Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What I Eat!

Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What I Eat!

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41 Responses

  1. Rosie says:

    you can tell he has never worked in fast food because he asked “can’t you just press a repeat button?” lmao ?? (no shade just funny)

    • Soulcurls says:

      I thought it was a reasonable request too. If that’s not a thing it should be; someone needs to implement that immediately.

    • Rosie says:

      Soulcurls it is a reasonable request but only the head office could implement something like that and since it’s not a common question (i’ve never been asked that before) then it’s probably not worth their time

  2. Madeline Pitkin says:

    I think going back and forth between the reality show type content and the chill laid back causal content is a good idea. What you said makes total sense!
    Make more chill videos and then focus harder on the rarer higher quality videos. Regardless, we will love you and long as you stay you!

  3. Maritsa Sigaran Barajas says:

    That’s so funny ! I had In-N-Out earlier with McDonald’s fries ?? and a pink lemonade and McDonald’s sweet tea ??

  4. Jada Howard-Nolan says:

    Ryland plz make more chill mukbang videos like this. they’re so chill and just real ya know? I eat my food too watching this so its like I’m eating with u too lmao XD ilysm

  5. & & says:

    So does all the YouTube anxiety ONLY kick in once it comes to drive thrus???

  6. Janessa Adison says:

    “Omg so thirsty”
    *takes world’s smallest sip*

  7. Margot Favreau says:

    You should do Cooking with Ryland and make homemade chick fil a

    • Elaine Mentz says:

      +The Stammering Dunce SNOPES? Really SNOPES??? OMG. I have no words…?????????????????????

    • Elaine Mentz says:

      +The Stammering Dunce Did you even read the article you attached? It makes fools out of what they call “Obama Socialist Democrats!” Tells everyone to purchase Chick Fil a every day that week!!! I couldn’t write someone making a fool out of themselves any better if I tried!!!! PRICELESS!!!???????????

    • Elaine Mentz says:

      +tiffany quiroz “Bisexual Minority?” What does that even mean???

    • Elaine Mentz says:

      +Dreaming Forever Yes, stammering Dunce, thank you..
      For making a fool of yourself!!!???

    • Sydney Flower says:

      yes !!!!

  8. LoTsOfLoVe0810 says:

    Ryland: Onions that arent fully cooked
    Me: you mean raw


  9. cetkat says:

    Pretty much everyone who goes from not having money to suddenly having it overspends. It’s really not a character flaw – just a human condition. Just look at what happens when someone wins the lottery. It takes effort and practice to figure out a new state of ‘means’, and most fail at doing that. Don’t underestimate how much criticism stems from jealousy either.

    • Zork Dork says:

      I got a new job and now make over twice the amount of money from before and I find myself overspending and buying random things just because I have it lmao. It happens to everyone

    • QueenLex2294 says:

      I don’t even understand why people get mad about him spending money. First of all its his money and he can spend it how he wants to. Secondly, he’s not bragging we all know he has money from being a YouTuber, it’s nothing new or shocking.

  10. Raynbow Rayven says:

    I would love you to make more “just chatting” videos like this! <3

  11. Jordyn Nichols says:

    I’m never here for the ideas, just the personality is enough ????

  12. MinMinTM says:

    Looking away from the road so much while driving makes me so nervous omg

  13. Sophie Tangeman says:

    The only things you talked about that are here in Australia are Mc Donald’s and Gucci

  14. Alex Callaghan says:

    If you are gonna actually do the jet thing w Kathy, you should do a plane tour or smth.
    It’d make a great video and it’s pretty original

  15. Hannah Samantha says:

    Ordering what the person in front orders
    * takes out the bits I don’t like *

  16. Zaira Asakil says:

    ryland and shane could just be sitting, doing nothing for a solid 3 hours and still I’d watch it.

  17. PettalRoute says:

    Watching him eat BOTH of those burgers makes you cry for your own metabolism ????

  18. Portia Moore says:

    I think you should continue the weekly “fluff” videos so we can keep that connection with you.. While you work on the “bread and butter” videos, the good stuff! Seriously, just keep doing you!

  19. Ashleigh Cote says:

    Tana and trish “4000 dollar haul!!”
    Ryland “I bought a 200 dollar sweater and I felt so guilty!”
    The two kinds of you tubers

  20. Ace Coordinator Mary says:

    Ryland just casually getting a text from Kathy Griffin haha.

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