Letting a Dream Die

Letting a Dream Die

Thank you to all who have supported me and continued to reach out to me over the past months. Though I wasn’t active online I often read your messages and comments and they truly helped me during some really dark days. I am excited to be back and plan to upload regularly. I can’t wait to create here again!

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20 Responses

  1. Areeba Hart says:

    I miss the kids and you’re vlogs

  2. Phoebe Buffay says:

    We should support her decision if this is what she thinks is best….. but alcoholism is not an excuse for repeated infidelity. He didn’t cheat because he was drunk, im sorry but that’s bullshit. If he got drunk and had one hookup that would be one thing (although still unacceptable). But he cheated for 3 months….. was he drunk for the entire 3 months???? That man had everything. A beautiful, kind wife who loved him before he lost weight and got rich, and the 5 most amazing kids in the world. Shay CHOSE to throw that all away. He no longer deserves this family.

  3. Shahad 907 says:

    I had been watching your channel and Shaytards channel since 7 years. And I’m super excited you are back again with fantastic ideas coming soon. LOVE YOU xoxo

  4. Peggi Murphy says:

    I am so happy to see you again! You are beautiful inside and out!!

  5. Ana S says:

    Ugh I love you and want to squeeze you! I’ve watched you and your family since the beginning. I often compared my relationship to yours. What’s bizarre is this is exactly why no one should compare their life to anyone’s. It’s so hard with social media being such a huge platform, we often wish our lives were like someone else’s, but we see such minute times in creators lives.. 9, 10, 12, 20 minute clips of a day crammed together when in reality within that 24 hours there is so much more that goes on. We have to accept what we have. Be appreciative of what we’re given and work hard for what we want. We can’t compete and compare when sometimes we may be competing or comparing to something that’s less than what we have in our lives without realizing it. Everything’s ok!

  6. Jaime McCowen says:

    Cool. I hear a lot of the same. That Colette is fighting for her marriage, her family, her man. I personally have gone through a lot in my life have been cheated on, never been married. Also as a grown women I also have men whom I thought were close friends texting me after they are married to meet up and hang out. I’ve received inappropriate pics from these “friends”. What I’ve learned is, if a man has a wandering eye… no woman, marriage or amazing family can change that. He will always be looking for something to “excite” him. It’s a thrill, a sickness and something he should be left for. Because he will do it again. And who wants to always be checking in on someone or looking over his shoulder or wondering what that person is doing while they are traveling? (And Shay Butler travels A LOT!) – No one. It’s too much stress anxiety and pain to have on a day to day basis. You will fall apart worrying and then end up second guessing staying “for the family” or staying “for the sake of marriage” or staying because you promised yourself only to get married once? Colette, you said in this video that your life has not turned out like you pictured when you were a little girl. Open your eyes and understand that this marriage can be dissolved and we will never judge you for that! But you have to take care of yourself first and foremost. But second to that – you owe it to those kids to show them that you don’t just lay down when people are disrespecting you. You stand up and fight for what you believe in!

  7. Janna Peters says:

    Colette sorry second comment 😂😂 but you need to listen to that one song that Shay made they are amazing songs maybe they will help idk but maybe

  8. Mel Pratt says:

    We missed you all so much!!💗💗💗

  9. Khushi Patel says:

    Y’all should be helping her feel better

  10. sheri Jabb says:

    Hope shay realizes how lucky he is to have this lady.

  11. Brooklynnn Grace says:

    i hate how most of these people in the comments are telling her how to feel.. you aren’t her. so just stop 👋🏼

  12. TheNonfat says:

    Colette, you are a strong woman
    I support you, I love you, and I respect you for being such an amazing human being

  13. Ella Price says:

    Your so strong I cried it was so emotional I hope everything gets better for you your amazing I’m here for the best and the bad I love you so much wish you all the best ❤️

  14. Kelsey Dailey says:

    you are a strong women but you need to let some things out

  15. Karissa Felsing says:

    Wow!!! Thank you for this Collete! It’s great to see a smile on your face❤️
    And yay for moms view!!!

  16. Jessica Velasquez says:

    When will we see the kids again? I miss them

  17. joseppi4cinqua says:

    I have no doubt shay will come back a start murkin fools again. This whole controlversy is just that, bs. The dude built himself an empire so huge after being a granite installer. With that kind of freedom I can see how he could easliy step out for a bite. If he was black this whole thing would be totally acceptable lol. I’m looking forward to seeing the creativity and ways he will flip this thing for the good of everyone. Collette makes it hard for him because the way women get power and the dudes get it are different, there’s a dig clash, and knowing that I built an empire gives me ability to whatever I want whenever I want it. But quite the opposite here. Control of such an empire is how to be satisfied. So it is what it is. I enjoy watching how and what He will do with this whole thing. Strength that would have never been possible is in the works. That’s what thin

  18. meg s says:

    so happy you’re back! 💖💖 great video

  19. Kristina Mihm says:

    Your words meant so much to me ! Thank you

  20. Lauren Jane says:

    Collette….you have no idea how much I need this video right now. I tried to take my life Tuesday night and in the recovery process now. Thank you. Thank you.

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