Let’s talk about Coronavirus

Let’s talk about Coronavirus

Dr. Mike’s Coronavirus Video ► https://youtu.be/5CRxyHU9Oxo
Learn from CDC ► https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/index.html
Learn from WHO ► https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019

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80 Responses

  1. Beeba K Smith says:

    “Keep your pantry full”
    This is good advice, so that it’s easy to self-quarantine if you get the virus. However, I feel it would be good to mention that people shouldn’t go *overboard* when filling their pantries and freezers; there’s a problem right now with people over-shopping and there being very little on the shelves in supermarkets, leaving others without. So yes, get enough food to last in the event you have to self-quarantine, but don’t overdo it and leave others with nothing.

    • Amanda Neal says:

      Me and my mother has looked at all the stores available to us and almost no food or hand sanitizers, we have food stocked up from going out of our city and it’s getting really scary..

    • possible Roblox channel? says:

      The people overshopping are helping the economy 😂😂

    • Brian Hatten says:

      I can’t find alcohol wipes Clorox wipes food water and toilet paper also alcohol in case shit hits the fan

    • Chris Richfield says:

      i live at ground zero basically (5 miles from kirkland, WA) and theres plenty of food, the problem is people buying up all the damn toilet paper!

    • Meeshell ART says:

      Tell anyone to stock up and they overbuy leaving less for the rest of us. Look at toilet paper

  2. Kushala Daora says:

    We in French its beginning to fall in chaos… school have closed yesterday and people have what i call the calm chaos: they look calm but inside of them they are scared and will run away with just a little snezze

  3. Cluky3338 says:

    there was legit a kid in my class that said “coronavirus isn’t real”

    then why is our school cancelled for 3 weeks???

    • Jsoerenne Udani says:

      in our country, schools are cancelled for a month. some schools dont even have graduations or moving ups anymore.

    • Kestalami says:

      unnecessary paranoia

    • UselessTrash #22 says:

      @Crystal Diva then that means that technically, every word is a made-up name, and therefore, nothing is real

    • islanti says:

      That’s a dumb arguement. That’s like saying “theres only 2 genders”… “oh yea then why does Sarah have a penis and some days identifies with an attack helicopter?”

      Dont put so much trust in government

    • Kghhg Fjg says:

      I thought someone ate a bat thats what everyone is saying down here

  4. relsey says:

    Media: Stay inside and don’t interact with other people

    Introverts: * happy noises *

  5. ANDROID 13 says:

    MarkiMoo for president 2030 –

  6. Vizual says:

    Markiplier has activated “wholesome” mode

  7. Chim Cánh Cụt TV says:

    Heres a tip : This aint the zombie apocalypse, stop being too panicked but also dont be so ignorant like ya boi Trump or ya boi Trudeau, be like the chancellor of Germany, be cautious but dont be paranoid.

    • Cupcake Wolf says:

      But I already got out my zombie apocalypse survival kit. Do you know how hard it is to pack a rocket launcher?

    • Gabi Soto says:


  8. Clyde Fish says:

    Coronavirus news: It’s a pandemic
    Everyone: BUY TOILET PAPER!!!!!

    • Sakuri North says:

      That’s litterally what I’m seeing down in VA, we only have 12 rolls and that honestly my household will need, but then you have JERRY WHO LIVES BY HIMSELF BUYING 40-50 ROLLS OF TOILET PAPER!

    • Mikan says:

      @Sakuri North Jerry has messy poot. He needs all those toilet papers to make his butt poot free.

    • chemicalcorpsebride says:

      I went to Walmart to get toilet paper because we ran out and there was NONE. Like why just toilet paper and not tissues and paper towels??? There were still a good amount of tissues and paper towels.. Obviously I get the hand sanitizer but.. toilet paper ??

    • RWBYfan4603 RLYRLYKOOLKID says:

      Exactly! Why tho? We no one is buying bottled waters but everyone wants toilet paper lol, priorities people, priorities

    • UselessTrash #22 says:

      @RWBYfan4603 RLYRLYKOOLKID get the essentials before the stupid people do lol

  9. Bianca says:

    I think that mark talked in a really comforting way of this pendemic going on. I come from Italy and I’m pretty much next to the epicenter as i live in Lombardy, I just have a little thing to say to the americans that are now starting to stock up and getting anxious and scared for their future.
    The first is to go outside since you still can and stock up but please don’t go all together, the main problem it’s the masses of people in supermarkets and really crowded places, you should avoid this places especially if you come in contact with the elderly.
    Avoid going to parties and sharing the same drinks and stuff since its pretty dangerous not for young people but for all the people over 60 mostly with other aggravations like breathing problems or diabetes try to keep a save distance from people about 1.5 m (4 feets??)
    And washing hand a lot is really important, try also to avoid kissing and hugging in public.
    I know I just wrote a lot and probably not a lot of people will read but yeah…
    I also apologize for any kind of errors
    but english it’s not my first language 😅

    • ForMontagne says:

      I really appreciate your post, Bianca. I am so worried for my parents, especially since my younger sister (who loves to party) lives with our 75 year old dad with diabetes. I know she’s worried about him too, and I hope all the articles I’ve sent her plus comments like yours give her clearer eyes on what she can do to minimize his exposure and keep him, and people like him, safe. Your English was great by the way! I hope you and your family and friends stay safe. Best wishes to you.

