Lego Matrix Lobby Fight Scene

Lego Matrix Lobby Fight Scene

Neo and Trinity show up as Legos to kick some ass

Spent a while on this one, taught myself alot. This was more of an experimental animation to test my limits of animation, Hope you enjoy!:)


Title: Neon Lights
Artist: DOCTOR VOX (
Direct Download Link:

Beatbreak from Imovie

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17 Responses

  1. cfh0384 says:

    Lego Neo looks way too happy… :P

  2. mkie100000 says:

    Fake n gay

  3. Michael Kitces says:

    OMG. The entire Matrix lobby scene remade… with stop-motion Lego
    animation. Incredible. #Nerdgasm

  4. MikeyBoi323 says:

    Its really well done, I can tell this is your first real amature good one,
    1: Apple loops (makes for crappy music and sound) 2: Call of duty guns
    (maybe would have gone for more bf4 or bf3 sounds you can get the sounds
    you need by standing in different places) 3: People are commenting and your
    not replying 

  5. StepCorn Grumbleteats says:

    Creativity like this should be rewarded… You sir, have won a
    iridium-plated Interwebs.

  6. Caviar nolastname says:

    You are AWESOME!

  7. Alexagrigorieff says:

    Frame rate conversion sucks ass.

  8. Dayton Lovelock says:

    Awesome work!

  9. Jack Seeley says:

    Too cool for school…

  10. Toyland says:

    Hard work, nice video!!!

  11. Ed Johnson Presents NERD NEWS says:

    Lego Matrix Lobby Fight Scene

  12. Ed Johnson PresentsNERD says:

    Lego Matrix Lobby Fight Scene

  13. TheTruthTeller Callouts says:

    Do more of these and you will become famous…

  14. Patrick Litherland says:

    They all seemed so happy to die

  15. Briksets™ - webwinkel voor LEGO® en DUPLO® says:

    #LEGO #Matrix Lobby Fight Scene

  16. G Butler says:

    Cool stuff here!

  17. Tyrell Stewart says: