Let’s Travel to The Most Extreme Place in The Universe

Let’s Travel to The Most Extreme Place in The Universe

The new 12,023 Human Era Calendar is here!

This time you can join us on a journey through the microcosm. Curious? Head over to our shop and get it while supplies last.

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The universe is pretty big and very strange. Hundreds of billions of galaxies with sextillions of stars and planets and in the middle of it all there is earth, with you and us.
But as enormous as the universe seems looking up, it seems to get even larger when you start looking down. You are towering over worlds within worlds, within worlds – each in plain sight and yet hidden from your experience.
Let’s go on a journey – we’ll start in a park, about a thousand meters long, enough for a 15 minute walk. Every time we click a magic button, we’ll become a thousand times smaller. Ready? Let’s go.

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29 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    The new 12,023 Human Era Calendar is here!
    This time you can join us on a journey through the microcosm. Curious? Head over to our shop and get it while supplies last.

  2. The Holy Duck says:

    It never occurred to me that air resistance would increase so much as you decreased in size.

  3. Peacocky says:

    I’m a space/time/blackhole enthusiast and all this time my brain was busy wrapping itself around how big the universe is. When there is a completely polar opposite in size world at our feet and fingertips. My existential crisis just went over ten fold after watching this video!!!! Absolutely brilliant, looking forward to your next video!🥳

  4. Fahmi Ismail says:

    That was beautiful. There were moments were I got genuinely terrified and claustrophobic, but there were also moments were I just absorbed how amazing the world is. Thank you Kurzgesagt!

  5. Blackie Sootfur says:

    this video reminds me of the game Everything, where changing your scale is a big part of traversing through it. i should play that game again, it’s really soothing

  6. SmiVan says:

    It boggles my mind how you manage to improve on each video even though this seems impossible at the current level of quality. Truly incredible work, well done!

  7. Katherine says:

    Let’s see if I got this straight. So the reason why bumblebees “shouldn’t be able to fly” is because someone forgot to factor in the increased density of air at their size?

    • ThugPug43 says:

      @left4twenty the bees also can’t see how universal licensing would make the skies safer which is weird. You’d think anybody with working compound eyes and a good head on their thorax would understand this.

    • left4twenty says:

      @ThugPug43 i see what you did there. But bees don’t because they can’t read

    • ThugPug43 says:

      @F1re Flam3 well yeah I don’t think bees have gotten their pilot’s license so they should not be able to fly. It’s against the law.

    • DS127 says:

      The apparent viscosity of the air at small sizes isn’t why people didn’t know how to calculate that bumblebees are able to fly. It’s more to do with people not considering vortices that form when a bumblebee’s flaps its wings.

    • pyropulse says:

      @F1re Flam3 to all known laws of aviation, bees SHOULD be able to fly

  8. Daadir Roorow says:

    “Planck-length is the distance light travels in a Planck-time. Planck-time is the time light takes to travel a planck-length.”
    *Makes perfect sense to me*

  9. Izzybusy says:

    i constantly am stuck in awe by the scale of things within our universe and this video feels like a daydream! I love it!!! As always you guys really put everything together in a cohesive and comprehensive manner!!!

  10. Andre Guignard says:

    From the very first episode you uploaded to the most current, each and every one brings a smile to my face and tear of awe of our existence to my eye. You take the constructs of abstract scientific concepts and translate it into a narrative us humans can understand, appreciate and connect with. The best channel out there ♥️

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