Let’s Paint With String

Let’s Paint With String

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31 Responses

  1. RAMI TUEL says:

    Jenna doing art: vairies (virgo to aries)
    Julien doing art: airgo (aries to virgo)

  2. Irie Jasmin says:

    I love how a good portion of this video is just Julien trying to stop Jenna from going any further lol

  3. Ruebari says:

    Duuuude that third painting is PERFECT. 😀

  4. Your Boo says:

    Julien: *slowly pulls string across canvas*

    Jenna: He’s BRAVE! woAHHHHHHH!!!

  5. Lizzie Kys says:

    so anyways jenna can i PLEASE be a
    ・゚: *✧・゚:* 32 year old lady *:・゚✧*:*

  6. Marina Sanchez says:

    Julien going in for a kiss @13:31 then remembering they’re just friends…

  7. MikeMGTV says:

    ya’ll know how much money you could get for that table if you sold it on ebay….

  8. Benji Boi says:

    Jenna *GASP* “DOOOON’T”
    Julian: “I’m doing the Simba thing”
    Jenna: “iM NoT sImBa!!”

  9. Nicole McCoy says:

    Laughing so hard ??

    Julien : what’s it called?
    Jenna: Salad

  10. Kenneth Bitanga says:

    Jenna!!! You should do balloon smash painting. It comes out so cool and beautiful

  11. Bx3A _ says:

    Julien: yours is chaotic and there’s beauty in chaos-

    Jenna: thank you-

    Julien: *trust me I know.*

  12. Brenna Donnelly says:

    I love how Julien said “careful of the too much gene” and she was like “YEAH, YEAH” and proceeded to throw more paint strings

  13. Nut Gurl says:

    You guys should make a table! Like decorate a tabletop and then seal it with resin idk i feel like that could be cool

  14. Amber Wood says:

    We all know. You know in your heart too Jenna; time to paint the table.

  15. Salwa Inde says:

    20 mins of watching what support and love means ?

  16. Mia M says:

    I would pay to have “Salad” hung up in my house.

  17. kayla says:

    wow. painting really does bring out jenna’s inner aires and julien’s inner virgo. like i never thought I would hear JULIEN tell JENNA to stop.

  18. michelleab09 says:

    Can you do a video where you pretend to be Kermit’s therapist for a day? Figure out what all of the crying is really about.

  19. alyssa fuller says:

    if you & your man don’t hype each other up the way jenna and julien do, are you even in a healthy relationship?

  20. Robbie Lawrence says:

    Way back in the day Italian’s tried to use olive oil as a painting medium and they discovered it never truly dries… Good luck, Jenna! LOL (walnut oil does tho)

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