conquests which brought prosperity through war. There are the imperial conquests which brought europe resources from around the world.
      USA despite its monroe doctrine sought to expand primarily its markets through wars also and america doesn’t seem to be down in dumps. Certainly they have not suffered the same fate rome suffered because of it.

    • Mikael Anton Kurki says:

      @yamiyomizuki Invasion of panama compared to World wars and mongol conquests.

      But ultimatelly it should be remembered that the objective in ALL war is that you bring back something for the collective good of your nation in exchange for all that you invested in a war.

      States should not fight for something that does not concern its own interests. Show me a objective worthy of war and i will go along with you” “Woe to the leader whose arguments at the end of a war are not as plausible as they were at the beginning.” – Otto von bismarck

  2. Kenny Robinson says:

    Can we all take a minute to appreciate how far Red’s style, in both her art and commentary, has come since her original Trojan War videos?

  3. SMG Productions says:

    Eris, the goddess of “It’s getting too chummy around here”, wakes up and chooses violence.

    I love how you chose to phrase that.

  4. Sailor Italy says:

    Could you possibly do a whole video on Cassandra herself? She’s such a tragic character

  5. Name changed says:

    What’s kind of interesting is the implication that the Trojan war is just a hugely mythologized version of a real conflict that happened just prior to the Bronze Age collapse and beginning of the Greek dark ages.

    • Brick Ingle says:

      Similar stuff happened in the Norse/Germanic world around the great migration. Most Germanic stories like Siegfried are basically “set” at the end of the Roman Empire. Atilla the hun plays a huge part in the Siegfried stoey

    • JohnJackLynch says:

      @Roban mind blowing! That makes so much sense

    • Bluecho4 says:

      I mean, it would be tonally appropriate for events depicted in the myths to lead directly to the fall of Greek civilization.

    • Briana Schmidt says:

      @TwinkMaster69 blue mentions some french anthropologists who dug right where Homer said it was and they actually found the ruins of Troy.

  6. Mr. Goblin says:

    Speaking of the Amazons that showed up on the side of Troy, another group showed up to help the Trojans: the Ethiopians. Memnon, a prince and demigod from Africa, shows up to help Troy and kills a bunch of Greeks, one of which was Antilochos, a friend of Achilles. Nestor, the dude’s dad, tells Achilles, so he hears up again and meets Memnon to fight to a stand still. This was after Hector died, so it was a battle of two dudes trying to avenge their fallen comrades. After a long battle, Achilles gets a lucky blow and strikes him through the heart. The Gods were so impressed by Memnon doing so well in battle that they turned his burial ground into a river and all his loyal soldiers into birds… Cause Greek Gods honor warriors in very weird ways. The story of Troy is filled with a lot of cool stuff that is sadly never adapted in most stories. Like, the fact that Fate GO is the only piece of media that I’ve seen that even references the fact that Amazons showed up in the war should speak to how little these other parts of the story get mentioned.

    • The Damned says:

      Yeah, this is the first time I can remember ever hearing about Amazons during the Trojan War at all, much less Ethopians even though I think I’ve heard of Ethopians popping up in one or two other Greek mythology tales. Either way, the idea of being turned into a bird to honor *someone else* is totally in keeping with Greek gods’ myopic sensibilities though:

      Random Ethopian Soldier: “Hey wait can we–?!” [becomes a bird]
      Zeus: “Nope. I always did like swans.”
      [Insert picture here of Hera glaring at Zeus from behind, especially since she would be against anyone who helped Paris anyway.]

    • Dyneamaeus says:

      @Zeph Lodwick While I agree that television would be the most appropriate medium, the track record for adapting beloved works of literature to modern television speaks for itself.

    • Katie Daly says:

      @omar salem I don’t disagree but movies can be complicated on their own without Magic Or mythology. Think you could really tell a good story from the concept of a woman or man in their lover being in the war. In that time. And then playing up there praying to Gods ! But you never see them. Making it more about faith and love ❤️

    • Zeph Lodwick says:

      Some network needs to make a teleprogramme adapting the story–not just _The Iliad_ , but the whole story of the Trojan War, from Helen’s birth the sequels like _The Oresteia_ and _The Aeneid_ . Television is the only way to adapt such a sprawling, tangled web of tales. The closest thing we have is _Troy_ , which isn’t very good. Fact is there are hardly any good mythological films made these days. Greek myths are super metal, and there’s a huge audience for this content. If Jeff Bezos can throw one bn bucks at an adaptation of _The Silmarilion_ , then I’m sure someone can throw a fat or three at adapting the Epic Cycle.

    • ShadowClaw says:

      @omar salem people who think this is what deconstruction is and them doing more “realistic version” of famous tale makes theme smart.

  7. MagnuMagnus says:

    In Paris’ defense, he was forced to choose between three ultra powerful, spiteful goddesses, so there was no way this was gonna turn out well for him.

