Let’s Talk This Out – Bryan Cranston’s Controversial Casting in “The Upside” | The Daily Show

Let’s Talk This Out – Bryan Cranston’s Controversial Casting in “The Upside” | The Daily Show

Trevor talks about how a well-written post from an actor who uses a wheelchair changed his perspective on who should portray people with disabilities onscreen.

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111 Responses

  1. Dalilah B says:

    I’m coming back later…

    Waiting for petty comments

    • manoova says:

      Why wait? It appeared as soon as you clicked on ‘Comment’.

    • Livid Imp says:

      Oh the irony of your own comment.

    • pedro almeida says:

      +Sunshine Hornick Yeah yeah.. the typical ”both sides” argument.
      I guess democrats are equally to blame for the government shutdown, the 1 trillion dollar budget deficit, the deregulation of the financial system, the removal of coverage for people with preexisting conditions, cuts on medicare, social security and medicaid?
      I commend your attitude of being receptive and fair but this is something that is clear to see:
      the GOP and conservatives are to blame. If we can’t draw that line they’ll use it to blame Liberals for it and knowing middle America as i know they’ll fall for it again. Remember that the 2 biggest economic crisis this country ever experienced happened because of Republican policies and Democrats cleaned it up both times( in 1929 and 2008).
      Now Republicans are pushing for the same policies all over again. You don’t need to be disrespectful, lie or resort to petty attacks. You just need to be truthful. Republicans should take their own advice and stop blaming others for their own failures.

    • Oke Micco says:

      Trevor is bald. Those are pube hairs pasted on his cranium.

    • Neon Pyre says:

      This comment seems pretty petty

  2. The Music Arena says:


    I really want to hit 20.00k before 2020, I’ll appreciate any support❤️❤️

  3. UweGooey says:

    it’s bryan cranston, his name just pulls in money and he’s a wonderful actor. i think it’s just as simple as that

    • Lisa DuPre says:

      Yeah the other guy is Kevin Hart. I’m pretty sure the movie would make the same amount of money with an unknown actor in the paraplegic role. And if they had cast that way the marketing would take care of itself, especially given the main theme of the movie is that disabled people are capable of more than we think they are. The reason they didn’t do it was not because they couldn’t have; it’s because it just didn’t occur to anyone to try. It’s as simple as that.

    • Norbert Korzus says:

      Not as much as you think. Movies with him didn’t really make crazy money outside of Godzilla that didn’t really use him much.

      Also does everything in our society have to be about money? When did we allow “we did it for the money” to be an excuse for everything. Can’t we work for a better tomorrow and agree to make slightly less money? Rich people and huge corporations already have huge savings and investments in speculative tools that are not helping anyone (but building bubbles). If they are not used to cancel out the acumulated world debt maybe it’s not needed and it’s better to earn less and make the world a better place?

    • alienboyguitar says:

      +In the Woods ?

    • The Unfamous -Khalid- K915B says:

      +Phill McKraken Yeah, and people were upset when Scarlet Johansson got cast as a Trans person, especially after she was cast to play an originally Asian character.

    • The Unfamous -Khalid- K915B says:

      +Roger Castro Except the point of RDJ playing an Australian actor who played a Black character, is exactly what everyone is complaining about, it was making fun of Hollywood for doing things like that repeatedly, in cowboy movies they’d get Italians to play Mexicans and Native Americans…

  4. Nimie Redwrench says:

    What about Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier?

    • musicvixen24 says:

      That was before this era

    • Chrisiant says:

      Hi Nimie. I love the role, and the actor. I really do. But Sir Patrick is not disabled, and never has been. So while he is very very good, there are some things he doesn’t get right. And a disabled actor could play that role as well as the Professor, and still get those things right.

    • Jonny-5 says:

      Who gives a shit about Xavier. Now we have to get mad at things from the past that piss people off now, but were completely fine back then, too? This shit is getting ridiculous. I’m getting pretty sick of people whining “how come you made the movie *you* made and not the movie *I* would have made?” But everyone has the right to be a whiner, so whine on if whining makes these people feel better somehow.

    • ahmad maliq says:

      what about charlie cox as matt murdock/daredevil? Marvel/Disney need to open their eyes! represent yo

    • celeste says:

      Ty_ teynium Ahhh, Daniel Day Lewis… I remember the controversy although he did win an Oscar for his performance

  5. Madison Sido says:

    Its so cool seeing someone talking about being open to changing their stance on an issue based on new information.

    • krebward says:

      +kcbh24 funny to me, anyways. Any response to what I said? Probably not.

