Leon Edwards defeats Kamaru Usman in London! 🇬🇧🏆 | #UFC286 results and post-fight interview

Leon Edwards defeats Kamaru Usman in London! 🇬🇧🏆 | #UFC286 results and post-fight interview

INCREDIBLE SCENES as Leon Edwards defends his title in London against the former champion Kamaru Usman.

Watch the full result and the champ’s post-fight interview here.

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58 Responses

  1. Naz AllOut says:

    Leon went from “I believe I deserve a title shot” to “look at me now” to “head shot dead”. Main character development right there.

  2. MR SKANDAL says:

    2 wins over one of the most dominant welterweight champions in UFC history, he should be proud of himself 👏 Big up Leon doing bits for Birmingham & the UK! Brumtown 0121 🏆

    • joel edwards says:

      ​@DomesticUse ONLY no where near gsp. Stop

    • Mr Grimm says:

      ​@Nate Betts Yh , it was more like a chess game than a fight imo. Usman tried to break Leons defence but he couldn’t , because Leon controlled the fight with his low kicks. He was in big trouble one time imo , but he grabbed the fence at that point. That was a really dangerous position , if he hadn’t grabbed the fence there it could’ve easily ended in submission right there imo. Anyways it wasn’t a spectacular or entertaining fight, but it was close and tense.

    • Bawby Baby says:

      Usman is forever retired…😅😂😂

    • Cazr0. says:

      @DomesticUse ONLY u trippin lil bro

    • X-ray mind says:


  3. beginner gamer says:

    His takedown defence was phenomenal

  4. Brandon Rodriguez says:

    Congratulations to Leon. So happy for him. Well deserved

  5. Milan Wolfi says:

    An incredible story and Leon is my favourite fighter today after Jiří Procházka. No arrogance, no drivel, but action. Congratulations from the Czech Republic 🇨🇿

  6. tiddy bagel says:

    Leon is such a good striker. Went back and watched him fighting nate diaz, and his patience, defense, and shot selection is awesome.

  7. Peter Griffin says:

    Masterful performance by Leon, done exactly what he had to do.

    • christopher says:

      @PublicEnemy-1 zero control, backed up the whole fight like a coward, did zero to dictate the pace. Coward fighter, lame champion, can’t wait to see him lose and instantly be forgotten about. It’s OBVIOUS that fight was rigged since all the money was on Usman.

    • Peter Shortland says:

      ​@LaTrell Jones go and grab some salt and eat it sunshine, face it Usman was average Leon hit cleaner shots

    • Elio Toledo says:

      @LaTrell Jonesone fence grab 🤓 one foul. But keep talking. He got the point deduction anyways so cry about it

    • ZLou says:

      @LaTrell Jones just like khabibs full career, yes.

    • Hamza Khawaja says:

      @Mart Tyler im not salty leon was the better man , but he has done if before and that stings with me

  8. Mad Villain says:

    Kamaru did not look the same. Was very hesitant with almost everything. Props to him for keeping his usual pressure, but it wasn’t effective unfortunately. I do believe he can come back from this, but not sure if he’ll find the motivation at this point. If he decides he can retire and everyone should salute this man for the run he’s had! 100% Hall of Fame material!

    • Ryan Leblanc says:

      Yea this may be the end of Usman besides from a few money fights. Dude doesn’t even have knees left.

    • Mad Villain says:

      @EyeSee ok, maybe just as big

    • EyeSee says:

      @Mad Villain he did not ever look bigger than Jan I don’t know what Ur smoking lol

    • DarkSky says:

      ​@Milan Wolfi how can 8 people like your comment that is blatantly a lie. 9 years? Weird.

    • Stephen Hughes says:

      Well yeh because he didn’t have anything for Leon. All he has got is his wrestling and his right hand. Once Leon was able to show, as he did in the 1st round of the last fight, that he can handle Usmans wrestling pretty easily- then it was just a matter of Leon picking him apart with his superior striking. Wasn’t much Usman could do really.

  9. Chase 9210 says:

    Usman will never be the same. Hadn’t lost in 9 years and never been KO’d… he didn’t look the same tonight.


    Takedown defence & kicks really were the story of the fight. I had it 48-46 edwards personally .

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