    • Imperial Poland says:

      Good luck and thank you

    • User Unknown says:

      Thank you for sharing!!

    • Erik Eriks says:

      Yeah I live in The Netherlands and I’d like to say that that’s a good advice, if the chain reaction didn’t already start. People are already buying in massive sums so now it’s just better to go with the flow and hope you’re not the last one at the store.

    • ForMontagne says:

      Thank you for your post, Bianca. I am so worried for my parents, particularly for my 75 year old dad with diabetes who lives with my party-loving younger sister. I know she’s worried about him too, and I hope the articles I send her plus insightful comments like yours help give her clearer eyes on how she can minimize his exposure and protect him and others like him. Thank you for sharing your tips and experience. Your English was great, by the way! I wish you and yours good health. Stay safe.

  10. Insanity 1116 says:

    My school didn’t even close down yet the principal says that they mostly won’t close down the school so they won’t have to open it in the summer

  11. Nightmare Studios says:

    “They’re microscopic little demons”
    my brother watchng this video: *couchs* I hAvE cOrOnAvIrUs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. UltrawK says:

    Mark: i dont want people to panic

    Australia: yeah…


  13. Your local milkman says:

    I shared this with my teacher and she played it in class

  14. Toko Mokre says:

    “Corona time”
    Eh eh Achooo at school
    Btw I’m sick I tell my friend’s they then stay away 50 feet away
    Me: 🙂

  15. shadowkitty says:

    Me: is told to self isolate because a relative has symptoms
    Also me: finally an opportunity to watch Mark’s five hour Dream Daddy livestream

    • Erik Eriks says:

      Lucky bastard

    • Zenigundam says:

      This whole thing is garbage. We smart people knew it would be a pandemic from Day 1 when China was covering up the severity of the disease and underreporting cases, and all this idiot Trump had to do was shut down travel to and from the United States. Now because of his stupidity and inaction, all major sports are canceled and I can’t make the gambling money I rake in on the daily. If I have anything bad happen to me financially, I’m gonna have to find Trump.

  16. Sun from our solar system says:

    Is the world gonna end?- No
    Am I sure?- No
    Am I panicking?- No, that just makes it worse.

    • Eric Forman says:

      Alex that’s true but my sister believes that they’re trying to distract us from global warming. That belief won’t stop us from taking precautions tho

    • Erik Eriks says:

      @Alex ofcourse they do, but it’s still a widespread and very dangerous virus, even tho shopping massively isn’t gonna help

    • Orange Juice says:

      Buddy the worlds not gonna end because of a virus that targets the elderly

    • Erik Eriks says:

      @David Bird lol I’d rather live together tbh but sounds like a good deal I’ll keep it in the back of my mind

    • UselessTrash #22 says:

      @Orange Juice that’s why they said “no”, it’s probably aimed at the people who think this is some sort of worldwide natural disaster

  17. jan harald says:

    you don’t need to be an expert to think logically
    thx for being who you are, Dr. Iplier
    overstocking is still a problem, tho

    • Erik Eriks says:

      The problem is it would actually be a good idea to buy massive sums of stocking when the chain reaction has already started. Look over stocking is ofcourse started by idiots and is dumb but it doesn’t matter whether it’s dumb or not it already started and those dumb people are gonna empty out the stores if you don’t go there quickly. And no that’s not helping the problem the problem is already set by stupid people that go buy there which will never stop so it’s just better to not be the last and go with the flow.

  18. juan cruz quiroga says:

    Me: reads comments about toilet paper being out of stock
    Also me: **Laughs in Argentinian** (we don’t need toilet paper cause we use bidet)

  19. KnpnTo , says:

    I, as a 9 year Cancer survivor thought I was one of those “healthy” people. I’m glad Mark was here say the truth, even the people who’ve survived other diseases are not as safe as others. If I could I’d give a huge personal thanks to Mark for trying to keep us safe. Thank you

  20. JT Watts says:

    When Markiplier starts talking seriously, then you know you better listen 😶

    • BC A says:

      JT Watts 不理解为什么西方人的观念里,没病不戴口罩。戴口罩一个重要作用就是保护自己不被病毒感染。okay if you don’t understand plz use translater due yo my terrible English.

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