LEGO Skateboard For Braille Skateboarding

LEGO Skateboard For Braille Skateboarding

Thank you all for the comments directing me to Braille Skateboarding channel. I decided to try my hand at making them a second LEGO board.

This board is only LEGO bricks and epoxy resin. There are 6 baseplates, 200 grey brick, 50 blue bricks and 20oz of resin! I cannot wait to see how it hold up to the abuse.

RZ Mask:
Using the code “PeterBrown” at checkout to get 3 pack of their F1 Filters automatically added.

Check out Braille Skateboarding! Here is the link to the video:

Full Write Up Soon:

Want To Make this Project?

2×2 Bricks:
2×4 Bricks:
10″ baseplates:
Blue LEGO studs:
Silicone Rubber Mat:
West System Epoxy (105 resin with 207 hardener):
Rubber Gloves:
Mixing Cups & Stir Sticks:

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music by Jason Shaw@

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20 Responses

  1. Sillardman2509 duke says:

    I have been waiting a long time for this

  2. Kyle Dunstan says:

    Oh shit, when you see the 1 view

  3. Bigfoot And Bananaman says:

    Like if you hate iOS 10 ?

  4. joe botsch says:

    Nooooo! How could you do that to perfectly innocent legos!

  5. JE 123 says:

    Make a pen out of a dipped twizzler….. cool video again Peter. You have a
    fan from Ireland here ??

  6. Cr125stin says:

    Holly shit I just watched brailles video on this earlier!! I had know Idea
    u made it and I even thought of u when they said resin. I am a longtime
    viewer of you and Braille!!! Very cool

  7. Garrett McWalters says:

    This is crazy I am subbed to both channels already like if you are too

  8. Kibari2600 says:

    Omg you made this? I wasn’t paying attention to the name on the Braille
    video but when they mentioned resin i thought of you haha.

  9. Kallie says:


  10. Hell Bound Zed says:

    I absolutely love the builds like this amazing job. I will never unsub

  11. Steven Crawley says:

    Haha when he caught it on fire I blew on my screen to blow out the
    fire…my duh moment

  12. SharlitaOne says:

    Awesome idea. I’ve seen their channel before I look forward to seeing how
    the Lego board holds up.

  13. john espin says:

    Dear Peter…. you rule…. Just sayin…

  14. Dark Dishwasher0 says:

    You obviously have no idea the stresses that a skateboard is under. Worst
    build I’ve ever seen. You’re obviously not an engineer.

  15. Acura TL GTLM says:

    first few seconds: “Oh god, Peter turned into HowToBasic.”

  16. Alan Blair says:

    I enjoyed the build. I also enjoyed watching the Braille guys have fun with
    it. I’m wondering if you heated both sides before bending and if you put
    the board in a mold to build up the resin layer if it might take more
    stress. In any case, nice to see your lathe take a day off after the candy.

  17. sparrow717 says:

    +Peter Brown first time commenting 🙂 a cool idea would be, a watermellon
    chopping board in E-Poxy so the whole board is like one big slab of
    watermellon, that would be awesome to see in reality 😀 :D

  18. Ben Green says:

    I’m going to have to be the one to say it. It’s Lego! .. not Legos! .. :D

  19. AussieMatt says:

    As always a great project and fun to watch!! Regarding the RZ Mask, I
    ordered 1 the last time you showed it off, what a disaster, first they sent
    it to Canada instead of Australia, after I notified them of their error,
    the wrong size and color shows up about 4 weeks later (not even a hint of
    an apology), I’ve managed to fudge up an extension for the back to get it
    to work. It doesn’t feel very comfortable.

  20. DastiRDTV says:

    Omg I just told them a few days ago to ask you for something made!