Leslie Jones On Silencing Comedians, Emmy Nomination For ‘SNL’ | The View

Leslie Jones On Silencing Comedians, Emmy Nomination For ‘SNL’ | The View

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62 Responses

  1. andemoine winrow says:

    She’s still looking lovely.

  2. Melissa Guadagnin says:

    Jones is funny…keep up the great work….

  3. .AccessoryAddict. says:

    Hilarious!!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣

  4. Kelly Robinson says:

    Leslie Jones is the bomb!! I love you!!

  5. Kartikkagain says:

    I want whatever she is on!!!

  6. MilesBradC 777 says:

    This woman cracks me up. Love you Leslie 🖤💖

  7. FifthAmendment says:

    “If you want to cry for the rest of your life…” 😂🤣

  8. Anita Romero says:

    Laughter is the firework the Soul. 😊

  9. Rose 4u says:

    Leslie Jones is not only hilarious, but she is also heart-warming🤗. Yes, Leslie…I agree; we could use more laughter right now.

  10. Nashid Rountree says:

    This made me laugh so hard 😂Leslie screaming at Meghan “LAUGH”

    • SketchFlygirl says:

      She wasn’t screaming at her…😶.

    • Donna Dayle says:

      some people aren’t happy. if you can’t get a laugh from joy or leslie…that’s too bad. i guess misery loves company

    • Steef Lee says:

      SketchFlygirl – she was at the end. She was Joking of course, but she she directed it to her very specifically lol

    • SketchFlygirl says:

      But only because she was talking to her. Not because of anything else though. It is just that the comment makes it seem like it was done because it was Meghan McCain. That was all. Jones is funny though and she has a point.

    • Nashid Rountree says:

      SketchFlygirl You’re really reading into it too much

  11. Life With Lee says:

    I love her!!!

  12. johnny cat says:

    Comedy reflects the era it is in. My Dad has been a comedian for over 50 years, he could not do what he did in the 60’s 70’s 80’s etc. comedians also evolve. Jokes are based on the absurd anyhow. PC has no place in comedy anyhow.

  13. 99,700 Views says:

    Oh my god. I love her.

  14. leora noam says:


  15. TheBioExplorer says:

    Yesssssss Leslie…. Meghan soooooo needs to laugh and stop walking around so offended and screaming at everyone. She especially steps all over Joy when Joy is obviously just joking.

    • TheTuellfamily says:

      Megan screaming “That’s so mean!” when they showed Joy’s SNL character. She just doesn’t get it. Joy called her out a few months ago and told her she doesn’t have a sense of humor. I have noticed that she has tried to lighten up since then, but she really struggles not to take take things personally and gets offended very easily. Now it seems like she’s trying to show people that she has a sense of humor, but it comes off very defensive. Sherry Shepard called her out on WWHL, and Megan was on a couple of nights later being defensive. Sherry was just giving her honest opinion and saying what most people are thinking. I’m a conservative and appreciate the view point that Megan brings to the show, but I wish she would stop name dropping, sincerely laugh more, and stop making most issues about herself.

    • Candie P says:

      Megs just needs a enema.

    • Mousey Publishings says:

      The right doesnt silence anyone, those ppl r big on freedom of speach. Its always the Democrats that complain about comedians offending them, always.
      As the saying goes, sticks and stones may break our bones but there will always b something to offend a feminist.

    • TheBioExplorer says:

      Mousey Publishings Yeah sure… Love how the right is suddenly claiming to be tolerant. Now THAT is funny. What happened some feminist hurt your feelings? Sure there some feminists out there that are too serious and haters… Just as there are some white supremacists on the right. Neither of those represent the mainstream of feminists or conservatives. Stop letting extremists sway you one way or the other.

  16. Jay Hi5 says:

    Love me some Leslie Jones! A beautiful strong talented woman!

    • internet god says:

      Why are you judging her on her physical appearance

    • Dee B says:

      you failed reading comprehension.. this isn’t about her physical appearance.. anymore than steppin fetchits appearance.. its about how she PLAYS to sterotype and carries herself like some wild mannish oversexed  savage. Notice when she talks one on one she is articulate but when she gets in front of the cameras.. TOTAL BUFFOONERY SHA NAY NAY act

    • null akjg says:

      She looks like a wild beast. In a terrible way

  17. Orange8763153 says:

    She has this positive energy about her that makes her a very likable person

  18. amal zuhair says:

    This woman is amazing she’s what 2018 needs

    • Mousey Publishings says:

      amal zuhair y?

    • First Last says:

      No liberals is what 2018 needs.

    • null akjg says:

      I would have said we need health care but okay a fat ugly loud woman is fine i guess.

    • Izz // says:

      null akjg Mate!! I’m sorry!! You’ve obviously misread the comment as “she is the one and only thing we need in 2018, we don’t need healthcare or literally anything else not even education, just her” but if you reread it, it doesn’t say that!! Let me know if you need anymore help understanding the comment section xxx

  19. sherwood991 says:

    My, my, my, Meghan actually looked like she wanted to be on the panel today. She was engaging in discussions that did not involve politics. She was laughing. OMG, what a day, what a day.

  20. Shasha Vengesayi says:

    I love this woman. Leslie cracks me up and makes me happy all the time. I wish her even more success. Could she host the BETs again please

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