    • bobby negoescu says:

      +Eden Croft Yeah, that’s something people might forget, and it probably goes for a lot of productions like this, which is why it could be important to hold auditions in the first place. And to an extent, I agree with the whole ‘your talent should be the deciding factor’ argument, but I’m willing to bet that there wasn’t a chance for a disabled actor to try, and that’s the real issue. It’s not about just automatically giving the part away, it’s about giving the chance to get the part. Idk, just my thoughts.

      Sidenote, I wholeheartedly agree with the cursing/fighting online point that Trevor made, and I kinda hope it gets through to some people.

    • krebward says:

      +Eden Croft thank you. What do people think? That a studio is going to risk millions of dollars on an unknown disabled actor just because it might be the right thing to do, according to a small vocal minority. People live in these echo chambers and think that because all they hear everyday is what they agree with, that it’s right and the majority of people agree with it. They never even think to look at another option, and if they do they shout it down and claim they’re victims. It’s a joke.

    • Christmas Bbjp says:

      Madison Side Yes it is! ??

    • Christmas Bbjp says:

      +Justin Oliver Sounds like the Toddler in Chief! ????

  6. Byrron Mobley says:

    Even though the actor in the wheel chair makes a good point making movies have always been about money. And unfortunately that’s the truth.

    • Norbert Korzus says:

      Not all of them and no, it has not been always like that. And I say this as someone who literally gets paid to buy movies that will make the most money in my part of Europe.

    • evil within me says:

      +Micah Johnson Boxing why to they make a good movie? *_TO MAKE MORE MONEY_*

    • Issa Gods Life Issa Good Life says:

      +Micah Johnson Boxing The Gods Of Egypt Isn’t A Good Example At All.. That Movie Was A Problem Because Ancient Egyptians Weren’t White Or Arabs They Were Black.. There Is Absolutely 0 Issue With Bryon Cranston Playing A Paraplegic That Is Just Stupid.. He’s A Great Actor And That’s Really The End Of It Its Not Even A Money Grab.. What’s An Issue Is Kevin Hart Playing A Broke Ex Con When He’s Never Done Time And Its Not Believible At All He Isn’t A Great Actor Like Bryan Cranston The Only Reason He Has That Role Is Because Its Not Hard For America To See Any Black Man As An Ex Con.. That’s Just Trash.. Also The Whole White Savior Concept Is Trash.. Sick Of It.. I Would Have Been All For It If They Had Good White Actor Play The Ex Con And A Good Black Actor Play The Rich Paraplegic.. Its 2019.. Fuck Kevin Hart For Even Taken That Role.. Just Fucking Trash.. Kevin Hart Was The Money Grab Role..

    • Issa Gods Life Issa Good Life says:

      +Micah Johnson Boxing And You Make No Sense.. People Make Movies To Make Money This Ain’t No Indie Film.. There’s Nothing Wrong With Bryan Cranston And There’s Nothing Unfortunate Or Sad Or Disrespectful Or Whatever Dumb Shit You’re Saying.. You Sound So Stupid..

    • Issa Gods Life Issa Good Life says:

      +ColoringKaria No Gods Of Egypt Was Trash Not Because It Was Just A Trash Movie But Because The Whole Fucking Cast Should Have Been Black And The Names Were Even The Greek Versions Of The Real Names.. That Was The Issue.. But White Hollywood Would NEVER EVER Let Black People Be Seen As Gods Ever.. Which We Were Seen As Gods Everywhere.. We Have Statues Everywhere In The World We Taught The World.. That’s Another Fact They Don’t Want To Be Known.. That’s Why They Keep Making Movies Like This Kevin Hart Trash This White Savior B.s…

  7. Asa Coe says:

    This gentleman in the wheelchair is a shining example of humanity in a culture dominated by deviant reaction.

    • Asa Coe says:

      +Thomas Boulet yes deviant, as in 90% of comments online are deviant in nature, they are purposely uncultured spiteful remarks.
      Although, malice, probably would have been the better word.

    • Jacob Svetich says:

      Ya your right him saying I or someone like me should of gotten that role is very human, selfishness is one of the most important traits for human survival.

    • Chrisiant says:

      +joe travieso Jason Bourne movies need more actors in them than the guy playing the lead 🙂 And a disabled actor could play one of those roles. Professor Xavier is one of my favorite characters, and I love Patrick Stewart, but he is not disabled. And I would really have liked to see a disabled person in that role.

