4.23 9PM ET. HBO.

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20 Responses

  1. Jerrybear Siphistea says:

    Cultural appropriation, Beyonce. You should shave that shit off your head.

  2. Daenerys Stormborn says:

    That weave needs to go

  3. A Ashraf says:

    news alert: lemonade sales on the rise

  4. Robert Fields says:

    Big fuckin’ deal, she wishes she was the Queen but the crown is on
    Rihanna’s beautiful head.

  5. Nana Ashanti says:

    Stop Playing with Us… I AM TIRED!! I won’t have any strength to whip my
    hair next week. I can’t.

  6. Henry .LT says:

    She is so weird

  7. Gr8 Buddies says:


  8. Kenne5antione says:

    She rocking the braids, yall know what that means, Queen B is about to hurt
    some white folk feelings

  9. uilliansan aroba says:

    please don’t be a slow motion video

  10. LemonadeCutie :3 says:

    Oh god halp meh ;-;

  11. Caleb White says:

    Seeing all these fangirls on here SLAYYYYYYYYY OMG YASSS BITCH YAAASSS.
    Fuck outta here. Annoying af.

  12. HufftyPuffty says:

    Please be a porno… please be a porno

  13. Alex Smith says:

    Probably going to tell us all she’s in the illuminati

  14. Ratchet _King says:

    She’s a natural badass! ?

  15. Drusky Hardison says:

    Anybody else sad because they don’t have HBO? ☹️

  16. T4D | Trap4DayZ says:

    OK then

  17. NinjabrineJ S says:

    I hope it’s some good lemonade then

  18. Brice Carter says:

    Girl … u better stop teasing us.

  19. Eriberto Guerrero says:


  20. Daniel King says:

    My best friends is getting married that day! Oops, I think I need to make a
    quick call..