Leslie Jones on Her Twitter Trolls

Leslie Jones on Her Twitter Trolls

Leslie Jones addresses the much-publicized attacks she recently received on Twitter.
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Leslie Jones on Her Twitter Trolls- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. Taewon Yoon says:

    Hillary supporter here.
    Leslie Jones is a homophobe and she hates gays!!!
    Can’t believe Seth invited a homophobe on to his show.. Unsubscribed!!!

  2. Bryson Blount says:

    Who is this milo guy

  3. lolWT nick says:

    Scared of the hate? so she ran…or is this a publicity stunt? Hollywood
    loves to turn ‘news’ into ads.. sounds more like the Karma train came down
    on her.

  4. Xaiver Blackhorse says:

    Aside from outright threats of violence and/or exposing anyones personal or
    private information – Let people say whatever in the hell they want –
    Lelise Jones has always played that charcater of the negro bedwench Anxious
    and DESPERATE TO get with any and every whyte guy she lays her eyes on – If
    she wants to play her self out like that – O.K. – But I think it is just
    bullshyt for her to Call herself “Getting upset” – Now that she has

  5. Anarchy704 says:

    What a strange woman able to handle applause and being lauded as a good
    person while simultaneously being outwardly satisfied with the banning and
    removal of people from twitter she doesn’t know or care about, and to say
    that these people hold the hateful opinions they spew forth on twitter is
    so foolish, what is said in anonymity is scarcely said in public, much less
    acted upon. I feel we have another special snowflake making the rounds
    calling to ban speech because it is hateful, offense is taken not given.

  6. Daniel Leighton says:

    She compared mean comments to getting shot.

  7. Joey Yogurt says:

    Can someone explain to me both sides of the fight? I don’t completely
    understand what happened…

  8. Rob Stafford says:

    The fact these people seem to be surprised that people are assholes on the
    internet makes me wonder if they’ve been using a different internet than me
    up to now. Sorry Leslie but if you make a crappy movie the Internet isn’t
    gonna sugarcoat it but if it makes you feel better Internet opinions don’t
    actually matter and if you just ignore them literally nothing happens.

  9. Gilbert the Atheist says:

    RIP Free Speech

  10. Lozgbwoi says:

    Im really happy she doesnt let some putrid depressed slugs bring her down.
    Go girl.


    Hey I say publicly put those peoples names and comments on tv, and put them
    on blast. Lets see how much nonsense they will continue then. Its easy to
    be racist and say stupid comments behind a device. Go truly public with it.
    Damn cowards

  12. NeonBlue says:

    Guys, black people cant be racist!

  13. CanadianLoki76 says:

    Yet a leftist wouldn’t know hate speech from freedom of speech to save
    their lives. Fucking triggered little safe space snowflakes.

  14. Bruh says:


  15. Nexus Moon says:

    She violated the rules of twitter by telling people to attack Milo. She is

  16. tabletop581 says:

    I’m not defending the stuff that was said to Leslie because it was horrible
    and I’d never say that to anyone. But didn’t she herself incite her Twitter
    followers to troll other people? If Twitter do implement a ban on certain
    things, then it has to be consistent across the board to all people in the
    politicalracial etc spectrums.

  17. Ayden says:

    Why cant she go back to being a nobody… She isnt funny

  18. hostiliscivitas says:


  19. Donald Murphy says:

    Jack should have showed her the block button

  20. Allahu Snackbar says:

    She looks like a gorilla, nvm she is one