    • David Crespo says:

      @Thomas Christenson yeah just give it to folks close to Hades for varying degrees of a cushy afterlife.

    • Daneward Locke says:

      Comedy option: Ask Aphrodite to bring Helen to you, then give the apple to Helen because by Aphrodite’s own admission *she’s* actually the fairest. Then hope that instead of being insulted, Athena and Hera are amused enough at you clowning on Aphrodite that they keep her from annihilating you then and there.

      (Or, if Nemesis *is* actually Helen’s mother, hope that your praise of her daughter either motivates her to somehow help you, or, since this stunt is probably such an act of hubris that she’d be obligated to deal with you herself if the others don’t get you first, that she intervenes and makes your downfall relatively painless before one of the goddesses you spurned can do something *much* worse to you. Probably the latter since *helping* people isn’t really in Nemesis’s portfolio as far as I know.)

    • Daneward Locke says:

      If you ignore the bribes offered and look at things in terms of how you’re going to survive the aftermath of the horrible situation Hermes has put you in, I think it’d come down to how you weigh Athena being the best ally of the three against Hera potentially being the worst enemy if she sets her mind to it. Aphrodite can get mean too but she tends to stick to her “sphere” at least, from what I can recall, while Hera will dedicate herself to making you suffer in whatever the worst way she can think of is if she’s sufficiently pissed off.

      So, I’d probably pick Athena while doing my best to soften the blow for the other two, or at least for Hera (while hoping that Athena will have my back if/when Aphrodite comes for me, since I think she’d easily be able to adequately protect me from Aphrodite’s wrath if it was just the two of them), like by saying that as beautiful as she may be I couldn’t possibly take Helen because she’s already happily married to someone else. Given that Hera’s the goddess of marriage, and that Zeus cheating on her with women he thinks are pretty is her number one problem in at least half the myths she seems to show up in, she might look favorably enough on you respecting what’s important to her that she can’t be *that* mad at you for not picking her. Even if she’s not *happy* afterwards, if you can keep Hera from reaching the levels of anger that led to things like what she did to Io, then that’s a victory and you’ve *significantly* increased your chances of making it out alive and without having to endure various horrible agonies.

    • Legomaniac91 says:

      @Kayeka And yet, glory on the battlefield or leadership of a great empire could have also won him love with a woman who wouldn’t have provoked every other kingdom in Greece to come after him and burn his city to the ground.

    • Daneward Locke says:

      @Kayeka Unfortunately both he and the woman he chose were already married, which led to his own wife refusing to save him after he was poisoned due to him spurning her for someone else solely because she was prettier, so. He might not have been the best at this “love” thing either, on top of clearly not being the best long-term planner given that of the three goddesses he picked the one clearly least able (or even likely to *try* for that matter) to defend him from the other two when they inevitably sought revenge out of spite.

      The guy’s pick was shallow, selfish, and short-sighted, is what I’m saying.

  8. Masterxl MVs says:

    Odysseus still just literally being Solid Snake because of the silly “stealth mission” joke Red made SEVEN YEARS ago is very heartwarming to me.

  9. Kevin Brisbin says:

    It’s amazing they kept Agamemnon around. He seems to just make EVERYTHING worse!

    • Lightning Bug says:

      @Tiny Etoile Oh no! Anyway.

    • Tiny Etoile says:

      It’s very funny reading the odyssey and everyone talks about what a tragedy it is that Agamemnon was murdered by his treacherous wife and I’m just there like [cdi Zelda voice] “Good.”

    • Boo Bah says:

      A combination of inertia and political acumen. If Agamemnon wasn’t leading, they either had to give up on Troy (the sunk cost fallacy rears its head) or find someone else to lead. It helped that Menelaus, the wronged husband of Helen (and therefore excuse for the war) and king of Sparta, was his brother and had Agamemnon’s back. He was also king of arguably the most powerful city-state, to the point that even today we refer to that culture as Mycenean.

    • shrimpisdelicious says:

      That’s monarchy, baby!

    • ducttapesniper42 says:

      I think we’ve all had bosses like that

  10. Betula says:

    Fun fact: Australia’s defence headquarters once let in a literal Trojan horse.
    Once in, the warriors fell from the breach and were not arrested for funni reasons

    • Lachlan McKinnie says:

      Even funnier: the Turkish consulate rejected them. They learnt their lesson.

    • Paris says:

      classic enviro-queen craig reucassel

    • Feuer der Veränderung says:

      Can you give me the source?

    • b metal fish says:

      australia’s full of funny stories for such a new nation, all the stories of what prisoner colonists did to get sent there, the bandit who made bullet proof armor that made the deputies opposing him think he was a supernatural entity until they noticed his legs where unarmored, emu wars, your story and the time an active PM fucking vanished after going for a swim.

    • Astro-Aaron says:

      @Will Davidson I swear to god I thought that show was some dream I had

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