#LEOMESSI: First steps and first training at the Ooredoo Center! ✔️

#LEOMESSI: First steps and first training at the Ooredoo Center! ✔️

✔️ First steps and first training at the Ooredoo Center!
✔️ Premiers pas et premier entraînement au Centre Ooredoo !

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31 Responses

  1. Debo Gaming says:

    The unthinkable has happened. 💙❤️ Get ready for new history.

  2. Mo Eissa says:

    This is coming from a Barcelona fan. Even though it sucks to see him leave, but I’m legitimately happy for him. Since he arrived to Paris he never stopped smiling. There was so much weight on his shoulders, now it’s gone because of amazing talents that PSG has. He carried Barcelona for so many years to the point he happy wasn’t anymore, and he made that clear last year under Bartomeu the clown. He doesn’t have to anymore.

    • AfroBuddy says:

      I am a Barca fan and i hope we don’t face this team, we are gonna get thrashed

    • buddhabman says:

      Yep, he can enjoy the game again now.

    • Tarick Gordon says:


    • Jose Rosas says:

      Good for you

    • Qi Zhen Goh says:

      I think it’s more like he’s more relieved and relaxed now, though definitely going to miss his time at Barcelona for some time. Good thing is he has mates to help him with coping new life like Neymar or Di Maria.

      Even better is that he is now teammate with Sergio Ramos, who once was his biggest rival from Real Madrid. For sure one day they are going to say : I miss those days we played against each other.

  3. gonzalo nicolás says:

    Cuando una persona está feliz, se nota. Eso es Lio, hoy. FELICIDAD!

  4. Julia Red says:

    Debe ser otro mundo otro sentimiento estar en otro ambiente después de vivir tanto en un lugar , es como cambiarse de colegio y conocer gente nueva .

    • hassan ait haida says:

      Yes ,girl ,the football player must change the direction to changé the fans and the players,and this is an excellent thing that the player thinks about after years with a club ,as happened to Missi ,and as you said also ,there will be harmony between Ramos Neymar and mbabe …..i leked your comment about football legends .thank you 🇲🇦🇲🇦♥️♥️👍😊

    • Juan carlos Estupinan de la cruz says:

      Tú lo has dicho hermosa, es como cambiar de empleo en una nueva empresa. Saludes preciosa🙃

  5. Audrey Bradford says:

    for sure Ronaldos son is watching these videos! and maybe even Naldo too 😉 I mean who isn’t. What a time.

  6. Sneakytacos77 says:

    I’m so damn happy for this guy. He looks so excited.

    • Lara says:

      samee I don’t give much shit about football but damn if it doesn’t make me smile to see him looking happy

  7. Julia Red says:

    this is just a training and I’m already hyped. Can’t wait for Messi’s debut.

  8. Lorenzio Velasquez says:

    I just feel happy seeing him there with lot of people that respect him and like having him there .

  9. Rhys Sanders says:

    I truly in never thought he’d be able to tolerate playing with Ramos, like ever. This is a trip and a half

  10. kwoncity says:

    Happy to see him smiling. Look like he is training hard than ever. As his fan, it was sad days couple of days but I do hope he is happy and keeps smiling. Go PSG!!

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