Lesnar Returns to Raw as Champion | WWE Raw Highlights 1/3/22 | WWE on USA

Lesnar Returns to Raw as Champion | WWE Raw Highlights 1/3/22 | WWE on USA

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are back on Raw and back together again. WWE Raw Highlights 1/3/22. Watch WWE Raw Monday nights at 8/7c on USA Network. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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28 Responses

  1. mike richardson says:

    Really liking this new iteration of brock. Hopefully he’ll keep this flow going and steer away from the way he was last time around.

    • Jackson Walter says:

      Same. I love that he actually gets to talk this time around because he is so great at it. I also love Heyman talking for him as well but it’s refreshing to see Brock do it too

    • Ariel Yancy says:

      Lol we knows those times where Hectic 😮‍💨😌🥲

  2. Kyle Maglinte says:

    If you look what he’s done his whole life and the things he’s accomplished in and outside of WWE , he truly is a champion!

  3. Omar Cruz says:

    Paul Heyman can do no wrong, this is by far the best thing in all of wrestling today.

  4. Darrin Gardner says:

    This was put together so well done. Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman need to be together. Brock goes and dominates in the ring, sends his victims to suplex city, and does multiple F5’s to his opponent. Paul Heyman hypes his beast incarnate to the people and tells them why they should see Brock victimize and brutalize his opponents.

  5. MJ24 says:

    I like this new version of Brock!! Cocky, charisma, more talking on the mic. The whole look. This is gold

  6. Naruto Explained says:

    Brock with the petty “get well soon buddy” 😂

  7. James J. says:

    Never gets old!!! Love it!!!

  8. ZK47 says:

    i love how brocks promos have gotten way better now he doesn’t just let paul hayman do all
    the talking it gives him much of a bigger character. i might have to start watching wwe again just bc of him

  9. l says:

    Seeing Paul and Brock as babyfaces is so strange, but even with their heelish mannerisms, they still pull it off well. Brock’s been booked pretty well since he returned.

  10. Scenic Fights says:

    I love Brock’s new look. I have a feeling he’s going to turn on Paul Heyman eventually.

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