@Lethal Shooter can really make a basket on anything 😳 | #shorts

@Lethal Shooter can really make a basket on anything 😳 | #shorts

@Lethal Shooter can really make a basket on anything 😳

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31 Responses

  1. Sleepy Joe says:

    That’s incredible

  2. Rev Martin says:

    You don’t need to prove you are already epic sportsperson

  3. Martin Gonzalez says:

    That would make a good training basket.

  4. Vincent Ram says:

    PURE SKILL on the shot!

  5. God Blessed America says:

    Our basketball coach had us practice without backboards. It worked great.

    • P ear says:

      @VTVT 01  @VTVT 01  Yeah, backboard shooter are getting rare. I use to both love & hate playing with & against them. Dude’s shooting bang 2’s 3’s is annoying as hell especially if they aren’t consistently accurate.

    • VTVT 01 says:

      @P ear I mean dont get me wrong I’ll use the backboard in the paint but you’re trash if you’re hitting bank shots from 3 😂

    • madero2025 says:

      @VTVT 01 as long as bang shots are legal, there is nothing wrong with them.

    • robert Chin says:

      So he tricked you into playing netball?

    • dimeadozen says:

      @VTVT 01 depends on how you look at it if the other team is outplayed you most of the game but you find a way to keep the game close enough at the end and you bank a three off the board to go ahead it’s so demoralizing to the other team and the feeling is great. Heads down all that hard work and hustle and you loose to a bank three😂

  6. TragedyAbounds says:

    Using that undersized rim is a great way to get accurate with your shot.

  7. Corvidknows says:

    Impressive with style.
    5 points each shot.

  8. Jerrod Bridgeforth says:

    The reason he shoots so good ,he has good posture shoulders are square and he bends at the knees and he has good arm and risk action

  9. Across the Net Tennis says:

    Now tell us how many attempts that was… If this was 1/5 I’d be impressed.

    • MrFixit NC says:

      That’s the whole point dude.

      You practice with a rim this size until you get accurate and good enough to sink the shot on a regular basis, and then using the regulation size rim becomes ridiculously easy.

      That’s literally what it’s all about, attempt after attempt after attempt, hundreds and hundreds of attempts, fails and successes, until your successes begin to outweigh your fails.
      Then hundreds and hundreds MORE attempts, until most every shot is sunk.

      You saying this like you’re exposing some dark secret or like he’s scamming people by pretending those are the only shots he took, it’s just sad …reaching hard to find fault with something there’s no fault to be found.

    • Larry Pavone says:

      @MrFixit NC this isn’t a tutorial or a practice video. It’s bragging about how good he is.

      And the dude who made the original comment isn’t even trash talking, just pointing out this wasn’t continuous shots but separate attempts.
      He also didn’t include a single missed shot, purposefully.

  10. ASquadWiper says:

    Favorite part of this: “i understand it” … This is all about physics and I love it 😎❤️

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