Leon Edwards Octagon Interview | UFC 278

Leon Edwards Octagon Interview | UFC 278

New UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards spoke with Joe Rogan following his fifth-round knockout win over Kamaru Usman in the main event at UFC 278 on Saturday.

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40 Responses

  1. Adel Sweezy says:

    i got tears in my eyes
    i’m happy for him

    • stephen says:


    • Seabass says:

      Tears? LOL

    • Mohammed Khaliq says:

      @Drew R nearly ALL fighters come from the “dirt”. The cringy part about “literally crying “ about Leon’s win is that if Usman won no one would be crying about Leon’s loss. All these phony cry babies that are so emotional wouldn’t spare a second thought about him if he lost. They would be saying things like I knew Usman’s unstoppable, Leon’s not on Usman’s level and other things of the same nature. Just enjoy the fights and shut up. I wonder what these people will say when Usman demolishes him in their rematch. Probably cry about that too.

    • Dave Reynolds says:

      Even thru the Masvidal-exchange Leon’s handled self with such great Class
      and Dignity.

  2. ThatDudeCanCook says:

    We all got chills with that post fight interview from Leon!! Look at me now!!

  3. Laughn0wcryl8r says:

    His raw emotion made me tear up especially when he said his been doubted his whole life. Look at me now will be forever inspiring and quoted in ufc history Well done champ. 💥👊🏽🇬🇧

  4. Tomas Arepo says:

    “ I was born in Jamaica with nothing, I lived in a wooden shed with a zinc roof. Look at me now I’m world champion.”
    Absolutely incredible words from the humble champ.

  5. Yazer98 says:

    The way he said “Look at me now” hit different. You could feel the raw emotions he’s projecting. No doubt the most inspirational win

  6. Michael Ytuarte says:

    I watched Leon get disregarded and disrespected for years and I get the feeling he has been treated this way even prior to mixed martial arts entering his life. I’m so proud of him and his never give up attitude. He silenced all the haters in that moment.

    • Jebun Choudhury says:

      @Vote4Pedro bruh usman earns bw 1 to 2 million including ppv. He is promoted heavily for a reason by ufc

    • Smol Dynasty Rucoy says:

      @Vote4Pedro the UFC pay method’s are so shit

    • Jo Bo says:

      Congrats Champ!!!!

    • Vote4Pedro says:

      @The Prediction MASTER You probably right but you know what Leon ain’t giving back to Usman? The 400k Leon got for the fight plus 50k bonus for fight of the night and a sponsorship incentive worth 32k 😎. All that for one fight. Usman did end up getting 892k even tho he lost but he was the defending champ so there’s that. Pretty good shit for both of them.

  7. Paul Wilson says:

    Leon doing the entire UK proud, coming from behind and knocking out an absolute monster in his prime and as Dana said was on his way to becoming the GOAT. Unreal scenes and so deserved for Rocky!

    • Clint Eastwood says:

      @Matthew Corey Villa Leon edwards even said he’s repping the uk what are you on lmao

    • Matthew Corey Villa says:

      Bump the UK. The man is a true Jam. He just lived there. But that swag is all Spanish Town. Colonizers always trying to lay flaming the black man.

    • Anoniem says:

      Unreal scenes! Everything about it is legendary. Been rooting for Leon for a few years now and i haven’t been more happier for any fighter since ive been hooked lol

  8. Literally Shaking says:

    If this doesn’t give you chills check your pulse.

    “Look at me now!” will be etched in MMA history forever.

  9. Tim Filipiuk says:

    “Pound for pound, headshot, dead!” Coldest line in ufc history

  10. Humne says:

    You can hear the quiver in his voice. The raw emotion is there. Makes everyone else feel it. Well deserved

    • Kian King says:

      @SAVAG3MMA the pure euphoria he’s feeling in that moment, proving the world wrong , changing his and his family’s life forever. Doing after all the adversity and then on top being down in the fight. We could only dream of that

    • Rodi Hernandez says:


    • SAVAG3MMA says:

      Rawest emotion ever. We can only dream of that feeling he must’ve felt in that moment

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