    • ThePark 0627 says:

      +Asa Coe
      Oh man, What Trevor pointed out The comment and your response… truly is what I seek for, no more discussions, all arguments that lead to Name calling and all that other stuff, I don’t think this is what youtube comments section was meant for

    • thomas Rose says:

      All you haters have you done anything for the disabled except run your mouth send some help to there organizations

  8. Otherworldlytwo2nine says:

    Trevor is the freaking best ????

  9. Emily Palm says:

    0:27 Careful Trevor, last time you talked about Africa and France it didn’t go well ?

    • That Girl says:

      +mudr kk thank you!

    • Light Body says:

      mudr kk Thank you so well stated. The person you responded to is seriously suffering from what Carter G. Woodson called miseducation. That part you pulled out of his statement is pathetic. To not value yourself so much as to actually type that self hating drivel is truly sad.

    • mudr kk says:

      +gbin centpourcent
      *you obviously don’t know the difference between religion and ethnicity*
      And you do? Because you have said nothing to clear up my ignorance.
      *The Jewish community has a specific history that sets them a bit apart*
      And Blacks don’t? You don’t think the history of Africans and their descendants in France have a specific history that’s set them apart?
      In any case the Jews exist in France. The are both French and Jewish.
      *You’re not a French person of African descent, I am*
      Ad-hominem and appeal to authority fallacies.
      *Yet you sure know this group better than I do*
      Straw-man argument. That is not my argument.
      *You’re sure you know how they feel about the heritage or skin colour better than I do*
      I don’t have to. You have made it clear how you feel about being black. You avoid it as much you can.
      *you’re a bigot a bully*
      Oh ? do you need me to call your mommy?
      *I don’t think any of us give a fuck*
      Yet here you are crying about it.

    • Micah West says:

      +gbin centpourcent we have Mexican people in America who voted for Donald Trump. That doesn’t change history or nationalism

    • ahouiiouii says:

      Having lived in both the United States and in France, believe me when I say that the UNITED STATES IS MORE RACIST THAN FRANCE as a general trend.

      Although France is not perfect, the vision I saw was that people tend to want to view others as French despite their skin color or origins. If people individually decide to talk about their origins then there isnt a problem, but as a rule, unless they say themself “I am from XYZ” we will see them as French. Also, the color of someone’s skin is irrelevant because we want to focus on the content of their character. (This is a general rule, as I said its not perfect inFrance not everyone is like this)

      In the United States, no matter what skin color you are, you will be constantly reminded almost daily of your skin color. It is seen as a determining factor of your identity. Black people are expected to act a certain way, white people a certain way, brown people too, etc… In the US people want to know your origins constantly. Basically, they want to put a label on you, whether its decided by skin color of origin:
      -African American
      -Mexican American
      -White people
      TRUST ME if you live in America you will be reminded of your ethnicity and background, as a gentle reminder that whatever you are, you are not like others.

      The reason why people were mad about the Africa won the world cup thing is that the only thing that links all of these players together is the fact that they’re French!! And in France this is what we want: for people to feel included, for everyone to feel equal, and for us to not be divided and feel different just because our skin tones arent the same or bc our parents are from differnet countries.

  10. Lenlen dela Cruz says:

    Heyy! Thanks for including the follow-up question! The “i’ll be a tree” really cracked me up ? how i wish there could be an episode of Between the Scenes where international fans can ask Trevor about anything. *sighs* Love from the Philippines!

    • Berkel King says:

      That would be interesting and I’m also interested in his writing his but. They seem so personalized lol I can’t imagine a writing team could do it with his authenticity

    • Lenlen dela Cruz says:

      +Cybernatics Bulakan Pareho tayo ng akala hahaha Walang may trip kay Trevor sa mga kabigan at kamag-anak ko kaya wala akong ma-share-an ng tawa ? sayang walang comedian na tulad niya dito sa Pilipinas.

    • Lenlen dela Cruz says:

      +Berkel King True! Especially the older bits. I think that’s all his. The compilation on his stand-up about Jacob Zuma is gold. And the way he learns the culture of the place he’d do stand-up in is fascinating. I’m interested to know how he does his research and who hears the jokes first. Err… Sorry for rambling; I’m just such a big fan of him ?

    • Berkel King says:

      Lenlen dela Cruz lol it’s understandable. Hopefully you get to ask him those questions and more someday soon!!

    • Lenlen dela Cruz says:

      +Berkel King I hope so too! Thank you for the kind words ❤

  11. nyssa Queen says:

    “I would have been the rumbling of the buffalo in the stampede” ???.

    Where does he come up with these things ?

    • Ernestine Morrison says:

      Hahaha. He is so one-of-a-kind.

