Lennox Lewis’ Most Satisfying Victory | Joe Rogan

Lennox Lewis’ Most Satisfying Victory | Joe Rogan

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1260 w/Lennox Lewis & Russell Peters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdKgBatTe_E

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95 Responses

  1. Bastardson OfJefferson says:

    I’m still waiting for the Riddick Bowe fight….

  2. Christopher Hurkmans says:

    Lennox is all class. A fantastic athlete and a great human being.

  3. Anna Lexi says:

    *_Makes me want to watch the match again!! It was a great fight!!_*

    • Valkyries SS says:

      Lewis is a bum! Smart cunt and got knocked out.

    • BrigidC123 says:

      Eric Hughes – Glass chin??. Any heavyweight can get KO’d with the blows Lewis did. He avenged both them fights he lost. Watch Lewis vs Vitali and tell Me Lewis had a Glass chin.

      You obviously wrote in the consumers part of Ring Magazine??. You chat absolute shite. 15 yrs writer for Ring Magazine ??. The only writing you do comes out the Rim of your arse – LMAO. 15 yrs of Rim Magazine writing.

    • BrigidC123 says:

      Danny’s Art – That’s Prison bait. You’d end going to prison for fucking that. You’re about 40 she’s about 14

    • dirk roux says:

      +BrigidC123 Cape town is sea level…no altitude issues at all

    • BrigidC123 says:

      dirk roux – He fought at 5,200 FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL! Man You need some education.

  4. Jo Po says:

    For those of you that don’t know boxing, look up ‘Hasim Rahman hematoma’. He got headbutted by Holyfield, and his forehead swelled up unbelievably in the ring.

    • bryan walsh says:

      Jo Po if you know boxing I don’t understand how Lennox says he was counted out early? I just watched the KO and he was done and it wasn’t the second round it was the 5th.

    • bryan walsh says:

      I guess he’s talking about his McCall loss but I thought they were talking about Hasim the whole time

    • Ducky Darkstar says:

      I remember that rahman head swell during the holyfield fight

    • Anders D says:

      +Ducky Darkstar I remember watching Oleg Maskaev knock Rahman out and out of the ring…

  5. Megalodon Unlocked says:

    Rachman 2 was 6 months after the first fight not 2 years.

  6. Eric McIntyre says:

    The pod cast hasnt even finished and you are sending out these clips. Impressive mu friend

  7. That_Ford _Guy says:

    Lewis seems like a really great & humble guy??

  8. SwangLow MVP-Panel says:

    Glad Rogan got the 90s Boxing GOAT on here! Usedta hate that he was frm UK & beating the top Amerikin Heavyweights back n the heyday, now its All RESPECT.

    • Matthew Anthony says:

      SwangLow MVP-Panel

      You’re either like 12 or not from here, American boxing fans did not dislike Lewis’s, stop sucking d!ck

    • rax says:

      He said he didnt like him not all americans stop coming up with stuff he didnt say to disagree with

    • SwangLow MVP-Panel says:

      +Matthew Anthony Once again Speak for Yourself. I wanted Tyson to retain the belt til he retired, but of course it didn’t work out that way. Lewis is probably my fav. Fighter frm the UK. Keep talking Keyboard warrior. Who said anything about succking d!ck?? Must be a fantasy of yours. & u don’t wanna C who’s ballz are bigger. Bet your Mama will Vote 4 Me.

    • Matthew Anthony says:


      He edited his comment you f*cking retarded c0cksuckkng crack baby

    • Roger C says:

      Well he is Canadian actually. Won Gold in the olympics for Canada too. Canada ??

  9. AlphaLemming says:

    I’d live to see Joe talk to Jim Lampley.

  10. Marc Broadley says:

    Love Lennox Lewis he’s a proper hero

  11. pikebasss says:

    What a good career, only lost twice and avenged both losses.

  12. eric owens says:

    I was wondering why Peters was there for, he actually knows his Boxing

  13. danwarb1 says:

    Lewis is older than Tyson, looks 10 years younger.

  14. Brockton Ma. says:

    Lenox Lewis is underrated and always had class.

  15. MrSdb127 says:

    Lennox is one of the greatest heavyweights….but Rahman knocked him tf out in the first fight. No way it was stopped before he could find his feet. He was OUT. The 2nd fight….Lennox ate him alive as he should have

  16. Bruce McDonald says:

    Lennox got out at the right time, taking minimal damage. There’s never been any scandal surrounding him. That makes him one of the greatest of all time.

  17. Patrick Martin says:

    Lennox “let me tell you” Lewis

  18. _ says:

    Lewis vs. Rahman I – 22 Apr 2001
    Lewis vs. Rahman II – 17 Nov 2001

  19. james desjarlais says:

    One of the greatest champs ever.And carries himself with class and honesty.A hard man to not like and respect as a fighter and person

  20. Johnny Boy says:

    respect to lennox, one of the all time great Heavyweights.

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