Let’s Talk About Tesla Roadster 2020!

Let’s Talk About Tesla Roadster 2020!

Thoughts on Tesla Roadster 2. Next gen sports cars are going to be simply insane.

That hoodie: http://amzn.to/2A93eM8

Bjorn Nyland video: https://youtu.be/tSIonjvcHW4
David Hodge tweet: https://twitter.com/DavidHodge/status/931391188065705984/video/1


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Intro Track: I Got One by Alltta



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45 Responses

  1. kudo conan` says:

    Yes you should and 1 for me too

  2. Ijaz Shaikh says:

    No pollution and so fast

  3. Ludwig Sjö says:

    Hahah Tesla will be bankrupt in 2020 so there will not be a Roadster 2.0 just saying

    • 黄浠 says:

      they will never bankrupt, because they have spacex. whenever they need money, spacex will loan some to them

    • MRFUCKOFF202 says:

      Yes but it relies on hype continuing. Failing to deliver models on time is a spanner in the works. Not generating big revenue and profit will start to eat away among more serious investors, failing to deliver the truck or roadster for a couple of years and it not meeting expectations could come next, by which point half the model 3 orders have been cancelled. In that case, the share price could be down 75% and that means they can raise 75% less issuing the same number of shares, but the company costs are the same, so they have to issue 4 times the shares (assuming they even can pull off a huge placing by that point, which loses them more investors because they are running from dilution, then they end up with death spiral funding, then they break bank covenants, then they are bought out or disappear. Musk has been sharing their IP with other companies too, so what exactly does buying them out achieve? A loss making, tainted brand, huge debt, no IP? I see him as more of a revolutionary than a businessman.

      In 2009 it was a completely different company in completely different circumstances. It has no relevance. You could say GM survived the oil crisis or BHS survived the financial crash or any number of other companies that have since gone bankrupt.

    • XDKX101 says:

      jbcreate all of Musk’s ventures are hard startups; i.e. struggling. SpaceX has more track record of crashes and failed starts over success and Hyperloop has not shown any result yet. Musk has great vision, but he does not have the funding to deliver them unfortunately. Also investors, incl. govt does not care about the future as much as you do, they care about the numbers. How much they get in return. And in business myself and having to deal with these people, let me tell you, most of them care more about the short term / longterm. Unless you are fortunate and manage to land a big whale that can afford to burn cash for a greater return in the future. And IF it returns as much.

      I do think and hope they will succeed but with the execution of the Model 3 and their exorbitant time frames for commercial production, its obvious they are struggling.

    • godsaber21 says:

      Caddy Guy Gaming did you forget you already bailed out the big automakers? lol

    • Edward Byard says:

      Ever heard of a company called Amazon?

      They just posted their first profit last year (2016). 21 years after the company started.

      It’s called REINVESTING.

  4. Telix says:

    He reserved it, as seen on his Snapchat. 🏎

  5. steitisch says:

    With today’s street legal tyres you can’t hit 0-60 in under 2.0 sec even with unlimited power.

  6. Excalibur ! says:

    *JUST DO IT* ✔

  7. cheesecake bunny says:

    Buy it buy it buy it buy it

  8. JP says:

    I believe Dodge said the demon could do 0-60 in 2.1s

  9. Goober and Buddy says:

    That announcement was awesome

  10. Joumaico Maulas says:

    Even if I have millions of dollars and buy this car, it’s still useless because our government in the Philippines regulates a 50mph maximum speed limit for a 4-wheel vehicle. Yeah, I admire the work of Elon especially the new self-driving truck.

  11. DJ Tech Guy says:

    He’s using Razer phone!

  12. Michael S says:

    Can’t wait to see that thing on the Ring… 😀

  13. Marco Pederzoli says:

    1,5 G acceleration?

  14. Toxiko says:

    Beautiful and fast but without sound its feels so empty. I watched the presentation and when he drove/accelerated a bit after he got it out of the truck I cringed so hard. I won’t miss the noise of daily use cars but I will definitely miss the sound of sports cars. I remember when I heard a Formula 1 car in real life for the first time. When they downshifted it was so loud my heart missed a beat and you could see the fire coming out of the exhaust. I will never forget that.

    • Rob Kowalski says:

      Toxiko 100 percent agree. As I said in my comment, this car is soulless.

    • VaeVictus666 says:

      Truth right there. That’s my issue with all these electric cars.

    • dolbyscott says:

      Play the engine sound through the stereo, it works for BMW

    • LulzRoyce says:

      There is a new law that is in the works that will require electric cars to make noise because its a safety issue and pedestrians sometimes cant hear the car coming. So will it be a natural sound? Probably not, but nothing about this car is “natural” haha – so don’t worry, soon enough electric cars will have a badass sound too (but it most likely wont be that of a petrol car and we will just have to accept that it is a thing of the past and move on)

  15. Sean McGowan says:

    Tesla …no soul electric car!
    I could care less if it went 0 to 60 in half a second …i would never buy it.

  16. Berleezee says:

    Imagine if Elon started building computer CPUs

  17. 李政杰 says:

    well, the Alpha Omega GTR R35 is still faster. ; )

  18. ручка says:

    У моего деда лучше ! Я б такой дешевле собрал

  19. Matthew Mustoe says:

    Still would rather have the truck then a sports car lol

  20. Review Machine says:

    its like a rollercoaster ride all along LOOL

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