Leroy’s First Competitive Race of 2019 – Boggin Deep – SCT Bristol Part 1

Leroy’s First Competitive Race of 2019 – Boggin Deep – SCT Bristol Part 1

Heck yeah, Leroy is out here doing his thing. Now if Cleetus could get it together…
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55 Responses

  1. Eden Diem says:

    Dang! Can’t win em all but I definitely think you would have had him! That would have been one of the closest races for leeroy yet

  2. Joe Turbo says:

    I love that sound of Freedom Leroy makes, its music to my ears! ??????

  3. Michael Dixon says:

    Didn’t realize Street Car Take Over was a no prep race… ??‍♂️ someone at that track needs fired

    • Jeremiah Goodwin says:

      +Gcode Decode what do you drive even bro? I’d whip your ass in a foot race too..

    • Jeremiah Goodwin says:

      +Dying4pie2180 there is absolutely supposed to be a comma buddy. Go ask your 6th grade English teacher. It’s runs together if there was no comma, and in turn reads weird.

    • Gcode Decode says:

      Jacob Lawson how about you mind your fucking business nobody asked for a mediator.. fuck boy and i aint got to compensate for anything , should be compensated for keepin yall little hoes in line ..

    • Gcode Decode says:

      Jeremiah Goodwin is300 sport n u gonna need more than sketchers to lock it up with me bud …..

    • Adam Smith says:

      Michael Dixon street cars need prep?

  4. iMacGuy1011 says:

    Damn y’all drag racing and I’m shoveling snow off my drive way in April 2019

  5. JDM Dream Team says:

    Anytime you have Leroy racing I’m happy. Definitely my favorite vids to watch. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s vid

  6. Elijah Duarte says:

    I literally screamed nooooo when you missed 4th ??‍♂️♥️

  7. Drunk3n_M0nk says:

    Code brown moments to be had for all. That track was S K E T C H Y.

  8. SrslyNoz says:

    If you always won they wouldn’t have to call it racing, it’d just be winning.

  9. greg says:

    My son and i met you today(you used our sharpie) it was great to see you in our town. Thanks for the pic!

  10. grapeslush says:

    I really missed these compilation races with Leroy! Well… missed Leroy videos in general, glad to see bad boy back.

  11. Erich Lee says:

    I clicked this video so fast that I missed my Like/Scroll Comments shift.

  12. Anvarynn says:

    HOOOOOOOOOOOO that track was prepped with pure sketch tape. Great freakin’ recovery for that mustang driver, holy Jesus.

    • Scrappy-Watch entertainment says:

      And Cleetus, 1300 lb-ft torque roughly on that pass trying to do a donut at like 100…. yikes

    • Anvarynn says:

      +Scrappy-Watch entertainment Oh yeah without a doubt that had me puckered but Cleetus knows how to deal with it. That mustang was about a pubic hair from needing a new mirror if nothing else.

  13. TexRobNC says:

    That cut from James saying, “You can’t win em all” to the agony shot, well done sirs

  14. Random Acts says:

    That first test hit, wow I was trying to help you steer??

  15. Avist_ Trapz says:

    Where is the mtn dew suit and james needs a team jacket too

  16. higgsy187 says:

    I literally yelled out loud “NOOOOO!” when you missed 3rd to 4th haha

  17. Nick Giuseppetti says:

    Mustang: theres gotta be a crowd somewhere

  18. Mac be to fast says:

    I was there Cleetus remember when you were at the tower and you did a piece sign to me when you were talking to staff that was me

  19. John Brew says:

    Good thing you got the mis-shift out of your system before the drag races!

  20. Mustang Daver says:

    You know, I enjoyed that you showed you lost. Most channels only show their successes…I’m glad you had balls enough to show the whole thing. That was a good video start to finish

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