    • Ernestine Morrison says:

      +Mattbrain aww

    • P4OUR says:

      +thomas Rose – a room full of writers told him what to say, as they talked behind the scenes… and don’t forget, THIS WAS HIS REMEMBERING WHEN THEY CAST LION KING! People are actually that witty. It may be hard for you to believe, but they are! If you know that, THEN WHY NOT HIM?

    • thomas Rose says:

      +P4OUR no I’m saying writers come up with all of his monologue he has his own brand of humor and weaves it all together and into a piece of work they all have writers and they work with them and they come up with great stand up and monologues no one goes out cold Trevor is talented I’m not putting him down I love his stuff I’m just telling you how it works everyone has writers

    • Looney 53 says:


  12. Luu Sapphire says:

    Christopher Reeve (THE Superman) in Rear Window 1998. Look it up, it’s great.

    • Shane C says:

      Thats interesting, didn’t know there was a remake of Rear Window. Of course in the original, the main character simply had a broken leg; he wasn’t paralyzed.

    • Jeff E says:

      See, that’s the thing, he had name recognition. Producers will try to cast actors with name recognition so more people will pay to watch their movie. I don’t think they are purposely avoiding hiring actors in wheelchairs, it’s just that if given the choice, studios will always choose the big name over the unknown. They are spending millions of dollars to make these movies and are expecting a return on investment. Being in a wheelchair isn’t going to automatically give you a chance to score a starring role in a big movie that features a handicapped person if no one has heard of you yet.

    • Chrisiant says:

      +Jeff E If no one will hire you, how do you become that big, bankable name? Something has to give. No one *starts their career as a big name, but when was the last time you saw a disabled person as simply ‘the guy next door’ or ‘part of the Scooby gang’? Even the kid on Glee in a wheelchair wasn’t disabled. I’m not angry at Mr. Cranston. Disappointed that he advocated for disabled actors, then took a role a disabled actor could play, yes. I’m saying though..Hollywood needs to regularly hire disabled actors. Hire disabled directors, producers, cameramen. Not all disabilities are visible. People like Lauren Potter and Sam Berdy shouldn’t be the exception, they should be the rule.

    • Alia Ris says:

      +Shane C that’s the great thing about it. For me, as a kid watching it, it was so empowering because he’s _the_ Superman, now paralyzed in wheel chair, but it doesn’t mean all his passion for film is lost.

    • SwingboyPA says:

      +Shane C
      It’s pretty good. It’s not Alfred Hitchcock, but it was well done none the less. Christopher Reeves was awesome too; he’s not a brilliant actor, but very solid.

  13. colaboytje says:

    Watch the French movie. It’s extremely good. A laugh and a tear. Great acting. Touching story.
    I hope Hollywood does it justice, and doesn’t make it a sugar coated feel good movie.

    • startide says:

      The only good american remake of a french movie is True Lies 🙂

    • Frank Wilson says:

      +startide yeah, but seeing as you write english with such accuracy (assuming you’re French), I’m sure you understand it quite well, and would probably also get a lot of the social American references when watching an American movie. I don’t know French, and though I’d still enjoy a French film subtitled in English, a French-speaking individual will understand and appreciate it a lot better. What I’m saying is, I understand and appreciate this English version a lot better.

    • Kevin B says:

      @ frank Wilson: nothing particularly hard to understand in that movie and the talks are not too fast. Also, France is not china or Antarctica, we are not so different from the USA in the way we talk etc…

    • Frank Wilson says:

      +Kevin B except the language spoken is French; saying something in French whether fast or slow, doesn’t matter to someone who doesn’t understand the language; that’s why they have subtitles. My comnent was which I appreciate more based on the language I understand. And by the way, in the same you think France is not so different from America, China and Antarctica are not so different either.

    • Frank Wilson says:

      +startide Ah! You see, I didn’t even know it was a remake, but I’m sure to me, it’ll be more enjoyable than the original version. I mean, it’s Schwarzenegger

  14. Star Cherry says:

    Idk Trevor looks like he could’ve played Simba really well

  15. Kerim Sadiković says:

    Then they said “we’re gonna have a foreign comedian in lion king”
    “It’s gonna be john oliver…”

  16. Slavica Djoric says:

    French movie is formidable

  17. DrBraxy Gilkey says:

    I actually think Trevor would make a great Rafiki. The only perfect casting done in the new Lion King movie is John Oliver as Zazu.

  18. r-t 92 says:

    Kevin Heart will never be as good as Omar Sy was…
    I know it’s not the point, i just had to say it.

  19. Impossible Visits says:

    Might have been nice to say the writer’s name and reprint his piece below.

  20. Ms Sandra says:

    He’s fine . He has a 20 million dollar home lol

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