Let’s Talk About Reagan For A Second

Let’s Talk About Reagan For A Second

Stephen wants to know if Ted Cruz will be like Reagan, particularly when it comes to amnesty.

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20 Responses

  1. Cratcher1 says:

    Did Ted Cruz just eschew one of the branches of government?

  2. Tmantebow says:

    @Bryce Kepner I’d like to agree with you, but I didn’t see that in the 2014
    elections. If this were the case, both houses would be democratically
    controlled right now. In no way am I saying you’re wrong, I’m just pointing
    out that there is still a large majority of Americans that think
    differently than you and I sometimes do. It may appear that Americans are
    taking a stance on more liberal policies, but frankly, that may be what is
    appearing in your eyes, and not in the eyes of other Americans; primarily
    in the South(from Florida here) and across the Midwest.

  3. Albin Lundholm says:

    Stephen’s so fucking brilliant, I’ve always prefered Jon Stewart to him,
    but he’s miles better than anyone currently on the air

  4. Mirko Andreoli says:

    This is where letterman was always better than Leno and Fallon. Sharp and
    meaningful political interview. Colber is great, right on the spot. Dave
    showed the way (Kimmel doe asIo this pretty well). I love Fallon, he is
    funny but he can’t conduct this type of interview.

  5. SomeGuy says:

    “Guys, guys, he’s my guest. Please don’t boo him.”
    Hands-down the classiest thing I’ve ever seen in politics.

  6. aahwUNL11 says:

    Someone break down for me fundamentally what the difference is here between
    “civil rights” and “god-given, inalienable rights” because to me, I just
    want the civil right to marry the man I love, and yes, I am also a man. I
    was under the assumption that we didn’t vote on things like civil rights,
    because then you end up with things like Jim Crow laws, which effectively
    turned African-Americans into second class citizens because of the color of
    their skin. The Supreme Court stepped in at that time, but would you have
    wanted to leave those decisions up to the states? Because I guarantee you
    you would STILL have states with discrimination laws on the books TODAY.
    Look around.

  7. Lardale Loud says:

    Ted Cruz nailed it! He’s the only competent candidate on either party. Cruz
    understands that in order for our nation to function properly there MUST be
    some accountability and rule of law which begins at the level of The United
    States Constitution.

    The crowd’s reaction to his view on marriage (particularly Obergefell v.
    Hodges) is typical behavior of liberals and absolutely horrendous.
    Seriously, the rationale supporting the United States Supreme Court
    majority’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges collapses under the weight of
    rational scrutiny. Even Pro-Same-Sex Marriage Scholar, Andrew Koppelman of
    Northwestern University Law school, expressed disappointment over Justice
    Anthony Kennedy’s reasoning by lamenting “The Supreme Court’s ruling Friday
    that the Constitution protects same-sex marriage was great news. The party
    pooper was the REMARKABLY WEAK REASONING by which the Court got there.
    Reading the four dissents POKE HOLES in Justice Anthony Kennedy’s opinion
    for the Court, I kept thinking, ‘Yeah, that’s fair,’ even though on the
    bottom line the Court clearly got it right.”

  8. Jereme Smith says:

    Colbert classy as hell there at the end.

  9. davidrbecken says:

    They are not ‘five unelected lawyers’, you pathetic moron, they are five
    vetted and appointed justices. Show some respect, asshole.

  10. Thomas Hoang says:

    Colbert is such a classy guy!

  11. John Williamson says:

    “However you feel, he is my guest, so please don’t boo him.”

  12. IXM360 says:

    Respect Colbert so much for telling his audience not to boo Cruz, he doesnt
    want to turn this into a circus pantomime but a productive and intelectual
    discussion, instead of playing up to the crowd like many other late night
    hosts would have, i fear, done.

  13. Panthers1521 says:

    Colbert went pretty hard on him

  14. Jerry Pecks says:

    Nitwit fascist

  15. Tracy Vanity says:

    That was a really intense interview. I’ve never seen Colbert so serious
    before. It was great to see that level of passion coming out of him, the
    real him. Colbert conducted himself like a true gentleman while grilling
    Cruz on his complete hypocrisy and homophobia. I’m glad Colbert is getting
    tougher during his interviews with these candidates and hope he continues
    down this road of being tough but tasteful for politicians on all sides.
    Telling the audience not to boo Cruz was amazing. You can completely
    disagree with someone and still be respectful. It’s a rare thing to witness
    but it can be done.

    Cruz just reminds me why I hate politicians. I think the time of
    politicians getting away with never answering direct questions, repeating
    the same talking points nonstop like a broken record no matter what, and
    using selective memories of the past to make their campaign look legitimate
    are over. Our bullshit detectors are fine tuned right now and the last
    thing we want or need is more bullshit.

    Needless to say I’m feeling the Bern right now.

  16. seinfan9 says:

    A guy against totalitarianism, and the progressives hate him. Fuck you,
    commie assholes!

  17. nenafan1 says:

    I think I can sum up my opinions on this clip thusly:

    Hallelujah Stephen, speak the truth!

    Screw you, Ted Cruz, you slimy SOB!!

  18. Christopher Reibold says:

    These people are out of there mind – they are actually cheering for the
    government to reach into their wallets and take MORE of their money? Holey
    shit. Liberalism is insanity.

  19. Danny McMillan says:

    The Supreme Court is vital because unlike politicians, They cannot be
    swayed by term limits, poll numbers, or interest groups. They look at the
    law and decide on issues that States will bicker over from here to Kingdom
    Come. Just because they made a decision on something Cruz didn’t like
    doesn’t mean he should get rid of them. Especially since unlike Cruz, they
    READ the constitution.

  20. TehMorbidAtheist says:

    I’d boo him too, the idiot doesn’t know which planet he lives on. If he
    doesn’t understand simple ABCs of life, then he should get booed and
    humiliated. He’s had his chance to grow a brain.

    Also, his interpretation of the 10th amendment is wrong. It’s not the “if
    it’s not in the Constitution, then it’s up to the States” – the 10th cannot
    limit something that the States didn’t have to begin with.

    The States rights advocates are the ones that used to say that interracial
    marriage should have been left up to the States as well.

    State law also cannot supersede federal law.

    Computers are also NOT in the Constitution, should the States decide
    whether computers are Constitutional?