Letting The People In Front of Us Decide What We Eat | Guess That Generation

Letting The People In Front of Us Decide What We Eat | Guess That Generation

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Letting The People In Front of Us Decide What We Eat | Guess That Generation

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27 Responses

  1. Matt Rappaport says:

    Reactors: “This meal could be EVERYONE!”

    US: “DUH!!!”

  2. FireflashDarkflyer says:

    “Do old people eat burritos….is that offensive??” LOL love Michelle.

  3. mYMOmWoNtLeT mEmAkeYTVideos says:

    When someone said “what adult would order a kids meal” I immediately said eric

  4. Jooyoung Park says:

    michelle: *about to dip the chilli covered fry into frosty
    React editor: aaaaaaannd edit

  5. The Ultimate Flubber Hawk says:

    Reactors: “A kid wouldn’t order two sandwiches”

    Me: “My ten year old nephew would o-o”

    Reactors: “What kid likes Diet Coke?”

    Me: “I mean my 10 year old nephew drinks diet coke all the time”

    …I think I just realized my nephew is a time traveler

  6. SavaFiend 76 says:

    “Carson, are you okay? Like, do you need help?”?

  7. SongbirdRen says:


    Oh there’s only two

  8. Madeleine Cellitti says:

    Elder: thats a lot of food

    Young adult: only two this person must be skinny

    • MedievalShadows says:

      Nah dude im 14 i would never get 2 spicy chicken sandwiches a shake and chili fries i’d throw up cause i bearly eat

  9. Lumiere Niyonshima says:

    “This healthy stuff whatever, It’s apple pie, I’m not eating for my health ” ??

  10. Eli Svec says:

    When she flipped that frosty omg my *ANXIETY*

  11. lochlan ralph says:

    I love Derek Gerard

    If you like him make this blue

  12. CrystalKitty 974 says:

    3:46 ah so i see u eat fries with ur ice cream/frosty….we r floatin on the same boat

  13. Alayna Sperry says:

    -I don’t think a kid orders two chicken sandwiches.
    Me- *looks at little overweight belly* well..

  14. owokatelyn says:

    “i got two because i’m hungry”

  15. FLvids says:

    That pink and purple hair. Omg so cute

  16. IceMetalPunk says:

    To be fair, Eric did admit that his order is the same order he’s had since he was 8, so it WAS a kid’s order XD

  17. p e a c h e s a n d c r e a m says:

    _2 types of person, when handed food_

    : *nOw ThAt AloT oF FoOd*

    : *oKaY, tHeReS oNLy TwO*

  18. Moms Mannen says:

    Elder: OMG! Sooo much food

    Adult: It’s only 2

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    – FBE Team

  20. TheCrazyUnicorn says:

    One of the elders: *sees two burritos* WOW that’s a lot of food
    Me: it is?

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