LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Video Game – Announce Teaser Trailer

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Video Game – Announce Teaser Trailer

The blockbuster film Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes to life in LEGO video game form June 28, 2016. Check out the announce teaser trailer and pre-order today!

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20 Responses

  1. Jedi21366 says:

    I hope they release prequel trilogy and EU dlc packs for this. That would
    be awesome!

  2. Oo2k10 says:

    I would definitely see a Lego Star Wars film.

  3. TIE Fighter Pilot says:

    lego ninjaago is beter

  4. MrNinjaYoda says:

    is this available for the normal wii?

  5. goldencash4 says:

    I knew they were making one I hope it has all the movies 1-7 8 and 9 would
    be nice but I doubt they will be in this game due to the fact it’s a year
    before 8 and 4 for 9

  6. Basit Saliuy says:


  7. Chanz Wera says:

    I thought the Falcon was going to smash straight into the ground.

  8. Pineapple Potatoes says:

    And what happens when part 8 is released?

  9. RJAWolfe07 says:

    A 1 episode LEGO game, this’ll be intresting.

  10. Norbert Kornacki says:


  11. Valjean Jean says:

    does it release also in the google play store??

  12. DaniVF says:


  13. Python2K AMC says:

    Wow, LEGO games are my favorite! Now I’m going to be playing the Force

  14. Elias Sen Doudouh says:

    finally LSW on PS4!!

  15. DeathToCockroaches says:

    Better than Battlefront I bet

  16. Tommy Varekai says:

    on old gen, smart idea for the cheapos like me who havnt updated wooh!

  17. RedKnight Reviews says:

    This is so Awesome!!!

  18. 4k Booty Shake says:

    One of my favorites…meanwhile check my channel and subscribe…I would
    appreciate it…thanks

  19. Shawn Andrew says:

    Why we don’t need this:'(

  20. JLeetle says:

    Please have online multiplayer